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I can’t download the ebooks on my ipad or iphone.Maybe your iphone is too wimpy and can’t handle the truth lol. Just kidding. Some of the main books are large files and are difficult to download to a wireless portable device. It is recommended to download it first to a computer or laptop first, then transfer to small portable device.

I paid for an ebook, but did not receive it.
Yes you did- check again. Download links are automatically sent the moment you purchase an ebook. Check your spam or junk mail folder. Maybe you have a firewall or filters set up that stops things. If you still can’t find it, email your receipt to and I will personally make sure you get it.

I cannot download the ebook anymore. The link expired.
Sigh. You are supposed to SAVE the ebook to your computer when you get it, not simply read it off the server, which only allows 5 download attempts and a 5 day time period. If you didn’t save the file or lost it, email the name of your item and the receipt or purchase date and name to and I will stop whatever I am doing and tend to the matter. It better not be while I am having sex.

Affiliate questions
The instructions for setting up an affiliate acocunt and how to sell my stuff on your website and make money are here. I am not an internet website tech support person, but there is someone that can help you set it up for a small fee if you need help. The info is included on the above link.


Are the products available in stores?Not at this time. There is so little profit in these products because of the high quality and rare ingredients, it’s not really worth it to sell in store.

Are you products available in other countries?
We ship to all countries in the world, (except herbal products to Germany), but there are no actual stores in other countries selling our products at this time. Yet. The demand is very high and we are working to change that.

Do you have free shipping?
No. Unless you want me to raise the prices of my products like other people do to trick you into thinking you’re getting “free shipping”. But I don’t do that.

What countries do you ship to?
All except Germany. Herbal products require a doctors prescription in Germany, but we are working to find a way to get herbal products there somehow. Stay tuned to for updates.

I purchased an Ultimate Platinum Set and have not received my ebooks.
They are on the CD which is being shipped with your order. There are 74 ebooks with over 3000 pages- it would take forever to download all that! Be patient- everything is on a CD. Once you get it, you can copy selected ones onto your portable device if you want.

Can we pay by check or money order?
Yes, you can send a check. Please make it payable to Markus Rothkranz and send it to 4310 Losee Road, Suite2, N Las Vegas, NV 89030. To get the total, go to, select your product and click on the ADD TO CHART button. Type your zipcode or country in the right side, middle of the page to calculate your shipping cost. Right click and print that page. That will give you the total for your check. Please include the page that you printed with your check.

Can we use Western Union to pay?

Can we wire money?

Where are the instructions for the Herbal products?
They are shipped with your order. Also on the side of the bottle.

Do you offer wholesale?
Yes, please email for a price list. Minimum order is 1 case of 24 for books, DVDs and WildForce Products. Minimum order for cleansing products (BodyForce) is 12 bottles. This is per item (no mixing)

How long does it take to receive international orders?
It take 4 to 8 weeks. We usually ship everything the same day we get the order. The length of time is determined by how quickly customs processes your order.

It’s Saturday and nobody is answering the phone. What kind of customer service is this?
Are you kidding? My people take the weekends off to spend time with their families like real people should. I am not a money-hungry slave driver.

What is your Return Policy?
Ebooks and digital products are not refundable, but physical paperbacks, DVDs and herbal products are. If you’re not happy for any reason, return it with an explanation, including a picture of yourself and where you live. Just kidding. Please return to:
Markus Products Inc
c/o Toma
4310 Losee Road, Suite 2
N Las Vegas, NV 89030

Your satisfaction and happiness is most import to us. Thank you for your business. I only mean to give you the best things to help your life from my heart.

What is your Policy if the package is returned and needs to be reshipped?
If it is not our fault, (like you weren’t home or you didn’t check to make sure it was the right shipping address) then we will reship the product if you pay for the shipping.

