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Forget the 2012 hype. Let me help you understand the turmoil in your life and why it's happening. First of all, it's all good, despite what you're going through, or have been told by the media and fearful community. Quit focussing on what you've lost and are losing. That's like staring at what's in your toilet instead of what's on the dinner table. As you should know by now, I am all about letting go, and cleansing yourself of the negative crap in your life that's been holding you back. If you want true health, wealth and happiness, you first need peace, and that can only come from a good cleansing and starting over fresh.

Many people are too afraid to try something new, for fear of losing what they have, (which for the most part, isn't much in the first place). Others are just too comfortable where they are, even if it's dysfunctional. It's amazing how many people willingly choose to stay stuck in the mud, even when handed a rope. We need to start trusting again. Not necessarily others, but ourselves, and the true calling that's been screaming inside us to be let out. Well, for those stubborn fearful people hanging on too tight, 2012 was designed to rip you free from that old crap, no matter what. Many people lost everything (or so they think). Never before have relationships been put to the test like this year. And as the year ends, everything snaps. This is the coldest time of year, and the biggest strain on relationships. Let me sum it up in two simple words.

Let go.

And watch what happens.

I guarantee you will be surprised. You can't possibly predict what's about to happen. Letting go is
not saying good-bye. It is allowing everyone and everything to do what they are here to do. It is allowing total freedom without fear or judgement.

2012 was the year of "making room".

2013 is going to fill the hole that 2012 created. And it will surprise the hell out of you.

The first surprise is the number 13. Do you know the REAL secret power of 13?  It's the most powerful number there is. The people in charge don't want us to know that, that's why they created the superstition that 13 is bad luck, so "common" people would avoid it and not have strength.  13 is power, and those who wield it properly, become incredibly powerful. When America declared independence from England, it called on the power of 13, and made 13 colonies, flew a flag with 13 stars and 13 stripes (still has 13 stripes) and put the number 13 thirteen times on the dollar bill. There are 13 steps on the pyramid of the great seal. The eagle has 13 tail feathers and on it's breast has a shield of 13 stripes. It holds 13 arrows in one talon and in the other, an olive branch with 13 olives and 13 berries. America became the strongest country in the world very quickly. It became so powerful, it had trouble controlling itself. There are 13 uses for the number 13 in the great pyramid in Egypt. Conjunctions between sun and moon occur 13 times a year. The number 13 is used all around the world in powerful sites like the Indian Pantheon, as well as temples in China, Japan, Mexico and Africa.

People all over the world are feeling an unrest like never before, just like people in America felt over two hundred years ago. The new revolution is upon us and nothing can stop it. This time it's world-wide. People want freedom from the old way of doing things.  We are on the verge of a new world. Economies and dysfunctional relationships are falling apart in 2012. The old way of doing things are being taken away from us, to make way for the new.  2012 is the year of letting go. Get rid of as much as you can right now. Anything negative- people, things, jobs, houses, cars, anything holding you down from being free.  The more room you make, the more power will fill your space.

There's a big difference this time around. Yes there is a tremendous amount of power coming in, but this time it won't be misused, because the world won't be run by male energy anymore. A new sensitivity is taking over where power is no longer the reason for doing things. This also explains the upheaval in almost all relationships- economic, business and personal.

Learn from the past so we don't repeat it. Do it right this time. Stop waiting for others to help you. Stand firm to what your heart is calling and be willing to weather the storm. George Washington and his army almost froze to death in the cold winter during the revolutionary war. Many of his men had no shoes or food, yet they fought for what they believed in - freedom. My friends- now it's your turn. It's our turn to build not just a new nation- but a new world. A world of equality and freedom. A world of love and understanding. A world where no one is afraid to lose everything they have, because they know deep inside that what matters can never be lost or taken away.

This is it my friends.

2013 is the year we come into power. 

We are about to experience a life beyond anything we have ever dreamed of. 

Love and Light

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