Dreamchaser magic is in us allDream chaser boy walking dog by magical moonlightWords of inspiration we need to hear

Listen to that voice inside, it is the voice of truth. Whatever it says, do it. Maybe it's telling you to do something that's never been done before. The greatest achievements were made by those willing to step outside their comfort zone and risk everything. Face your fears. They are your steps to the next level. Conquer your fears and you will be more powerful than your could ever imagine. Wish your enemies well and get on with your own life.
Do it. Do it now.

And never ever give up.


reach for your highest goals,don't ever give up, live to be alive,be the greatest, trust your dreams
dreams and visions are just as real as everything else. listen to the voice of your soul and experience real beautybe mindful of the needs of others. Every day is a new life, every moment is a new chancepsychic truth is universal. trust the universe and God. That inner voice is all you need. Everything else is just a distraction. Love, not fear is what should make your decision
Markus Rothkarnz video of life achievements
motion pictures, films, television and video work by Markus Rothkranz, special effects expert and fine arts master
glamour glamor photography by photographer filmmaker artist Mark us Roth Kranslife goes on, it never ends. The greatest gift we are given is life itself. Take a chance- money can be made back, time can'ttake a chance with money, not time
life goes on, it never ends. Believe in yourself, trust your gut feeling not your head. intuition is psychic.
the great spiritual awakening of mankind 2012

Text of Markus Inspirational SPEECH
at Raw Spirit Festival 2007

time is the most valuable thing we have to spend. Feel the magic of life, moment in time, song of lifeMarkus inspiration and words of wisdom to help with decisions and painful choices
home is where the heart is. listen to the quiet voice of truth
ray of inner light



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