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This is the biggest project I have ever worked on in my life, other than my 2 million dollar movie. Wow. What an undertaking. I've been working on this for years creating what I believe to be one of the most beautiful, practical, friendly and inspirational books ever made on edible plants. I wanted to create something that was EASY to understand, no boring text- something that just got right to the point- what does the plant look like, what is it used for medicinally, and how do you prepare it. I wanted something that covered ALL the major plants no matter where you live on this planet. I actually put my new movie on hold to do this first.

The power in this book is staggering. Almost SIX HUNDRED PAGES, and over TWO AND A HALF THOUSAND IMAGES !!! Yet I had to make it compact enough to take out into the real world.

Whatever health condition you have, just look it up and it tells you what plants have been historically used for that, and how.

This is not just a normal field guide on wild plants. What about those potted plants in your house and those landscaping bushes outside? Are they edible? What about those amazing and powerful healing herbs you've heard so much about from South America and Africa? Did you know people are growing them in their homes all over the world? You now have access to all of them, everywhere. I am empowering you here. You are no longer at the mercy of what's growing randomly near you. I am putting you in charge of any free food and medicine you could ever want.

There is nothing like this out there.

There are plants probably growing within walking distance of your front door-

- Plants that help you quit smoking

- Plants that help you lose your desire for alcohol, AND detox your body

- plants you can use to make your own soap, shampoo, candles, glue

- I'll show you a dozen healthy non-caffeine coffee substitues growing anywhere in the world

- which plant is good for arguing couples?

- what plant does not burn and makes a great protective fire barrier around your property?

- super powerful plants for fighting sexual diseases

-which plant has bubble gum flavor

- sure wheatgrass is good for you- but what about crabgrass? What is it used for? (you'd be surprised!)

THREE YEARS I have been working on this. I've tirelessly worked on this book in hotels, restaurants, airports, you name it. For the last year I have been meticulously accumulating the very best images from every plant and doing all the graphics and illustrations myself. No one helped me do this. Yes that's right- I lovingly crafted together by hand, over 2,500 images and years of research and cross-checking, and I still will be for another month or two before the proofing and printing. I wanted you to know why I haven't been putting out as many videos and stuff... because I'm working on this literally night and day. This is a work from the heart- something I myself will be using as a valuable reference. It answers many many questions. I did not hire anyone to do any of this because this is too important. Every word, every context, every image is deeply thought through. If I was in this for money, I would have slapped something together and be done a year ago, but those of you who read "The Prosperity Secret" know that you can never go after the money. You MUST come from your heart because you are ultimately creating something for yourself.

Here are some sneak peeks at some of the pages, each one hand-crafted with love.

I don't have time to answer people's health questions, but as I sit here, the testimonials keep rolling in, and there are some truly special ones below you must read.

This thing is worth it's weight in gold!

I have a story to tell you.This last few weeks we have had family in from all over, about 250 of us gathered. It was an emotional time. We lost my wonderful cousin, Larry, whom we all adored and he and I and my brother were planning on retirement together and having fun together. Larry and I were the same age. We were born in the same hospital together...my mom and his mom, first cousin, but we both lived a different life style. Larry and I spoke each day before he passed away. His liver shut down, his kidneys, and then his heart and brain. Almost like a dog with distemper. Larry would like to tell everyone what happens to the body if it is not maintained. I told Larry about you. The day he had passed away, I had made up some ingredient herbs to help heal the liver but t was too late.Larry had regrets. He loved food and ate everything. He was over weight and obese by about 200 lbs. Larry said to thank you for all that you are doing to help others. He wanted another chance but it was too late in his case. He wants others to know that it is not too late for them. He was given a week to live and he made peace with God. We will miss him. We went through many emotions. First crying, then mad because it didn't have to be this way, and now we jusst miss him so badly. I love you, Markus, for you do not know how many lives you are saving...we must tell the world for Larry and for the other Larry's in the world. Talk with you later. Yes, peace and love, Markus. 
Rita Martin

We used the
cactus aloe drink (from last newsletter) now everyday for three weeks and I'm happy to tell you that stiffness and arthritis are gone. It is amazing! One of my helpers had arthritis for 11 years and now she is free and making this drink to everone who wants to try it. It is just great.

A few weeks ago I got the Heal Your Face book from you and it convinced me to change my diet. This was pretty drastic for me, I was a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy. In this short time, I have noticed a big improvement in my energy level. PLus my skin is improving and I have noticed that some bumps on my face are shrinking, basically they are disappearing! I'm very pleased.So thanks again. I have been recommending your books to all my friends and I will be buying more.
Tom, Vancouver, BC

Soooo very true!!!! We( talking about myself also) are out of touch with the EARTH!! All this Gentlemen has said is true! I have been consuming Dandelions for 4 months and
WOW is all I can say! I am 50 and wish I had known this yrs. ago. I feel GREAT!! No more HIP PAIN, Skin is so soft, my feet look 20 again..REALLY!! There's so much more they have done for me. Has changed my diet big time, makes fake food taste fake. I crave the good stuff now. If only more PEOPLE would listen. I got proof. :)
Nancy Owens

I am finishing reading your book Heal Yourself 101, and it is life changing.  I  have been Vegetarian for 2 years and mostly vegan for over a year and have seen amazing results in my health and getting off medication for Bipolar and remaining stable for over a year.  I have been eating raw for over a week and have done my first enema . Thank you
Mason Hollingsworth

