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Let me introduce you to an amazing world of easy free income. If you like my books and DVDs and want to share their power with others, then you might as well get rewarded for doing that. We are all in this together, right? So here's the deal- if you liked a book I wrote or DVD, tell people about your experience on your website or blog or Facebook and include a link to the product and every time someone clicks on your link and ends up buying it, YOU GET PAID up to half the profit of that sale- AND anything else they buy from my affiliate catalog. You can be raking in the bucks while sleeping, doing nothing ! Every month I pay you. It's that simple. 

The affiliate system is for books, ebooks and dvds only, not herbal products beacuse there isn't enough profit in the herbal products. They use the highest quality ingredients from anywhere in the world and I basically created them to help you, not to make a huge profit. But the books and dvds are lifechanging, and the more people you tell about them, the more money you can make- plus helping change people's lives! Follow the instructions as closely as you can. I am travelling and too busy to personally help you, but the instructions should be pretty clear.

This is all about helping others empower themselves. It's giving ourselves freedom to live the life we want and carry out our missions in life. It requires money sometimes, so I'm here to help you. Just pick the product you like the most and start promoting it. Yes you can promote as many products as you like.

IMPORTANT- the old e-junkie affiliate system is now shut down. We are switching over to a new, much better system with Ultracart that's better for everyone. If you are already an affiliate, switch over all your links to the new ultracart system. Again, here are the instructions, and here is where you sign up. Please do not email me personally about how to do this. If you absolutely must, contact the fulfillment center- but don't take up their time too much because I have to pay them by the hour and that could raise the prices of my products. You don't want that.

Remember it's all connected, so if someone clicks into one of your affiliate links and browses around and starts buying other affiliate products of mine in the catalog, you get paid for that too! For example, if someone buys The Prosperity Secret and also ends up buying Free Food and Medicine, you get paid! If they go into the Heal Yourself 101 website and also start buying any of the 76 ebooks on specific health conditions- you get paid HALF of all the money they pay for those ebooks ! 

The more you promote, the more you will probably make.

The world needs help. I'm going to give you the power.

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