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Watch this inspirational video on a country with a deep respect for nature and true health.
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GERMANY -leading the World in Solar, Wind and Health

Germany Solar Wind Health

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Hi everyone !

The more I travel the world, the more I see how small the world really is, and how no matter where you go, people are the same deep down inside. Some are more frustrated though than others because they don't know answers to their problems. Ironically, the person right next to us might know, but we are afraid to ask... or sometimes we don't even know what the question is because we don't really understand the reason for our problems and issues.

For example, not many people know that a headache is often the result of a clogged colon... but who would make that connection? It's ALL connected- even your moods and relationship issues are greatly affected by your health and diet. if you eat food that congests (bread, milk, cheese etc)- it backs up your entire system, creates mucus in your lungs and brain, causing you mind to hurt, making you irritable and depressed, which can lead to relationship problems. But who would make that connection? That's why I wrote my book Heal Yourself 101. Health is not just about food choices, but CLEANING OUT the crud ! And it's not that hard. A simple enema bag is probably the most powerful tool to true health you can get. And it costs almost nothing and you do it at home.

This is fall- the season change means changes in your body. Now is time to do a 3 to five day cleanse. Do nothing but vegetable juices and enemas for 3-5 days (or longer) the longer you go, the deeper the cleanse- the more energy you have ! I only sell cleansing and information products and I don't make a lot of profit on them. The FTC is cracking down on natural healing people like me because they don't want people healing themselves at home for nothing- so get the products while you can. But I will still continue to sell books and DVDs no matter what.

This video on Germany is a real eye-opener and I hope it inspires you to do your bit to improve and tell others what's going on in the world. I was amazed at how far Germany has come in just a few years. Wow! We can learn a lot from that country. In just the past year alone, over 50 raw food communities aprang up and now they even have a national raw food day, where every city in the country celebrates raw food !

A German publishing company stepped in and printed my book Heal Yourself 101 in German- they beat the Americans at making my book a reality. Now people everywhere around the world can download this life-changing information and with a matter of minutes read what to do to easily never get sick again and become radically younger. I have seen grey hair get dark again, wrinkles, cellulite and fat go away, and diseases vanish like they never existed. My dad got rid of aggressive prostate cancer in 30 days !

It's amazing what just a bit of information can do.


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