Why is shipping so expensive?
We don’t make any money on shipping. In fact, we are losing money on many orders because of all the costs involved in warehousing, handling, packaging etc. The postal service prices have gone way up. You can check the prices yourself online if you want. Other companies that have cheaper shipping simply raise the cost of their products, we don’t do that. Our products are quite heavy. We don’t half-fill our bottles like others do. I could have if I wanted to make money, but I want to get you the most I possibly can for the money. The protein formula in it’s box is a 3 lb item.The postal service now only ships everything priority. First Class is only for things under 13 oz, and most of our items weigh more than 1 lb (16 oz). Sure there is media mail rate but you’d have to wait up to a month to get it. I suggest you watch this informative behind-the-scenes video “Where the Money Goes”

What does it cost for shipping?
The simplest way to estimate your postage cost is:
1) go to
2) add the items that you would like to order to the shopping cart
3) when you have completed your shopping.
4) On the right side, under the BillMeLater button, click on ACTUAL SHIPPING
5) Fill in all of your address information in the next screen
6) Click Continue
7) Your correct shipping prices will be displayed

PRODUCT-TAKING QUESTIONS (note- instruction sheets are included in every shipping box)

Can children take these products?The Green, Protein and colon formulas yes.
Charconite for emergencies (like poisoning)
Energy and Night formulas not recommended
Liver and Anti-Aging formulas ok after age 9
Parasite pills- not under age 5. Age 5-12 half dosage

Can pets take these products?
No. Especially not the cleansing and parasite herbs, they are too strong. The green and protein formulas should be ok for pets though.

Can the cleansing products be taken together?
You could, but Charconite is best taken by itself since it absorbs other things. It is meant only for occasional use and emergencies anyway. Try the parasite formula first without colon formula because it already has some colon herbs in it. Liver formula can be taken anytime but all formulas are best taken on an empty stomach with water at least 30 minutes before a meal.

Can all the products be taken together?
You could, but they are more effective when you take them when you are supposed to. The greens and protein formula can be taken together for example. They give you energy. The Night Rebuild formula should be taken 1 hour before bed because it helps you sleep and rebuild hormones. The parasite formula is best taken before lunch on empty stomach, but yes you could take the Liver and Colon formulas with the parasite formula. Or you can take the Colon formula with the Night time formula. Charconite is more for occasional use and emergencies. The energy formula should be taken by itself on empty stomach one hour before needing energy (like going to the gym). Just put a little thought into what you are doing.

What can you eat while doing the cleanse?
Depends how serious you are about cleansing. The general rule is nothing made with flour or wheat (bread, pasta, cereal, pastries etc), no sugar, dairy and nothing cooked or fried if you can help it...especially starches like potato. If you are serious, don’t eat any solid food during a cleans because it slows down the elimination flow. The best scenario is starting with a short water fast, then nothing but green juices for a while, then green smoothies, then raw food. Read the book “Heal Yourself 101” for the details.

What can’t you eat while doing the cleanse?
Of course you can eat, but if you really want to cleanse your body, the best way to do it is to stop eating (fast) and flush your body with non-sweet liquids. Fats and oils in food absorb and slow toxins. Parasites, bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold love what you love (especially bread, cheese and sugar). If you keep feeding them, they will get stronger and not leave your body.

Can the products be taken when pregnant or nursing?
The protein, greens, liver, colon and anti-aging formulas yes. The rest are not advisable to take during pregnancy or nursing, especially the parasite formula.

Are all your products a one month supply?
Yes, all our products are a one month supply.

What is the shelf life of the products?
The cleansing products can last many years. The WildForce nutritional products should be consumed within 6 months for the most power and effect.

What are the list of ingredients for the WildForce products?
Go to and click on the product for the list of ingredients and their health benefits.

Am I supposed to put the Liver formula powder dry on my tongue?
No silly. Mix it with water and drink slowly so the bitter taste activates the vagus nerve in the back of your tongue.

Instructions for the herbal products in other languages.
We are working on that.

The difference between Green Formula and Energy formula for ENERGY

All kinds of people are noticing how the Wild Force Greens formula gives them so much energy, they sometimes can't even sleep- they just keep working through the night. They also notice how they aren't even the slightest bit hungry for 4-5 hours. This is proof of how much nutrition and power is in those two tablespoonfuls. If your body's not hungry for that long, it's telling you it has enough nutrition. That's why people can eat tons of pasta and STILL be hungry- their body's telling them there's nutriotnal value and to keep eating until you get some. The WIld Green formula has SO many nutrients and rare minerals your body needs, it's a fast track to health. Since you don't need to really eat much while taking the greens, it's a great weight loss device, since you won't be hungry after taking it. Wow! Feel the power of wild plants.

So if you're wondering the difference between the Green formula and the "Energy" formula as a source of energy- here it is:

-The GREEN FORMULA is a great energy formula for those who want to eat less and lose weight, since it takes away food cravings. It can be considered a fast meal replacement.

