The story was a metaphor for how short life is... a romantic journey through the years- compressed into ninety minutes. In the film, an evil sorceress (played by Sarah Douglas) creates "the clock of time" which she puts into high gear to kill off everyone so she can rule the world. Everyone begins to age rapidly and entire lifetimes are lived in one year. As the adults quickly die away, the fate of the world lies with a young page boy (played by Tom Schultz) who was always too young to be taken seriously by the adults. Before he knows it he himself is an adult (sound familiar?) and realizes he has a very short amount of time left to make a mark. Before he leaves on his epic journey to stop the clock (see- this is for mid-life crisis people as well as kids!)... he falls in love with the princess (Christine Taylor) and promises to return before it's too late. Presented in lush locations and beautiful imagery, the film is a total metaphor for our lives...presented as a fairy tale for all who want to stay young at heart.