MarkusPix Free Stuff Rules and Winners

1. Do not ask for something other than what is mentioned as a giveaway

(just because I review or show something does not mean I'm giving it away)

2. Do not simply email me asking for free stuff because you need something
3. Must live in the United States. Reason why
4. Cannot have won anything in the last 6 months
5. Check to make sure giveaway video is within last few days. If it's more than 3 days old, the giveaway has already ended!
7. Only ONE email, No multiple entries! If several things are being given away, PICK ONE. People sending emails for several products will be disqualified.

7.Tell your friends about MarkusPix

The most recent giveaway is now over. Stay tuned for the next one. Keep watching Markuspix!

Have a nice day and go shoot some pictures or video.

MarkusPix Winners:

BlackMagic BMPCC6K Jason McGuire, Forth Worth, TX

Sony A7sii Humberto De Santiago, The Colony, Texas

Samsung NX1... German Bueso, Miami Fla

Panasonic Lumix GX8... Jim Miller, O'Fallon, MO

Sony RXO... Nathan Northrop, Durango Colorado

Lumix LX100... Alice Thompson, Tacoma WA

Canon M100... Imelda Bangun , Lake Worth, Fla

Panasonic VX1...Taylor Guillory, Denton TX

Panasonic V800... Edwin Rodriguez Lake Worth, Fla

Canon G7Xiii... Tonya Core, Pontiac MI

Lumix ZS100... Lily Castleberry, Williams IN

Oho Sunshine sunglasses camera... Craig Perkins, Kirksville, MO

Neurona Optic sunglasses camera... Bo Reynolds, Fort Walton Beach Florida

Towero clear glasses camera...William Norman, Coleman Texas

Skyway wireless sunglasses camera... Tom A.K. Chicago Ill

White motorcycle sunglasses camera... Tony Hammy, Simpsonville SC

Forestfish X30 sunglasses camera...Billy Mason, Etowah, TN

GoVision Apollo...Kelly McWeeney, St.Peterburg, FL

Capsule 360 camera tracker Victoria Lee, Madison Wisconsin

Soloshot 3 tracking camera David Barth , Portland Oregon

Sony RX1Rii Rick Hunt, Fort Myers Florida

Flycam Galaxy steadicam with Redking stabilizer set Nelson Morlock, Richmond IN

Zhiyun Crane 2 Jim Samuel, Upper Holland, PA

Feiyutech AK-4000 gimbal with carbon fiber dual handle Steve Loudon, Michigan

Panasonic Lumix FZ80 camera w 20-1200 zoom Jordan Hughes, Tallahassee, FL

Vello Action Pan Pro VB 200 Andres Vicario, El Paso Texas

Revo SR-100 shoulder rigChris Bellio, Valencia Pennsylvania

DSLR Rig Michael A. Haney, Oil City, PA

Spider Stabilize Joseph R Long, Buckley WA

Top Handle- metal- square w holes Odette Cope Los Angeles

Top Handle- metal- rounded w holes Pamela Griffin Kentwood, LA

Top Handle- stitched leather wrapped metal, round Roger Gelik Pittsburg PA

X-Grip Wayne DrdaParma, Oh

Lumix 35-100 zoom Lens Power OIS Micro Four Thirds Jeff Murzynski, Temperance, MI

LumixG 45-175 motorized zoom Lens 4-5.6 Power OIS Micro Four Thirds, Lawrence Casarez, San Angelo, TX

Set of 3 little camera bags- , Mustapha Cheikhaoui Astoria New York

Think Tank Mover 5 small little compact camera pouch thingy w belt loop Angelica Delagarza Longview, TX

Tan-Beige promaster multipocket pouch w belt loop and handle Johnnycroft (Grim RZR) Texas

Canon basic camera bag Travis Cline, Vancouver Wa

Black tactical multi-pouch over-shoulder satchel Jesse Lee Crawford, Longview, TX

Brown Promaster CityScape 150 Courier bag w soft interior, Michael Chard, Eldersburg, MD.

