This is happening for a reason. When you know you have very little time, you start prioritizing what matters in your life. Narrow your life down to only the important stuff and forget all the rest. Time is getting shorter to force you to do this. I used to paint, but realized I had more important things to do for this world. Here is a
link to the paintings I used to do.


This is a fun video. OK, so now you know what plants can heal you and you went outside and picked them. Now what? This simple informative and entertaining video will show you how I make powders from plants. Herbal powders are medicine and not to be confused with dead "protein" powders. You'll be amazed how easy it really is! Here's the

Garry Tibbo amazes us again with his hilarious ideas, this time about how he gets non-GMO seeds with more life force than you can get anywhere nowadays. This will definitely put a smile on your face !
Here is the video


If you've never had an apple cider vinegar bath, do one today! The benefits are too many to mention. Your skin is naturally acidic (soap is alkaline and bad for your skin). If you are run down, you must do this ! An ACV bath relaxes like nothing else. Use a half gallon per bath (or more if you want)... and if you're low on cash, you can get it by the gallon at Walmart for $3.83 (amazing !) I'm not a Walmart fan, but I'm trying to help get you through hard times. It's not organic but its 100X better than soap or other skin products. The properties of apple cider vinegar are very healing, even non-organic because it's a natural acid. You will thank me after doing this ! Now go relax- that's an order. You deserve it!

The new DVD
Free Living 101 is getting great reviews. This makes a WONDERFUL gift- especially to those who are lost, confused, down and out, and worried about finances and health. People need more than hope- they need real answers and proof. Garry Tibbo is a living shining example this actually works. He's been living this way for 12 years, and his boundless energy and positive spirits are a glorious testimonial to us all.

The truth will set you free.

I am here to empower you. Let me spark the fires of your imagination, because that's where EVERYTHING starts. I'm here to inspire you to a healthier happier life of true freedom. Be sure to pass this on to your friends and sign up for more cool newsletters with videos and tips if you haven't already at
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Let go of whatever's holding you down, because time is speeding up. We move faster when we travel light. The world needs us. Roll up your sleeves and let's go!


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