-The ENERGY FORMULA is designed as a pre-workout formula for bodybuilders and others who need to eat a lot and not have their appetite suppressed. This is not a nutritional formula or meal replacement, it is strictly for energy, taken one hour before needed.

Bodybuilders can also take the green formula in the mornings, but mix it 50/50 with the protein formula, a banana and some nut milk and nut butter or something like that. Do not take the green formula by itself if you are trying to gain weight, because you won't be hungry and possibly start losing weight. But it could be used for toning and getting ripped abs etc.

When to take the Herb formulas

The best time to take herbs is on an empty stomach, because food dilutes their strength, especially food with oils and fats. But if your herbs are hitting too strong, then taking with food is a good way to weaken their effect. Yes you can take all of these at the same time, but for best results, take Parasite and Liver Formula together one hour before or with meals, and Charconite by itself on emptiest stomach (furthest point between meals)

Green Formula
Take anytime of day with any kind of liquid. Tastes good enough to take with only water. These herbal products are strong, so start with just a half teaspoon in water to make sure your body can handle it, then work your way up to any amount you want. Normal dosage is one or 2 heaping tablespoons in a glass of water or juice.This formula can give you lots of energy, so it’s best to take in mornings, not night. Great in smoothies. One example is green powder with coconut water, frozen banana, a tablespoon of Udo’s oil or hemp oil, and maybe some greens. Have fun. You may find yourself feeling REALLY good after taking it because it contains so many minerals and nutrients that your body is lacking, because grocery store produce is grown in soil that’s been farmed for 100 years and has been nutrient-deprived, and was picked unripe 1-2 weeks ago. The wild plants in this formula contain nutrients not found in any conventional fruits, vegetables or greens.

Super Protein Formula
Take anytime of day with any kind of liquid, but preferably after workout or exercise. Tastes good enough to take with only water. Yes you can mix with green formula. These herbal products are strong, so start with just a half teaspoon in water to make sure your body can handle it, then work your way up to any amount you want. Normal dosage is one or 2 scoops (included in bottle) in a 16 oz glass of water or juice. I personally take half a cup sometimes if you can handle it. Other protein powders constipate- this is one of the only ones in the world that actually helps you go to the bathroom! Great in smoothies. One example of blender drink is 16 oz almond milk, 1 frozen banana, -1-2 scoops protein formula, 2 tablespoons peanut butter, 1 tablespoon Udo’s oil, and maybe even a bit of fresh pineapple and a teaspoon of fresh chopped ginger.

Energy Formula
Start with one teaspoon, then work up to1 tablespoon with water or juice on empty stomach one hour before energy is needed (like gym or exercise). Designed as a pre-workout formula for bodybuilders and others who need to eat a lot and not have their appetite suppressed. This is not a nutritional formula or meal replacement, it is strictly for energy, taken one hour before needed. This formula works different than normal energy drinks, which over-stimulate your body and burn out your adrenals, leaving you more burned out in the long run. This formula works more long-term. It won’t give you a jolt, but you will notice that you’ve been going steady for 4 hours with no drop in energy. For serious long-term energy, it’s important to keep your colon and liver clean. Your liver is your body’s filter and if it’s clogged with junk, it can’t produce proper glucose/glycogen (your body’s energy source). Read the book “Heal Yourself 101” for total cleansing and diet outline.

Night Rebuild Formula
Start with 1 teaspoon, then later 1 tablespoon with water or juice on empty stomach 1 hour before bed. Stop eating 4 hours before bed NO MATTER HOW HUNGRY YOU GET! Otherwise your body will be digesting food while you sleep and you will not get proper rest, have weird dreams and wake up tired and age faster. Healing hormones are released between 10 pm and 2 am and you need to be asleep for this to happen. This formula helps you sleep AND rebuild your hormones, necessary for bodybuilders, people under a lot of stress, or losing hormones from middle age or stress. This formula is so very important for almost everybody for so many different reasons. We are worn out and torn down during the day. This formula helps us rebuild at night so we can be new again.