(Free Living 101 DVD set) Hung out with Garry for 4 days, started 2 weeks before on my own from the videos and my bleeding stopped. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Let me add something important to the testimonial. which I forgot to mention in my enthusiasm.  I have had a very painful Plantar's Wart on my left foot just beneath the toe next to the "baby" toe. I tried everything to get rid of it, but it persisted. After just a few weeks of your program it has now almost entirely disappeared! Plus I have dropped from 189 lbs to 174 lbs, my target weight. With no loss of muscle and actually a gain in energy. So thanks again

Re: cactus Aloe drink-started drinkin' 'em--WOW!!!
Kelly Be i

 Read it all in one hour. VERY easy to understand.. My goodness. Ive started getting rid of everything around me. I knew there was more to it than slaving over a job.. Im getting the passport application filled and sent.. Hopefully in a few months i can fly out of here.
Erica Greenstone, UK.

Update, my skin's gotten all smooth, even where the sun damage is lol! Also my health has improved and my energy is thru the roof and i'm running and doing all the things i never did before. I Am so greatful for this vid!

Just a quick note of thanks.  I got your Thyroid book... bought a thermometer and was shocked to see my temperature fluctuated between 95.2 - 96.6.  Wow, I had no idea I could discover my thyroid was off just by my temp.   My bloodwork was normal as of two months ago, so I guess the lab tests are not refined enough.  Hey, I use to work in a lab and I thought blood analysis gave the most accurate results. So thanks for taking the time to write your book. I'm going to run with this info and see what happens.With Gratitude & Love

I've just recently finished reading Heal Your Face - it was a fascinating book - thank you!!! I have to admit that I bought the book for vanity reasons, but then I couldn't put it down for the health aspects. As luck would have it...I started reading it at the same time I was passing kidney stone number 2 in two months.  I hadn't passed the new one in over 2 weeks, and was getting pretty tired of the whole thing. The part of your book about kidney blockage really made sense to me - dark circles under my eyes, etc - I had all the signs. 
Laura Hugel

I realy want to thank you for your book Heal yourself 101...i only came acroos it by accident (or was it!) I got the kindle version so i read a bit and was completely blown away by what bit i had read, I love the way it was written with such dedication passion and care.....plain and simple and cutting right into our own personal problems that we cause to ourselves...Well i just wanted to say a huge thank you i love this book i find it difficult to read any book but found this one captured me.

I have been eating Aloe for the last 3 days and it has been helping all my problems Even my Thyroid!! I bought 40 bucks worth at the Market got another 18 lbs ordered for Thursday :)

I ditched the baking soda a week ago and bought a hand juicer for lemons and started adding lemon to all of my spring water...and lo and behold...my urine stays at 7.3-7.5.my mood remains stabilized ,and I'm functioning more efficiently.I'm sure that you're becoming the quite the scourge of the professional dialysis community.Thanks for talking me out of blowing out my kidneys with the baking soda crap!Happy Day,

Yeah, what you said really resonated with me. Since I've been cleaningmyself out, meditating, etc. the weirdest shit has been happening. Everything seems to be a synchronicity lately (almost every day I have a minor psychic experience) which has been freaking me out and leading me to read too much into things like everything is a test of some sort. Please keep the videos coming... they change lives. I never thought in a millionyears I'd be drinking a cactus aloe smoothie and liking it!-
Jay, Relate Right inc

Cleaning up my life Markus, cleaned my house, cleaned out negative people, now my diet and I'm hiuking and walking and eating raw. Taking before and after pics too
Bill Renda

I read the ebook....and remembered alot of what I forgot and many new things. Positive results in 24hrs! I forgot I had recently purchased local bee pollen........also too some probiotics I had neglected, NO coffee (didn't miss it either)......and......I washed all my bedding. I have a cat I cannot part with and I am quite allergic to her.....I have to vacuum and wash bedding often or I pay dearly. Thank Markus, tea is on the stove now!

(Free Living 101 dvd set) Absolutely amazing workshop!!! Worth every second of your life to watch!!
Pavel Vahara

I was so close to go back to meat to supplement my protein intake and stop from THE PLAN,until I saw this today...Thank you sir for making me to stick to raw food .I only need to reach half of your body mass...Good luck everyone and dont give up your RAW diet path!

You're one of the few raw people that have it dialed in (low sugar, bitters, cleansing), and now I'm holding my muscle mass, I'm not constantly hungry, Thanks for all you do. I'm telling everyone that will listen!

It turned out that the growth I mentioned to you which my dog Tigger had a while back was cancerous as determined by my veterinarian. She is the only veterinarian I have ever met who would go along with and recommend a 100% raw vegan diet for my dog.  I brought Tigger to the doctor on Thursday to show how his tumor had diminished over an eight month period. His health recovered back to normal and his muscle mass dramatically increased because of his 100% raw vegan diet without the use of any drugs. She told me his cancer is no longer a concern. She said people should know about Tigger's recovery.   My bodybuilding training has continued without any lapse for close to three years now and I am still growing in size and strength as a 100% raw vegan without supplementation of any kind since my beginning on raw food. Here is a recent picture of me.Best wishes, 


I'm proud of you all for inherantly knowing what's right and doing it no matter what.


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