Stunning imagery and deep meaningful messages are the trademark of filmmaker/artist Markus Rothkranz, whose artistic influence has affected films for over 30 years. Able to make the most fantastic visions come to life, Markus was a designer and visual effects wizard on many blockbuster films like Die Hard, Total Recall,Red Planet and the Siegfried and Roy 3D Imax film.

He wrote, and directed the film "To the Ends of Time" which got international distribution and played on the sci-fi channel for four years. What makes this film noteworthy is that Markus made the entire film for only 2.5 million, but it boasted 400 visual effects shots, a philharmonic orchestra with 100 man choir, major pyrotechnics and stunts, over 300 extras, exotic animals like lions and bears, epic location shots and battle scenes- all for less than a tenth of what it should have cost- and that's full 90 minute 35mm with a philharmonic orchestra!!! He personally built over 200 miniature models and designed his own costumes. It still had it's frustrating limitations, but Markus did it all on time and on budget.

Markus worked on countless television commercials for companies like Chrysler, Pepsi, Volkswagen, Polaroid, Sylvania etc and on multimillion dollar
music videos like Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Missy Elliot, etc. But none of this meant much, because the real pull was to touch people on a much deeper level. So...

For the last decade, Markus secluded himself in Las Vegas to develop his own meaningful projects to help make the world a better place.

ICEBERG is an important film because it deals with real life issues facing the world today like serious climate change from overpopulation and industrial pollution. Our children will face a very harsh world if these issues aren't dealt with right now. Markus also understands that we cannot preach, so the best way to get a message across in today's sacharine society is to sugar-coat the medicine. There is nothing wrong with action packed effects movies- as long as there is a meaningful message in there that can touch our souls and inspire us to make the world better than it is today. We all want to do something good and leave a lasting impression- a major motion picture is a good start!

In between his film work, Markus travels the world inspiring and teaching people to heal themselves naturally. He's met with heads of governernment and lectures in front of thousands all over the globe. His book "Heal Yourself101" sells worldwide. He also produced a 9 hour documentary called "Free Food and Medicine" which educates people to the power of wild and local plants as a source of food and medicine.

We heal the world by healing ourselves first, and at the core of that is a deep love and respect for all life.