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Stop Wasting Your Energy

That chatter in your head determines your life.

Nothing affects your health, well being, happiness and success more than the energy coming from your mind. It is so powerful, it affects everything everywhere instantaneously. In one study, a man's blood tested fine. Then when he got very emotional, his tests suddenly showed he had diabetes. When he relaxed, the tests were fine again. Sour thoughts make your body sour. Love and inspiration heals and empowers. Watch what kind of energy you are creating in your body and life.

Another fascinating phenomenon is when someone has bad breath- not onion or garlic breath, but really foul BAD rotting breath, it usually means the person is harboring a seriously negative emotion- usually anger or resentment of some kind. Even if they seem happy, you can tell there's something going on under the surface. I always shock people when I ask them what it is they're not telling me. They say "How did you know?" It's a lot easier to ask what's bothering them then to tell them they have bad breath :-) But it's true. Negative energy makes your body sour and immediately starts making you sick. It has been scientifically proven that negativity kills. Nobel prizes have been awarded on the discovery that you can change your DNA within seconds just by the way you think. That's right- your genetics!

I can't stress this enough. No diet or yoga in the world is going to make you better if you are judgmental towards others or jealous. Stop assuming. Stop ANYTHING that's negative. This means stop voting thumbs down on Youtube or leaving judgemental comments of any kind to anyone. It doesn't matter if you think you are right. (there is no right or wrong anyway, only opinion) It doesn't matter. It all boils down to this- EVERYTHING is energy. Period. If you point out someone's "flaws" or weakness, you are putting energy into it and making it stronger and weakening yourself in the process with your negative energy. Focus instead on strengths and good qualities. Watch what happens when you compliment your enemy- suddenly they aren't your enemy anymore! Stop focussing on all those stupid conspiracy theories. It doesn't matter if they are true or not. Stop fighting what you think is the enemy (or even just fearing it or dwelling on it)- and start putting all your energy into strengthening the good. Fighting something just makes it stronger. That is why wars escalate and relationships end. You may think you are doing good by fighting bad, but you're just escalating the battle. Like I said- you can spend lots of energy and resources fighting something, or you can compliment your enemy and end it right now. Get on with your life.

I will say this again. Do not waste your time comparing yourself with others or voting thumbs down on anything in life, do not think you are better than anyone, do not feel insecure or jealous because someone else is better looking or has more money or whatever. Stop trying to validate something with negativity and spiteful reasoning. You are only killing yourself. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and feeling like a victim. The second you catch yourself thinking something negative about someone else, realize you are pouring acid on your life, which is corroding your body and taking years off your life. Stop it. If you can't, walk away. Distance yourself from ANY source of negativity in your life. If your job, your relationship, your food, your "friends", the internet or anything is negative, LEAVE IT! Don't wait for it to change. It's not your job to change it. Your job is to be positive, otherwise you are no good to them anyway. It doesn't matter if you have the responsibility of children, you can still free yourself from anything holding you back in life. My new book "Instructions for a New Life" will show you how. It comes out in a few days. It will change your life. It is the most important book I have ever written.

Energy goes in either one direction or the other. Negative or positive. One kills, the other promotes life. The choice is yours. There is no middle ground. When there is no positive or negative, there is no energy, no movement. Movement is life. You must move. Your legs don't start walking until you THINK of walking. You don't eat junk food until you THINK of doing it. You are in control. This includes your thoughts. Choose wisely. Your life depends on it.




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My husband is using the Night Rebuild formula and he hasn't had night sweats since and it's only a few days. Amazing. And I love the Green Formula.
Jessica Brown

(re: the latest video: Thank you women in my life)

I am stunned, really. I was beginning to blame myself and think something is bad about me. This is a shocking and revolutionary thing you are proposing... And clearly LIVING. Thank you so much.

(re: the latest video: Thank you women in my life)
I totally agree.  I have changed my life in recent years and had the courage to leave a relationship that wasn't fulfilling even though a child was involved.    I wanted my child to experience what a loving and nurturing relationship could be like and gratefully I found this with the new man in my life.  Things just come naturally with him and the way he nurtures, cares and emotionally and physically supports me is nothing like I had before.  He hasn't definitely reconfirmed for me that the relationship between partners is a strong force and can bring you much happiness.  Unfortunately some people don't see it that way but I know I made the right decision for me and my child.  Just reading your article below makes me think there is hope and I really hope others find enlightenment too. Cheers,
Kate L

Comment on
video: How and Why to do an ENEMA
Awesome! Did it for the first time ever, followed your tips and got the whole bag in there, and voila stuff came out! The most good part was afterwards, feeling so light and good, started doing stuff I normally don't do at night time like doing dishes, cleaning etc. FELT REAL GOOD! Keep on the great work my man!
Rene K

Hey Markus!
First off all Markus, i cannot thank you enough for the information you have provided in your books. I have incorporated your healing regime from your books into my life, and it have done me wonders. I am 25 years old and have been eaten raw food (most good green stuff) for 5 months, and my body is getting fresher every day. Thank you for being an agent for change for the better for the earth. You are an example to follow on how to live out the god given potential the universe has provided us humans.Thanks for doing what you have done for the earth and humanity. More people will follow your principles, i am sure, and in the longer turn, humanity will show more respect for the earth and what it has given us. Your Sincerely
Petter C. Lekang, Norway

comment on
video "Where the money goes"
Amen! Thank you Markus! There are some that are familiar with business expenses. I have both the Heal Yourself and Free Food/Medicine book, they are beautiful, full of easy and fun to read, valuable information. Ive since bought more to share with my family members who in turn will influence another and another and so on and so on to help heal our people and our world! I knew right away the cost of these books to make would be expensive´╗┐ & the info is PRICELESS! THANK YOU!

comment on
Edible Flowers video - Primrose, Hollyhock- Free Food and Medicine
I noticed that when I was craving junk food, It was a sudden, powerful want and when now crave foods that are good for me, its not really a craving per se, but more of a natural need for it that comes on in a subtle way over a period of an hour or two. that natural need replaced the powerful want/addiction to junk. i now can feel the difference between the two and anytime i think about the want for junk, that same feeling makes me feel bad bc my body knows the difference between need and habit.
Karma Weathers

on video:
How to do an enema:
Great advice you offer! I began taking enemas often after watching your video and I truly enjoy the benefits. Really helps taking 'em few times a week. I tend to refill the bag and take as much as I'm comfortable holding.

Thank you for sharing all the things that you do about eating healthy i've been eating raw for about four months and it's starting to help lost 30 pounds and I'm starting to feel better
Derryl Piper




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