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Here's a video clip of me from the documentary "
Respectful Revolution" by French filmmaker and journalist Gerard Ungerman, who got me on a bad hair day after I was working two days straight haha. I'm like a mad scientist and sometimes its hilarious seeing what I look like at home. You get an intimate messy behind-the-scenes glimpse of me. Listen to what I have to say, let it really sink in and start living it. Here is the video
The website for the movie is
here. This clip was filmed last year, for a more recent picture of me, scroll down below

What a time to be alive! I get emails from all over the world, and what touches me the most is when I get emails from people on both sides of a war. The first thing that becomes apparent is these are normal people like you and me. Sensitive caring people who just want a healthy happy normal life. They are flowers growing up through the cracks.

Markus,I fell upon a Youtube
video of your paintings - stunning. SInce my childhood I've been drawing too. During the war in Lebanon, I was 8, we had to gather in the shelter in the basement and I used to draw while it was raining bombs out there.
In deep gratitude,
Swaha Salam (Lebanon)

Thanks for the inspiration Markus, your videos are truly mind blowing, and giving us a lot of encouragement. I've been eating raw for 3 weeks now, I feel awesome and almost lost 15 pounds! The raw vibe is picking up strong here in Israel. I bless you to continue with your holy work, and to have infinite energy to keep helping people free themselves from this Matrix.
Peace and blessings from the holy land
Avraham (Israel)

Markus, Thank you so much for the DVD's Free food and Medicine !I've been watching them every day since I got them... and it made me just go outside and look at everything around me even closer than I used to... and I'm getting so excited now to go outside... and also know that even as  a student I won't go hungry or deficient :) and also it helped me think of getting better with my raw food diet... and I'm so thankfull for that ! I've got some pots and organic seeds of some greens after I've watched the first dvd... and now I'm planning on getting more and having my balcony blossom with foods and medicine for me and my roomates :) Thank you very much for the great energy you put out to the world, your love and care !Bless you for the great incouragment you give people !
Miryam and her family :) from Israel :)

There are many more, but you get the idea. These people are the future. They are flowers sprouting up through the cracks.

The heali
ng is everywhere...

I sent some books of mine to a prison (Heal Yourself 101, The Prosperity Secret and the new Free Food and Medicine Edible Plant guide) I want you to learn from what their reply letters have to say. They are living proof that if you don't start seeing things I outlined in "The Prosperity Secret", you will eventually end up in your own "prison", if you aren't already. Read, learn and be inspired :

"Markus, your books are a big hit here. Perspectives of consciousness I never thought about, some harmful thoughts I'm even guilty of. Thanks so much for sending them, they're already helping people. The herb book is a big hit and many have already taken vast amounts of notes from it. I've told people here about you, so they have written home to family members who of course all have health problems. I need to cleanse like never before! Did you know when I was growing up, I constantly asked God to send me to prison when I grow up so I can fight the bad people in the world. IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much, I love you

"Hello Markus, Wow, where do I start? I just finished reading
The Prosperity Secret. Talk about an amazingly well-written piece of work, full of substance and truth. I was raised by a poverty-minded family who drilled into my head "it takes money to make money." What a crock, though unfortunately it sunk into my subconscience for many years. Today I am happy to announce I have deporgrammed myself from all the lies and misconceptions the world instilled in me. The TRUTH is so much simpler than the sugar-coated delusions we insist on submersing ourselves in. Why does humanity choose to do it all the hard way?

I've come to learn that our lives are literally what we think they are. Our thoughts are like sparks, which can fade quickly. But concentrated thoughts don't let the sparks die, and they eventually begin to blaze brightly, which gives the Universe no choice but to respond by manifesting what we're feeding it. I was feeding the Universe "slow death", so I ended up in prison to rot away. My thoughts were far from positive, always looking for the next corner to cut. They say when the student is ready, the teacher wil arrive, and lo and behold, your material arrives. Now that I've read
The Prosperity Secret (thus rendering my life positively changed forever), I have begun to read and study "Free Food and Medicine". After all, mental health and physical health go hand in hand, just like you said. Looks like I've begun reading yet another life-changer. The world needs you, and I applaud what you're doing. I will be rejoining society in 3 months and I intend to order all your material, my life might depend on it! Thank you for being an inspiration, and for providing some of the best keys for unlocking happiness in my life.

Here is an amazing photograph taken by an amazing conscious photographer-
"Rawtographer" Jeff Skeirik. He took some amazing spontaneous pictures of me when I was in Sedona for the Raw Living Expo. These were totally unplanned, no special lighting or anything. He just stopped me in the hallway and said "wanna go outside and take some quick photos?" That's it. I've worked with a lot of photographers in my life, but no one comes close to being a natural like Jeff. I am honored and blessed to be his friend. I will be releasing some other ones in the next newsletter and you'll be able to see them also on his website in a few weeks.


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