Markus holding his Arri 2C 35mm film cameramovies, television, film, motion picture production

Markus has been in the film biz all his life. He's worked as designer and visual FX artist on huge blockbusters like "Total recall", "Die Hard" and "Red Planet". In 1995 he made (wrote and directed) a two million dollar film called "To the Ends of Time", a period fantasy fairy tale.

Today Markus is developing even more ambitious projects for both Film and Television, outside the Hollywood system.

<< Watch the teaser trailer for a taste of what's coming.

Markus Rothkarnz video of life achievements
motion pictures, films, television and video work by Markus Rothkranz, special effects expert and fine arts master
glamour glamor photography by photographer filmmaker artist Mark us Roth Krans

music by Natasha

tv radiation is fun
Soulmate- a lovestory of unrequieted love. two souls that can never be togther. A love that spans across all time. Soulmates forever
Jet Set- the world is theirs
Dreamworld, movie now in development-euro style movie

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