WOW! I am so excited about this. I don't know about you, but I want to stay young, look young, feel young and BE YOUNG! I got sick and tired of waking up and hating what I saw in the mirror, so I decided to do something about it. Sure I did a lot of my own research. Sure I healed disease with raw food and all that, but I noticed many raw foodists were still shrivelling up, getting wrinkles, losing hair, teeth and vitality. What was the missing link? Well it just so happens the Chinese already have over four thousand years of research on the subject. They knew what we are just learning now- that everything is connected. Most of us know that hands and feet have reflexology points for other body parts, but many people don't know how our face is actually the most awesome tool for health and beauty.

We value our face. It's the part everyone sees. It what we judge people by, in dating, mating, and business. How we look often times determines if someone wants to work with us, play with us or interact at all. People instantly judge if they can trust us. Attraction is an instant feeling and decision. Many people say this is superficial. But it goes way beyond that. We have learned that what people say with their mouths usually can't be trusted one hundred percent. Why? Because most people want to be liked. They are so afraid of rejection, they feel they have to "enhance" what they say so they will be liked more or to help "the deal" go through. But this usually backfires because you ultimately can't cheat the universe. Anyway- because we don't trust "words", we like to look in someone's eyes and read their face- because faces can't hide the truth very well. What we are and how we feel is written all over our faces.

So many people try to hide the truth by getting plastic surgery. This is a joke. They become stiff looking and their eyes now look like a prisoner crying for help from behind bars. You can't hide the truth, you might as well deal with it and clean yourself up.


This is where the magic happens.
The moment you decide to become real... the VERY second...
you instantly become fifty times more beautiful.
This is an amazing phenomenon. It's dificult to describe, but every muscle on your face now resonates differently. The energy emanating from your body is more calm and open to true recieving and giving. People sense this immediately. This takes a huge load of stress off your shoulders... and stress is one of the biggest aging factors we have.

Everything is Connected.

The Asians knew this for centuries. We do not just become beautiful by just eating raw food or slathering buckets of cream on our faces. I'm sure most of you have figured out by now that all the laser treatments, surgeries, creams, drugs, herbs, electro-zing wow gadgets in the world are still not making you happy with your relfection. That's because you are trying to fix yourself from the outside. You are also just trying to fix your skin- which is the very last (and paper thin) layer of what you are. All skin does is reflect what's going on inside. And proper diet alone is not going to fix all that. Remember- everything is connected. Did you know that anger hurts the liver? And alternatively, a clogged, toxic liver makes people more irritable and angry. It goes both ways. People with weak kidneys are overly emotional. The list goes on. All of this affects your face. Every line, every wrinkle, every spot, mole, wart, and hair issue is the result of something in your life that is out of balance. If you want to be really beautiful again- you need to stop trying and hide the symptoms and dig right into the depths of who you are and clean up. True beauty cannot be painted on. It radiates from the deepest core of contentment, health and doing the right thing.

Beauty is not just skin deep. Your skin is a messenger of truth.

If you are truly beautiful on the inside, you will be truly beautiful on the outside. Those who are jealous of beautiful people are not happy with themselves. Beauty is to be celebrated. It is our duty to be beautiful so we can inspire others to be beautiful. This raises the energy of our life, our world, our business, our success, our planet, our economics and the entire universe.

Beauty is our responsibilty. Honor what you have been given, and Life will honor you back with success.

This is the official debut of my new book "Heal Your Face"

It is available as a real paperback book and also an ebook you can download and read immediately.

I am here to make a difference in your life. I am giving you exactly what I want for myself.
This world needs some fixing up. Let's start with ourselves. Right now.
Help make the world beautiful !

You can get it at or

I will be personally debuting the book and signing copies at the Total Health Expo in Toronto Canada April 9-10



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