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I just got back from Germany last night and immediately had to share this with you-

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Dear Mr Markus Rothkranz.

I just want to write and thank you for that you are you, and for the amazing work you do. 7 years ago i had to use a wheelchair every day, i had been sick since i was 16 years old. I had back problems and CFS (Cronic fattigue syndrome) and was in my dark bedroom for 3 months. I used 12 Paralgine forte pills a day just to function every day. One day i had enough and desided to meet my creator, and ask him some serious questions. I woke up at the hospital, and the doctor said " for some strange reason, it is not time for you to leave us yet". Then I found out that if its not time for me to go , the answer has to be out there some where.

Then I found you Markus, and your book "Heal Yourself 101". I read it, and things felt so right. I started the enema every other day, and i felt better every week. I stuffed my body with all types of green stuff, smoothie, nettles and dandelion....and felt better and better. I bought all your powders, and it was great. I told my self that when I'm healthy, i will walk to my daughters in Bergen Norway (465km away) dragging all I need in a trailer (35kg), and ride my bike back home again. It does not stop there. I lived on: 90-120gram of a mix of your plant protein, greens, energy and night + 50gr nuts + 1 table spoon coconut oil + 1 tablespoon Udo`s oil, and as mutch water that i need. I walked 465km in 7.5 days, and walked 12 hours a day. I walked 3 hours, then rest for 30 minutes (walk 3 hours * 4 + rest 30 minutes * 3 = 13.5 hours a day) I was walking around 70km a day and was out on the road, 12-14 journalists a day.

I was suprised that i still was full of energy every night and had no pain when i woke up in the morning. I slept in a tent every night, and loved the feeling of being close to nature. I know that I could not have done this on a ordinary diet, because it does not contain enough nutrition, but your products do. In January this year I went to my doctor and told him that I am 100% healthy and want to go back to work again. He asked me how I had done this, so I told him every thing. He ran a lot of blod test to be certain that I was not lacking anyanything in my body, and he was stunned over that all levels was high over average. He said "you are like a very healty man in his tventies, and im 41:-). Next summer I'm walking to Trondheim, a walking distance of 590km. And one more time i will live on 90-120gr of your powder, 50gr nuts, 1 tb spoon coconut oil, 1 tb spoon Udos oil and water. I will use my experience to help others, and let them see that it is possible to live on very little and perform things peoples did not think was possible You Markus have opened a door for me, a door I have been looking for for a long time.I love your products, but also your guide for how to make my own powder. Thanks for sharing your wisdom, and for beeing an eye opener.

Yours sincerely Kjetill Moberg ( Norway


Kjetill, I am so proud of you! When I see you some day soon, I will hug you.


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