You can take as much of this stuff as you want, any time of day, but the recomended amount is 1 spoonful in water several times a day between meals. Let the bitter taste sit on your tongue a bit. The bitter receptors on the back of your tongue become activated, which stimulates the vagus nerve that leads directly to the liver, causing it to flush. Bitter taste is not fun , but that’s what activates the liver. I personally love this formula. I use it a lot. Yes you can take along with Parasite Formula.

Because this is so absorbent, this should NOT be taken with food, unless you have food poisoning. Charcoal does not dissolve or mix well in water, so the best recommended method is to put in a glass jar with a lid and shake like crazy, drink immediately. Adding some lemon might help also. You don’t have to take this all the time- maybe every other day during a cleanse. Make sure you take LOTS OF WATER with this because it acts like cement and will clog you up if you don’t drink enough water- also do colon cleansing if you can while taking this (enemas/colonics). Charcoal and Bentonite absorb all kinds of bad toxic things from your body, and and the more you can help move it out, the better. It does contain herbs to help move it through, but if you feel you need even more help, add some Colon Formula.

The COLON-FREE formula is not created for taste, but for effectiveness. Again, it’s the BITTERS that do the trick of flushing the liver and stimulating the digestive process. Take this anytime you want, with or without food. Start with a small teaspoonful in water. If you need more power, increase amount until you get desired results.The Parasite formula already contains some colon herbs to help get rid of dead parasites and waste, so first see if you are going to the bathroom well enough with the parasite formula before taking the Colon formula. I prefer to take colon formula before bed.

This is my favorite formula of all... I take this every day. Take 2-6 capsules any time of day in water on empty stomach 30 minutes before meal

Take 30-60 minutes before lunch if you can. If life is just too crazy, then it’s ok to take with meal. Start with 3 pills and work your way up to 10, then continue taking 10 a day for 3 months, taking one day off (no pills) every week (like every Sunday- no herbs or pills) Read the instructions included with the parasite formula for diet and extra help on what to take

Take once a day 30 min before lunch. If you feel burning, take with food or cut dosage
first day- 1 capsule
2nd day- 3 capsules
3rd day- 6 capsules
4th day- 10 capsules
days 5 to 9-- 10 capsules, 1 day rest per week
Note: if on a liquid diet, 5 or 6 pills a day is enough
Children 5-12, half dosage. Not recommended for children under 5

The average person can have up to ten pounds of worms, yeast, bacteria, mold and viruses in their body! Parasites eat garbage, so the more garbage you eat, the more they multiply. By garbage, I mean dead un-natural foods like bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, pies, chips, starches of any kind like cooked rice, potatoes, and ESPECIALLY SUGAR. They love what you love and hate what you hate. Parasites are tenacious and will not give up easily. They want to survive just like you do, so they will do whatever it takes to survive, that’s why it’s important to stick to the program and not cheat. Parasites release chemicals that make your brain crave more sugar, carbs and starch so you will feed them. DO NOT GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT ! Remember- stay away from anything sweet (including fruit juice). Bitter foods are the best and healthiest.

You can never get rid of all parasites, and you can’t kill them all, so the goal is to clear as many out as you can and then not feed the leftover ones. The best way to get rid of unwanted house-guests is to take away the foods they like. They will leave on their own and look for junk food elsewhere. I know someone who did nothing but go on a two week green juice fast and started passing entire nests of worms... and she was thin and good-looking! Everybody has em. Most live in the small intestine, which is difficult to get to because there is a valve on each end and lots of fresh food. So the strategy is to starve them out, or at least only pass bitter greens and stuff through your system that they hate. They will let themselves go “downstream” to look for better eating. After 30 feet of small intestine, they end up in the colon, and if you’re a typical person eating bread, sugar, meat, cheese, baked grains and other modern processed crap, you have a yeasty mucus-filled colon that’s a feast for parasites.

