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Your Health Depends on it

If you don't want to get up in the morning, your life is being shortened. Studies show that people who are excited about life and have something to look forward to in the mornings when they wake up, live longer. It has to do with having a purpose. This excitement releases endorphines, serotonin, healing hormones, ant-aging hormones, sex hormones, elevates mood, improves digestion, and makes you a generator of positibve energy that fires up everything in your life and inspires others around you. People love seeing someone focused with a purpose- it inspires them too. It's infectious.

We are not here to just work to pay bills... to just exist, use up resources, and then die. We are here to experience life, to try things, to create stuff, inspire others and leave this world knowing we did everything we possibly could have. It doesn't require talent- just enthusiasm for life... to try something new- to dabble in something fun- to learn a new craft, or even just learn to meditate and do nothing (very difficult for many). It could be learning a musical instrument, planting some edible plants in some dirt and starting your own little garden. It could be painting, sculpting, learning to dance, write a book, help at an old age home, or just being a street entertainer that makes people laugh. Many people think there's nothing they can do. There are those who's contribution is simply to make others smile... to find something to compliment them for and make them feel better when they are down. Even a homeless person can do that. That one word of hope or support you give a stranger can change their life in ways you never imagined. You may just have saved that persons life- and that person may then go on to do great things that make the world a better place. Every word and action you do ripples out to the entire Universe. If you are shy, simply go online and say nice things to people you don't even know.

In order to get that nice warm fuzzy feeling, you need to feel good about yourself first- so start doing things that make you feel good. Things that inspire you, relax you, give you peace and give you a sense of accomplishment. Even if it's just setting the goal to read a new book every week. Or building a toy house out of toothpicks. Or getting a pet. Or doing nice deeds to others. Anything that excites you. You need something to look forward to. A reason to jump out of bed in the morning, excited about what you might create that day, that is YOURS. Something that has nothing to do with paying bills or surviving. You need a little holiday every day. It doesn't need to make sense. It doesn't have to be logical. It just needs to feel good. Your life depends on it. You are no good to the world as a stressed-out depressed emotionally dead wreck only existing to survive. If you need more help finding your place, read my book "Instructions for a New Life". Take this little pocketbook with you wherever you go. Health is more than just what you eat. It depends on you being happy and free to be YOU.

As silly as it sounds- going to bed early is a great start. (and don't eat for 4 hours before bed) You will wake up refreshed with new positive energy. Take my Night Rebuild formula to help you sleep and rebuild your hormones and mood. In the moring, take my Wild Force Green Formula to have energy and minerals for endurance.


Below are various videos of ways I have expressed myself creatively through the years. Maybe it will spark something in you and inspire you to try something of your own. I did a lot of the following with little or no money. It's fun to be resourceful and creative.


FASCINATING Cancer Testimonial!

Dear Markus, I
had been leading what i thought was a really healthy lifestyle for about 35 years. i was cutting edge with my family back in the day. organic, no flouride, yoga, exercise, food all cooked from scratch, i've been picking weeds and herbs and making my own medicines for years, NO sugar, crap or fast food. I grew up near an xmas tree farm that was sprayed with DDT as a kid. My sister had colon cancer in her 20's and my brother a brain tumor at 8 yrs old. Then in my 20's i worked in  an environmental lab and tested land fill samples for a living. I was loaded with metals. i knew all this and vowed to take great care of myself and did. i juiced for my kids. Guess what..I GOT CANCER. For 5 years the docs didn't know what it was so i just went on with my life. My left leg swelled and itched but nothing else. About 8 months ago sores started to develop. At first just little ones and i put clay on them and they got worse. Then i put black salve and pow...they got HUGE. some were as big as a half dollar and deep into my tissue. The pics of them are absolutely disgusting. I had at least 4 big ones and maybe 20 little ones. They oozed blood and yellow goop. My shin was so swollen it looked like i was kicked by a horse. my whole left lower leg was full of skin cancer and tumors. Pain worse than anything i'd ever imagined. I never cried so hard in my life.  I'm a chiropractor so i know a bit about what i was up against just from what i've seen done to patients and refused to go the medical model. I could barely walk or work. the tumors were so deep in my leg it was swollen and turned purple. So i turned to your book "Heal Yourself 101" and started again. What was I missing. I had done colonics over the years, name it. but all in small doses. So i just stopped eating period. For a whole month i drank 1 1/2 to 2 quarts a day of kale, celery, dandelion, parsley, lemon or lime, ginger, cucumber and 1/2 green apple. when i could get out, i picked my own weeds and juiced them. I did enemas...tons. At first about 6/day. Water, food grade peroxide and greens. The mucus and rope worms kept coming. It was fascinating and disgusting all in one! The itching and rashes were almost unbearable. I craved mcdonalds, grilled cheese, catsup and mustard and pickles- stuff i hadn't eaten in since i was a kid and i never ever crave that stuff....and it was bad, i felt like an addict!! Then i had cancers coming out in scars. A 30 year old cesarean scar and one from a  benign mole taken off my head 35 years ago (that one had at least 20 lesions along it). a pencil eraser one even came out on my cheek. My leg looked like it had been burned and had a red unbearable rash all over it. I itched like crazy and could barely sleep. I got rid of some toxic friends, danced or wiggled in my living room to music... listened to only positive stuff and people. I took epsom salt vinegar peroxide baths every night. I was only about 110 lbs 5'3 to start and went down to 97 lbs. i literally looked like shit and my skin hung off me and i was so weak I could barely stand. My family and friends were worried sick and i think i was too sick to worry so i kept on. Nevertheless they supported my process. My leg is 90 percent better now. I had to start eating again and including smoothies since i was getting too thin. I walked 7 miles today, rode my bike last week for the first time in a year and have no pain. The sores have healed about 90 percent and are still healing but i feel like i am out of the woods. My body is rejecting the cancer and pushing it out so now the sores are little hard nodules on the surface...still healing.

