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The imagination of Markus is filled with castles, pirate ships, jet cars and beautiful passionate painting imagesThe official website of MARKUS ROTHKRANZ- artist,filmmaker living in a solar powered house in Las Vegas, making blockbuster Hollywood movies with lots of special effects and high concept fun. Dare to dream. Artists have the power to inspire a new way of living.Timeracer Dreamchaser_the passionate Art and paintings of Markus Rothkranzfilms painted with artistic vision and beauty, like Pirettes, the female pirates who search for the fountain of youthDie Welt von Kuenstler Markus Rothkranz und seine Filme
Dare to dream as we race with time, trust your dreams and follow your heartfrom fantastic architecture to designing cars, costumes and sets for film and television, Markus creates imaaginative concepts like this turbine powered jet car for Atomic City
the passionate world of Filmmaker Artist Markus Rothkranz
super health products raw foodnever get sick again- how a raw food lifestyle can change your life and make you younger.The solar powered home of Markus Rothkranz- see howliving off the grid can be easily acheived and save money with alternate energyhydrogen cars with water powered engines- see how cars can run on nothing but water
Markus Rothkarnz video of life achievementsmarcus seminars motivational speeches speaker
motion pictures, films, television and video work by Markus Rothkranz, special effects expert and fine arts master
about Markus Rothkranz- descriptions, life accomplishments, images, video and moremotion pictures and tv. Markus has a long history in film and television. See all the exciting new projects in development
Television show concept by Markus Rothkraz
glamour glamor photography by photographer filmmaker artist Mark us Roth Krans
solar sun powered home, intertie inverter, living off the grid and free energy from alternative energy sources like wind, hydro, water and sun
never get sick again- see how easy it is to stay healthy with a raw food vegan lifestyle. Beyond vegetarianism is raw food- the way nature intendedPaintings and art by artist Markus Rothkarns. Over two hundred paintings and works of art by Marcus Rothkrantz- a lifetime of inspiration
paintings and art by artist Markus Roth Kranz- commercial, landscapes, nudes, Les Femme, animals, inspiration,fantasyscapes, early years, photography and sculpture
director Marcus Rothkranz- that's Markus- is famous for his obsessive speed and visual effects knowledge
photography by mark rothcrans, landscapes, nudes, portraits and still life art
architectural design- everything from shopping malls to mega casino resorts, all designed by Markus Rothkarns
Markus Rothkarz designs many of his own costumes and wardrobe for film and movie production
cinematography by Mark us Roth Krants
computer 3D animation by Marcus Rosencrantz Rothkrants, 3D CGI animation programs, digital art and virtual reality
the solar powered home of Marcus Rosenkrantz. This las Vegas home is powered by sunlight with photovoltaic cells
miniature scale models for film, television special visual effects and design work by Hollywood expert Markus Roth Crans
CGI 3D digital fx work by film director and artist Markis Rosenkrantz. Comps, blue screen, virtual worlds and animation
3d cgi animation for film and television, motion pictures and movies made by Markus Rothkranz
miniature scale models for film, television and architectural design firms- resorts, theme parks, movie props, miniature cities and buildings
water powered cars- hydrogen fuel cells are the answer to gas and oil prices.  Zero emissions and clean burning
super health- how raw food can save your life and make you younger. Stop being sick now. This is beyond vegan and vegetarian ideas. This is pure natural healthy
words to inspire, inspirational words to fuel the soul
photo album, picture, images of Markus Rothkranz
link to film company Astro Films
Markus presented medal by National Guard
world people diversity apartheid culture countries global awareness cultural social economic communication help join
passionate idea love story
Citrus fruit health. Oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruits are a great juice base and help alkalize the body. Although they are acidic, they become alkaline inside the body
tv radiation is funiceberg movie film
female pirate movie filmSoulmate- a lovestory of unrequieted love. two souls that can never be togther. A love that spans across all time. Soulmates forever
alien resource environmental filmposthuman evolution
romance period chick flick moviesilent earth world movie
Dreamworld, movie now in development-euro style movieJet Set- the world is theirs
power from the sun self sustainability dvd solar intertie inverter pv panel 12v 24 volt photowatt siemens kyocera wind electric hydro grid
through the years interactive slide showarticles about Markus Rothkranz, newspaper, magazine, reviews, letters, awardsastroother high concept cool fun Markus websitesphone call


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This site is dedicated to everything pertaining to Markus Rothkranz (sometimes written as Marcus Rothkranz, Marcus Rothcranc, Marcus Rothkrantz or Markus Rothkarnz). This filmmaker/ artist is world renowned for his passionate artwork and films made from the heart. Markus Rothkarnz strives to make a difference in everything he does and urges us to do the same. Markus Rothkranz's skills range from world renowned filmmaker to anti-aging health guru (see the raw food lifestyle section). Everything Markus does is to promote life affirming views and inspire people to make a difference like use alternative energy sources like solar, electric and water powered (hydrogen) cars, and help stop overpopulation. Markus Rothkranz is also known for his work in the motion picture world as designer and visual effects artist. All his homes are interesting, like living inside a spaceship, western town or jungle palace. Hos pro photography is a great glimpse through how an artist sees the world. Marcus (Markus) has built many miniature models and done thousands of commercial and fine art paintings that have sold worldwide. His films and movies are exciting family oriented films without gratuitous violence and blood. Action adventure is fine as long as it has a message. Markus Rothkranz is at home behind a CGI computer as much as a directors chair. See his 3D CGI sites like and to see his 3D animation and modelling work.

All material on this site belongs to Markus Rothkranz and is under strict copyright.


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