I can’t say this enough- you cant simply take some pills to try and kill them, and then keep eating what they like. That’s like pouring gasoline on a fire while trying to put it out with water. Sure the herbs kill, but yeast and parasites eat dead bacteria and parasites ! So you need to stop feeding them and also help get them out of your body as fast as possible, because the moment you start killing them, you will have pounds of dead and dying toxic rotting parasites poisoning your body, so you need to help get them out asap- and the best way by far is flushing them out with enemas (the rubber half gallon of water kind) Some people take these herbs and then get headaches, cramps, nausea etc. This means they are full of dead parasites which are toxic to the body and they aren’t flushing their bowels. Enemas and colonics are best, but at least take my colon formula, fresh aloe vera, lots of fiber or something. Parasite-free has some colon-flushing herbs, but for really toxic people, it may not be enough. Remember- When you kill a parasite, it explodes all kinds of toxins into the system. Another reason for cramping is low stomach acid, very common in the modern world. This is caused by eating too many sweets and not enough bitter stuff (required for proper stomach acid), also too much stress. Do NOT drink alkaline water, it neutralizes stomach acid. Raise your levels by eating more bitter foods like dandelion, aloe etc, and using apple cider vinegar, B-vitamins, sea salt, 50 mg zinc with meals and TMG (trimethylglycine), available online or at health food stores.

Remember- these herbs KILL bacteria, including beneficial probiotic gut bacteria, so you need to replenish at the end of the day by taking PROBIOTICS. (10 hours after taking the herbs) Liquid probiotics are better than dry pill or powders. Coconut kefir or non-dairy acidophilus are good examples.

Take Parasite-Free once a day before or with lunch. It’s much more powerful on empty stomach, but if it burns and cramps too much, then take with food. It’s best to be on a whole-body detox cleanse, meaning lots of fresh green leafy vegetable juices, especially containing cucumber, ginger, garlic, celery. It’s not mandatory, but the best cleanse is total liquid, no food. Liquid fasts are powerful for healing. But if you want to eat, try to just do lots of salads and non-sweet raw fruits and vegetables. No nuts, honey, agave etc. Remember- parasites love cooked food. Try to follow the outline in my book “Heal Yourself 101”

You may not see whole worms coming out because your body is probably digesting them before they make it all the way out. They are after all, in your digestive system, and dead parasites will probably get digested to some degree. Drink lots of water and for extra punch (adding lemon is good), eat lots of garlic, onions, hot peppers and cayenne. Other anti-parasite foods include papaya seeds, pumpkin seeds, pineapple, Aloe Vera, thyme, nutmeg, cloves, turmeric, radishes, etc. It’s also good to take enzymes with high amounts of protease (which digests protein & parasites) but do not take if you have ulcers. Remember to flush your bowels every other day and take probiotics at the end of every day. Seriously consider your diet and cleansing. Ignoring parasites does not make them go away.
Wash your mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide to kill gum bacteria and parasites

Get lots of movement and exercise- get that lymph moving! If you feel a slight burning, that’s the cayenne working. That’s normal, but if you feel nauseous, lower dosage or stop. Your stomach acid is probably too low (stress, etc) STAY ON THIS FOR 3 MONTHS !!! Adult parasites leave eggs behind when they die. It takes time to rid your body of all parasite stages.

Get lots of movement and exercise- get that lymph moving! If you feel a slight burning, that’s the cayenne working. That’s normal, but if you feel nauseous, lower dosage or stop. Your stomach acid is probably too low (stress, etc) STAY ON THIS FOR 3 MONTHS !!! Adult parasites leave eggs behind when they die. It takes time to rid your body of all parasite stages.

Seriously consider your diet and cleansing. Ignoring parasites does not make them go away. Scrub your hands, keep fingernails clean, Wash all produce, practice impeccable hygiene. DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER !

Can I just take the Colon formula instead of doing enemas/colonics?
Nothing compares to pure water. What do you do with cooking pots that have black burned food stuck on the bottom? You soak it in water, right? Water is the best universal solvent. Most people's digestive system have that same black shiny crud baked onto their intestinal walls. When you eat crappy food, your body creates mucus to protect itself from that crap. Over years this mucus becomes hard crusty plaque, which prevents nutrition from getting into your system, making you run down, tired and sick. Pushing fiber through there will push the new stuff out, but to really dissolve that old hard stuff and thick blockages, you need water. If you absolutely refuse to do enemas or colonics, then the colon formula is your second choice.

