Help sell this life-changing product line and I'll split the profit with you !

Click here to sign up as an affiliate, and then put an ad or link or banner on your website or blog using the link-code that e-junkie gives you,and then whenever anyone clicks on your ad and then buys something, you automatically get half of all ebook sales, 30% of DVD sales and 25% of paperback sales. But it doesn't stop there- if the customer continues to buy OTHER products listed (like Heal Yourself, Free Food and Medicine, Prosperity Secret etc from the e-junkie site), you also get a share of that too !!! keeps track of sales and then I pay you monthly. The more you advertise or blog about it, the more $$$ you make. No products to ship, nothing to do. We will ship everything for you. Customers buy stuff, you make money while you're sleeping. Make sure you use the link-code e-junkie gives you, then test to make sure it goes to the HealyourFaceaf site.Also makes sure your browser has COOKIES enabled. (needed to track your orders.)
Payment is via Paypal. One mass payment per month. No the affiliate cannot buy the product themselves at half off.
Of course no one is allowed to buy the e-book and then re-sell copies of it. That's a no-no.

If you have any questions,
here is a support page. You can sign in at and track your sales

Below are some banners you can use if you want. Simply click and drag the ones you like to your desktop. If you want a specific size for your site let me know and I'll make one for you. Remember- the bigger the ad- the more you sell ! This is EASY MONEY- nothing to ship or send !

OK, so once again-

1. Click here to sign up as an affiliate

2. Use the banners below on your website or write a blog and link them to the code that ejunkie gives you (see below)

Here are the specific instructions.

. . 1 - Log into your free account at or get one
. . 2 - Click on the AFFILIATES tab in the upper right hand corner of the window.
. . 3 - Click on the "Affiliate Admin" link in the blue bar connected to that tab. This is the affiliate screen you work from.
. . 4 - Under the "Manage Your Affiliate Account" section, click the link that says "Get Affiliate Code."
. . 5 - The next screen will have a menu titled "Select Merchant" with as the only choice in the drop down. Select it and press the orange "Get Affiliate Code" button.
. . 6 - This screen displays code for the common affiliate settings and a list of all of the products which have product specific settings. In the "Get Product Specific Affiliate Links" drop down, select one of the Heal Your Face products and press the "Get Affiliate Code" button one more time. It doesn't matter which Heal Face product you choose, both go to the same affilliate landing page.
. . 7 - You will be provided with the block of HTML code:
. . 8- Copy and paste that code from between the quote marks " " into a web page (using one of my banners or your own banner or text). It creates a link which leads to the Heal Your Face affiliate website. When someone clicks on that link, it places a cookie in their browser that will allow us to track any purchases they make from your account later. You only need to pick one prosperity product to get the link code. It is the same for all 4. If anyone clicks on that banner, goes to that site and buys any of the products on that site, you get a commission.When testing to see if it works, it must be uploaded to the web, it won't work if it's still just on your computer.

The link code should look something like this- In the real link, the XXXXXX is replaced with my account ID and the YYYYYY is replaced with your affiliate's account ID.

Each product line has a different landing page. For example - The Heal Your Face landing page is
The Heal Yourself 101 landing page is and has a different code, so you should use different banners for that product (available here- )
The Prosperity Secret product line landing page is and has a different code, so you should use different banners for that product (available here-

I am too busy travelling to be able to help you personally, but if you have any questions or problems, try the
e-junkie help page, or if you want personal help, you can hire an expert here. He doesn't cost much and can do everything from coach you over the phone to set up a whole website for you.

Good Luck and let's help inspire and heal the world together !!!