So markus... for your book, for you and all you do...i am ....eternally grateful. I know this is long and if you have the time to read it, i am grateful. i just wanted you to know...bless you and thank you.
Kate Phillips

Kate, I am proud of you! And all the people you inspire thank you. The world needs people like you.
Love, Markus

I'm now on my fourth night of taking the
Night Rebuild formula and after almost 20 years as an insomniac with sleep paralysis, I can finally say that I have had the best sleep ever!! Last night I fell asleep like healthy person, slept through, and wokeup early and refreshed this morning! (This was previously unheard of. I struggled to switch my overactive mind off before 1am and struggled to get up before 10am...with lots of broken sleep in between.) Thanks so much Markus! You're a life saver. Many Blessings to you and Cara xox
Michelle B

I have been waiting for that distant mirage where everything's right and perfect. It is wrong to wait! I didn't enjoy life at that time. I was holding on to things, people, the past, trying to make money, and just like you said, sitting around not moving, it doesn't work!! I was walking distance of the MET in NY and didn't even go see art in person! Now I'm hours away and can't see them. That distant mirage is my dreams and I've been waiting to step into these for 5 or 6 years -- the raw foods and enemas become also a spiritual transformation on many levels and aspects--and letting go. I can see how everything you say all combines together. It is sort of maddening how simple it is. All my kitchen now is raw foods from reading
Heal Yourself 101 it's clear that you really can't go back to eating the bad things, it's like a one way road. It's scary to let go of these things for the taste and the comfort, I love sugar and chocolate and carrot cake, pizza, bagels etc, but it's just a consuming waste of your life to eat these things. It is very hard to go completely raw and cut out the sugar but worth it, it's not really life to eat all that.
Tim West

Amazing! Markus, thanks to you I'm completely pain free and healthy now, I followed your ebook
Heal Yourself 101 when nobody else could help & was in a really bad state, and in such a short time I'm brand new. I really can't thank you enough but I'll try. Thank you x 100 million :) :') You're an angel.

Markus I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do you have helped me so much as well as a lot of other people, along with your love and understanding of this thing we call life. THANK YOU!

Fred Jones, retired

I think you have guts.Thanks for laying out so straight I have being doing it now for about 20 years and it is really working 65 now and as fit as a fiddle .

Frank Lowe

I just started reading your book "
Heal Your Face". Man, my life just changed. I could just feel the tremendous weight I was carrying up until that moment in time fall off my back. So this is what life is!! I had it when I was seventeen years old... this is how I felt. Then I went to college, graduated with a ton of debt, my health went downhill - glandular fever - I fell out with my parents, started drinking, etc. I can't believe I was "surviving" for so long off a dead foods diet. Believe me, I tried vegan/vegetarian diets and they did NOT work for me. They actually made me sicker. I've gone completely raw and the foods you have available to eat are INCREDIBLE! On this diet I'm busy detoxing, but the food/smoothies/salads I've been making are SO TASTY! I didn't know how great raw food could taste! When I had some beans/cooked food I instantly felt sick. We're so out of touch with our environment - I went down to the beach after doing some research - we've got TONNES of edible seaweeds here in NZ - it's great! My partner was vegan, but she always get's colds - now I've got her on a raw food diet, and she's feeling great! We're both really excited for the future. Until I read your book I didn't know how I was going to face this, starting my own business, and eventually getting married once my partner graduates with her degree in e-commerce and management. But man, I have never felt so good about the future! I just started laughing right away, because I 'got' what you were saying. Thanks heaps :D
lsurftilldawn (New Zealand)

Since buying your book "the Free Food and Medicine Edible Plant Guide", my yard is providing me live catnip, stinging nettles, curly dock, Dandelions,purslane, broad plantain, Lambsquarters this is besides my seawater grown veganic garden. This afternoon used my green star juicer on the wild greens and drank it down, Sitting in the Sun with of course no Sun screen on. Did my deep breathing giving many thanks. Thank you again for all you do

You are so true and right with your explanation etc. Love you guys ..... Just reading your book "
Heal Yourself 101" I just love it how simple written and informative to understand for everyone. Thank you to give that knowledge out there.
‪Allexendra Van Merlin


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