I took your parasite formula and get gas, bloating and cramps
Again- low stomach acid, which is usually the cause with people who eat too many sweet foods (fruit, bread etc). Do you have a lot of stress in your life? Do not drink alkaline water or take calcium or antacids. Could also be a sign of H-Pylori and candida. Stomach acid can be increased by zinc, b-vitamins, some celtic sea salt, using apple cider vinegar in your salads etc.Be sure to take lots of probiotics at the end of the day to replenish the ones killed by the parasite pills.The formula is quite strong and parasites do put up a fight when we try to kill them. They become quite upset. Some of the cramping may be the parasites getting pissed off as you try to kill them. Quite often, people have entire nests of parasites in certain areas (usually in the small intestine). When the poison hits them, there is usually a slight burning sensation and heat in that area of the body as they squirm and die. When parasites die, they rot and give off toxic gases. Are you doing enemas to help wash them out? Are you taking vegetable juice?Do not take fruit juice or anything sweet !!! As a last resort, lower the dosage if you can't handle it. If you are on a liquid cleanse, cut the pills in half.

Headaches and Nausea after taking parasite formula
When parasites die, they explode all kinds of toxic poisons into your system, and as they rot, they gove off gases. If you don't wash them out right away like I said with enemas or colonics, these concentrated poisons will circulate through your body making you sick and nauseous. Headaches are a sign of blockage somewhere in your body- usually the colon. That's right- intestinal blockage is one of the main reasons for headaches. Simply taking laxatives is not the same as washing out your insides with water. Do NOT get turned off by any of this and wimp out from doing a parasite cleanse. One roundworm, tapeworm, or hookworm can lay over 100,000 eggs inside you today! This is no joke. Learn more about parasites here. If you eat bread and sweet stuff, you are feeding them like crazy. If you want to get rid of them, you must do what it takes, meaning STOP feeding them the foods they like and CLEAN out your colon !!!! And at the end of the day, replenishyour gut by taking probiotics (liquid is better than powder).

This costs too much
You obviously didn't watch my dvd set "Free Food and Medicine" and "Free Living 101" Oh- and wait till you find out what a kidney dialysis machine costs or what it’s like trying to get a date with a colostomy bag hanging out of your body.

I don’t have the money to buy your book
But you have enough to go to movies, buy medicine, herbs, remedies, stimulants, cable TV and food (instead of growing your own). It's better to skip a meal or two (called fasting- one of the healthiest things you can do) and use the money instead to get the book that can change your life forever. This goes for both "Heal Yourself 101" and "The Prosperity Secret". If you have an open mind and seriously want to change, then I guarantee you this is the best twenty nine bucks you will ever spend.


DO NOT email me health questions! That’s why I wrote the books. It’s 10 times cheaper than one hour of my time. *I am not a doctor*, I am not allowed to prescribe anything, and even if I was, there is no way I can solve your problems with one short answer. There are no simple “quick fix” answers. Your situation is the result of years of lifestyle choices that added up to this. There is no magic pill, no magic herb, no quick secret "trick" to stop it. Anyone who says that is trying to sell you something. The only way you can change or heal is to STOP doing the things that caused it in the first place, then totally clean out and rebuild the way nature intended. You CANNOT get rid of parasites, candida and disease by simply taking some pills but still continue eating the addictive foods that FEED the problem! You can't grow hair back if you keep doing the things that caused you to lose it. Stop asking for a magic food, pill or herb. People- listen up- YOU CAN'T CHEAT ! There is no shortcut. If you want to heal, you MUST change. Period. The question should not be "What do I take for..." , it should usually be "What should I STOP doing, that's causing this problem". The first thing I seriously suggest you do if you want to improve your health, no matter what you have- is read the book "Heal Yourself 101" If you are not happy with where you are in life, or your financial or creative situation, then you must read "The Prosperity Secret"

If you need to start completely from scratch, read “Instructions for a New Life” If you still have a question, check below to see if it's one of the commonly asked questions. If you want a better understanding about your specific condition, then download the ebook about your condition at Please do not email me for quick answers. It wouldn't do you any good because I would have to ask you an hours-worth of questions about your lifestyle, diet, relationhip etc to help figure out why you got what you have. But I don't have time to do that and please do not waste your time looking for a quick "what do I take for...". It's what you should STOP doing !!!!!!

