I don't normally send out three newsletters in one month, but I'm on a roll here. I think you'll love this inspirational little video I just shot yesterday about what a local lady is doing- pass this idea on to everyone you know so this can happen in your area too !

I'm doing what I can to help you heal yourself, and get the BEST fresh food for almost nothing, ... the closer to FREE, the better !

This is so heartwarming and inspirational, I had to post it. Let this inspire you to do the same in your area ! There is a new movement in the world. No more waiting. No more spending lots of money for amazing fresh food. No more unripe GMO food from another state or country. The future is now !

If you haven't discovered my condition-specific downloadable pdf ebooks yet, watch this. Most people know very little about why they have certain specific health conditions and problems. These highly researched books are over 20 years of research to help you understand why you have what you have and exactly what to do about it.


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