Another fast simple easy recipe for you- super healthy chips and dip made from super healthy raw food stuff. If you love cheese, you will LOVE this easy quick recipe. It's non-dairy, non soy, non anything bad. You'll be amazed how easy and quick it is. It's
based on the same recipe from my book Heal Yourself 101. Enjoy the video !

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Remember Bodan the kid who passed countless worms and parasites for days and had the guts to tell us about it? His life was so changed by his experience after reading
Heal Yourself 101, taking the Parasite Formula and then reading the Prosperity Secret, he wrote an ebook about his life and experience. You can get it at I don't get anything for promoting this, I am just so proud of him. The world needs more shining examples like him. Go Bodan ! He'll be at the Toronto Total Health Expo with me April 20,21 & 22.

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