What do I take for- - -
AAAArrghhhh !!!!!!! There are NO quick fix shortcuts. Stop doing what's causing the problem and do a deep cleaning in your life. Read "Heal Yourself 101" and do what it says without cheating. Herbs are just supplemental. They will not help if you keep eating and drinking junk. Food isn’t always the answer anyway. What’s causing you to eat that “comfort” food? Probably stress. You need to read “Instructions for a New Life”

I’m doing the raw food diet, but feel terrible, nausea, headache
You are not cleansing (enemas or colonics) like I said in the book. Most people think they can heal by what goes in their mouth. When you go do a super clean raw food diet, or juicing, your body starts detoxing big time. Sixty trillion cells start dumping 30 years of toxic crap into your blood stream and your elimination system can't handle it all. It backs up and you can become really sick- UNLESS you help your body get rid of it. The best way by far is enemas, and I don't mean those stupid little disposable ones from the drug store- I mean the half gallon rubber hot water bottle filled with warm water with a tube stuck in your butt. Instructions are in my book and also here.

I get really bad bloating after eating
Either you have H. Pylori, candida (yeast/fungus) and low stomach acid, which kind of all go hand in hand. First, if you eat anything made with grains or sugar, like bread,pasta, crackers, cereal, pastries or any sweet foods, you will bloat because these foods feed yeast. Breads, starches and grains turn into sugar in your system, and when you add sugar to yeast (just like in cooking)- BOOM- it expands like crazy and now you have out of control Candida yeast growing in your gut, which eventually spreads throughout your body and turns into fungus. It also gets into your stomach, lowering the acid (your body's first line of defense), and allows H. Pylori bacteria to grow. This nasty bacteria screws into your stomach walls and starts excreting ammonia, which neutralizes stomach acid, making the stomach more hospitable to live in for bacteria, fungus, parasites, yeast and who knows what. Low stomach acid also means food is not fully digesting, which means poor nutrient absorption, and rotting fermenting food posioning your body with toxins, making you tired, sick and miserable. Learn more with the Candida and Stomach ebooks.

But I’m a raw foodist- why do I still get bloating?
The term "raw foodist" is usually pushed to the edge my many. They eat mainly "desert" foods like "cheesecake" made with cashews, nuts, fruit and lots of agave nectar or honey etc. They snack on dehydrated stuff and lots of sweet fruit smoothies with mangos, bananas, dates etc. Sugar, sugar, sugar. Yeah yeah, it's natural sugar. Sigh. Look you can't cheat nature. Half your diet should be leafy greens. Most raw foodists are cheating. And if you're not, then your stomach acid is too low, the main causes being alkaline water, yeast, stress (burned out adrenals), too much sweet stuff, not enough sleep. Read the STOMACH ebook. Also, stay away from alkaline water. It neutralizes stomach acid, so your food only half-digests, causing gas.

I am doing raw food and cleansing, but losing hair- how do I stop it?
When switching to a super clean diet, the body starts throwing out all the old stuff, just like spring cleaning. The body has different priorities than you.(functionality over vanity) When in a healing crisis, the body loses hair (just like chemotherapy), because the body is putting all it's energy into healing and letting everything else go. When it does spring cleaning, it gets rid of everything. Losing hair is normal during a healing period. It comes back when the body stops it's cleansing phase and starts rebuilding. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts, but there are some things you can take to help the hair come back stronger. Read the HAIR ebook.

Help! I am getting too thin on this diet!
Again, when switching to a super clean diet, the body starts throwing out all the old stuff, just like spring cleaning. The body has different priorities than you.(functionality over vanity). When totally rebuilding a body, it's no different than totally rebuilding a car or house- it must be stripped down to the bare skeleton before rebuilding can begin with good, strong, new healthy clean building materials. This phase freaks people out and scares friends and family members. It is only temporary. When the body is done getting rid of the old you, it starts rebuilding. Raw foodists have much denser, stronger muscle fiber than meat eaters. It takes longer to build but is more durable and longer lasting. Again- there are no shortcuts. If you want to start packing on weight, but can't, then maybe you aren't totally clean yet. You might also not be absorbing food properly. One common cause for that is low stomach acid, brought on by modern foods, breads, candida yeast, stress and alkaline water etc. Read the STOMACH ebook and also the BODYBUILDING ebook.

How long does it take before I start gaining weight again?
Depends on lots of things- how clean you actually are, how well your body absorbs nutrients, your stomach acid levels, stress, sleep etc. Remember, your body doesn't care about vanity and big muscles. It cares about an efficient, fully functioning, healthy machine and getting rid of all unnecessary crap. The longest living people on earth are very thin and eat very little.

