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Markus Rothkranz being Interviewed: (in order of Most Recent:)

The Morning Show book Tour: 11 National Morning Shows on TV showing healthy recipes from uncookbook

National FOX NEWS “Staying Young Radio” Interview with hosts Judy & Walter Gaman: Introduction to raw food

Beasley Broadcasting Interview on SIX radio stations simultaneously- Talking Solutions with Terrie Springs

Talk Healthy Today on RadioMD with Lisa Davis MPH: cara and Markus discuss uncookbook "Love on a Plate"

German Interview Reichtum & Gesundheit - Wie du Fülle in dein Leben ziehst

Abby Lodmer Humatitarian Chronicles: Secrets to vibrant living wrapped in a sheet of giggles and happy hummingbird energy

Lillian McDermott Radio Show AM 1060 WMEL Worldwide: Candida overgrowth, also Men's Health, prostate

Paul Samuel Dolman interviews Markus Healthy Life journey and attracting the perfect partner

Primal Wisdom interviews Markus and Cara on Stitcher: relationships, love, soul mates, letting go etc

The Ed Bernstein Show (NBC)- Markus and Cara talk health and display 3 dishes from their book "Love on a Plate"

ABC's the Morning Blend- Markus and Cara explain raw food and show several dishes from Love on a Plate

Aimee Davison interviews Markus in Toronto: fun lighthearted interview about, Love, Life and health

Lost Arts Radio: Some of the best food and medicine is growing right outside your door

Colors or Gratitude interviews Markus Gratitude, Art, wisdom of life

Hugh Reilly Show: Markus talks about Prosperity Secret

Breakfast Television Toronto: All you need is a Vitamix, fruit and greens

Newstalk 1010 Radio: true health, reversing aging, longevity, China Study, What to eat in public places

Hugh Reilly Show: radiation, overpopulation, anti-aging, never getting sick again, Heal Your Face

Masters of Health with melissa Bottali : tough love, weight loss, stop eating garbage

Ka Sundance: Longevity, Health and Raw Foods English Version, German Version

Dan McDonald "Liferegenerator" interviews Markus: Give up on your dreams and watch them come true

Choose Life (interview in Polish): Joanna Balaklejewska


Cara Brotman being Interviewed:

Seattle Morning Show: Cara shows Creamy Pasta

Aimee Davison interviews Stunning Raw Vegan Chef Cara on fitness Cara;s first interview on health, relationships

Cara's Diet and Weight Loss Secrets- incl. fasting, what she eats, how much, weight loss etc


Markus doing the interviewing:

500 lb man loses 300 lbs with natural diet: Muamer Dajdic

Dr. T Colin Campbell, author of "The China Study": The Meat & Dairy- Cancer connection

Markus interviews the Terminator

Natural Painless Childbirth at home with Marshall and Erika Sylver (actual birth footage) great interview

Dr. Nun Amen Ra- Vegan Strongman eats one meal a day

Vaccine gives boy polio, almost dies & heals himself naturally, featuring Jesse Bogdanovich

James Sloane- Distilled vs Mineral water, why distilled isnt always the best

Natural Healthy Pets and Pet Food- Dr. Ruza Bogdanovich

Stress and Adrenals- James Sloane

Weight Loss Part 2: Estrogen, Fat: James Sloane

Weight Loss Part 1: Joseph Hill Amazing before-after transformation!

Importance of Stomach Acid, What to do about H. Pylori: James Sloane

Good or Bad? Chlorella, Spirulina, pond scum : James Sloane

Cultured and Fermented Foods: James Sloane

Amazing way to filter water in an emergency: James Sloane

Why you need a Gallbladder: James Sloane

Weight Problems- Thyroid, Liver: James Sloane

Post Menopause Bliss- Empowerment and Freedom: Linda Zselenak

Post Menopause Bliss- the Fun should Never End: Catherine Clark, R.N.

Don't fear the radiation hype: Chernobyl Survivor Katrine Volynski, Nuclear test Pilot Capt. Gary Pylant

Natural Holistic Dentist- Remove Mercury and Parasites, Dr. James M. Heltzel D.MD.

Cancer and Ozone Therapy: James Sloane

The Alkaline Myth and Hype: James Sloane

Firefighter: Parasite Testimonial: Paul from Edmonton

Markus interviews Doreen Virtue: The Importance of Clean Reception

Dave the Raw Food Trucker: Trucker saves his own life with raw food diet

Kid full of parasites, cleans himself out: Bodan Mulholland

Raw Vegan Bodybuilder cab driver eats no meat or cooked food: Danny Dalton, heartwarming interview

Markus interviews Don Tolman: Part One, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4