An exciting new motion picture is now in development by Markus Rothkranz...

Ground Zero- the countdown has begun. Deep underground, a countdown has started. The cold war is hot again
cold war underground bunker computersmysterious blinking red light counting downold government mainframe computers from the cold war secretly stashed in underground silo bunkers
secret underground bases, the cold war just got hot again- a thrilling new motion picture now in development in Tom Clancy thriller style
countdown,in the style of Tom Clancy cold war thriller novels and filmsa new cold war thriller from markus rothkranzsecret government cold war underground bunker with a rogue computer that begins counting down
the countdown has begun to a new cold war thriller
cold war thriller film motion picture in the classic Tom Clancy book film novel stylelink to film company making high concept action thriller family entertainment filmsground zero countdown just like a Tom Clancy book and film