"I measured my pH and - - -"
Measuring your pH is a waste of time because you are actually measuring what your body is getting rid of. Let's say you have too much acidic stuff in your body, so it gets rid of it and you measure higher acid levels in urine and think you are too acidic, whereas your body is actually fine. You are measuring and analyzing the garbage, not what's inside the house. Your body is quite capable to taking care of itself and keeping things in balance if you give it the right materials to work with. Otherwise you would be dead. The whole pH thing is a joke. Just eat right and pay attention to how you feel. Real truth is always simpler than we think.

Do I really need to get rid of everything to become prosperous?
It's not about getting rid of stuff, it's not being attached to it, like if it got stolen or burned down, it wouldn't matter. This is harder than it sounds for many if they still hang on to things. Most people are insecure. The first thing you must realize is there is no security, except how you feel inside. Read "The Prosperity Secret" again and again until it sinks in and becomes your way of life.

My husband doesn’t want to eat healthy like I do.
It’s a big strain You can't force them. The more you push, the more you push them away. The best you can do is become a living example of how sexy, vibrant, alive and healthy a human can become and hopefully this will inspire them. As for thinking they need to eat meat for big manly muscles, get them the "Raw Vegan Muscle" DVD set. Tell him if he wants to not lose any more hair, not have any more prostate problems or "performance" issues, maybe he should give it a try. If you have been "reborn" and see the light, but they don't and you see yourselves drifting apart, you need to allow life to take you where you need to go. This is scary for some, because many women see men as their form of security, but this is an illusion.Do you want to live as an unhappy slave for the rest of your life? And it might not turn out bad- if the other person really wants to do the right thing and become a better person, then they might be inspired by your strength and dedication. They might also be afraid of losing you because now you look sexy again :-) and this is when they realize how much you actually contribute to the relationship, and how lost they would be without you. But it's not about who's right or wrong, it's about following your own truth and not being afraid. Read "The Prosperity Secret".

I am unable to eat raw foods so can I do partial of what you suggest and still get most of the benefits?
There is no life form on this planet who can't eat raw food. It is the way we are designed. The only way someone would have problems is they are not functioning properly because they don't eat right, which lowers their stomach acid so it can't digest anymore, there are foreign undigested proteins in the blood causing histamine reactions, burned out adrenals (aggravated by stress), alkaline digestive system leading to candida yeast overgrowth which mutates into fungus and allows H.Pylori to thrive in the stomach. This is not genetic and can be changed. It MUST be changed, or you are in for a long unhappy life that only gets worse. When autoimmune problems start, your body doesn't even know what's good and bad anymore. I seriously suggest you read the book "Heal Yourself 101". Your life is about to change. This is not a life-sentence. You do not have to eat raw foods for the rest of your life. If you want to heal ANYTHING, then do it at least until you are healed and feeling great. Then you can go eat pizza and drink beer and start the whole process all over again :-)

“My problem is genetic”
That's one of the biggest copouts and I hear it all the time. It doesn't matter what you inherited from your parents. What matters is how you rebuild it. You CAN CHANGE YOUR GENETICS. DNA can be altered. Several nobel prizes have been won on the subject. I talk about it in my book "Heal Yourself 101".

“I’m too busy to do this”
Wanna trade for a day? You have no idea how busy I am. There is no excuse. Actually, my way is faster. I don't cook anymore, I just throw stuff from my fridge in the Vitamix blender, pour it into glass jugs and take it with me in the car. Fruit is nature's instant food. Make a travel snack mix by mixing nuts, spices etc in a bag like I do. It's not that hard. When you are this healthy, you never get tired, never run down, never depressed, sleep less, and therefore are a lot more productive and get more done.

This costs too much
You obviously didn't watch my dvd set "Free Food and Medicine" and "Free Living 101". Oh- and wait till you find out what a kidney dialysis machine costs or what it’s like trying to get a date with a colostomy bag hanging out of your body.

No. I really have nothing 
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I don’t have time to grow my own food 
Then don't. It's already growing wild all around you. Watch "Free Food and Medicine".

But I live in the City
Watch "Free Living 101". Garry Tiibo lives in suburbia near Toronto Canada, where it snows in the winter. He shows how he can live off what grows wild within one mile of his house.

I live where it’s cold and snows in the winter
Watch "Free Living 101". Garry Tiibo lives in suburbia near Toronto Canada, where it snows in the winter. He shows how he can live off what grows wild within one mile of his house.

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Is Markus single?
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