Phantom 4 Pro drone backpack Justin Smit, Buffalo NY

Manfrotto 055 Aluminum tripod with Xpro ballhead winner: Keith Constance North Carolina

Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 1. Matthew Wynn, Phillipsburg, OH
Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 2. JJ Hodges, Madison TN
Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 3. Lee Ingham, Alpharetta, GA
Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 4. Mark Lee, Fern Park Fla
Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 5. Hunter Christian, McDonough, GA
Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 6. Joshua Mobley, Jackson, TN
Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 7. Robert Given, White Hall, AR
Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 8. Christopher Herron, Shaker Heights Ohio
Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 9. William Hart, Phoenix, AZ
1Xit 72" lightweight travel tripod 0. James Clark, San Antonio Texas

Came TV Q55 daylight LED light with barn doors and Bowens Mount: Chris Lindbak

2 Focal Alpha 50 studio monitors : Juan C. Thomas

Mackie Big Knob Studio monitor controller: Derek Payne

10 Seed rail Truss pipe couplers 1.5 to 2 inch :Michael Williamson

Portable Soft Box for 1x1 LED light by D-Fuse: Mark Idzik

Impact QuickBox collapsible soft box & Speedlight ring mount: Obie Jimenez

Impact rectangular soft box w Bowens mount: Julius Torres

Lowell Tota light Halogen 2 light kit with 40x40 soft boxes: Miguel Avila

Frii TriLens belt mount lens rotating mount for SONY E MOUNT lenses: Emilia Blaszak-Freymiller

Sony RXO filter kit and neutral density filters: Jordan Keyes

Headphones in blue box: Shannon Bilger

Tiny Sony Flash: Chris McKiernan

LightPix Labs flash and LED light: Marco Robles

2 SSD drive portable enclosures: Matthew Shonhart

Godox S30 focussing projection light: Ken Temple

Assorted halogen lamp bulbs, unused: Curt Prat

3 LED Science non variable 12V LED lights :Carlos Puentes

1 big round LED light with fins: Jed Kim

Box of 12 LED 45w cob lights: Jose Noel Cotto

5 big 7200 Lumen LED cob lights 60W: Vu Man

5 medium big 45w LED cob lights: Len Wehrung

1 really big bright cob LED some fan noise: Kasey Chatila

4 LED 5000K cob lights: Jed Kim

LED square panel light w barn doors some fan noise: Michael Duran

Lupo Superpanel softbox: Vilma Huarcaya Tello

XtremePro Wall mount: Cory Elsenpeter

2 Pro Aim 12volt Power Packs: Brian Powell

Sony RX100 iv Mickey Hercules June 21 2020

Panasonic AF100 Professional cine cam Jerry Matiatos

Panasonic AF100 Professional cine cam Chris Taylor

Sony VG900 full frame removable lens camcorder Amable D. Peguero

Sony VG900 full frame removable lens camcorder Melvin Xue

Black magic HyperDeck Shuttle 2, monitor and SSD drive Joseph Heingarten

Sony A7R2 Sacha Stevenson

Lumix GH5-S and Lumix 12mm 1.4 Vegetable Police Kasey Stern

Lumix 42.5 f1.2 lens ($1,400 lens) Shane Calip

Lumix 14-140 zoom lens Chelsea Images Feb 6 2019

Canon M3 camera Antoine Belote April 5 2020

Canon G1Xiii Russ Graber April 5 2020

SONY RXO camera Benjamin Barker July 10 2019

Vixia R800 camcorder Millennia Bidwell May11 2020

Sony CX-675 camcorder Holly Lewis  May 19 2020

Mitakon Zhongi 50mm f0.95 Richard Pickering Nov 2 2017

SLR Magic 50mm 1.1 Mark Edward Nov 29 2017

Nikon 50mm 1.2 Gino Cisneros Dec 17 2017

Microphone Headset Jeremy Ferguson Dec 29 2017

Aputure soft box Rick Wilbur Feb 10 2018

Rode NTG2 shotgun mic Nick Allen Mar 3 2018

Speedlight V860iiS PandaPhotographer June 2 2018

A-Lav mic Chas Dion June 12

AKG CK99L Condenser Lavalier Microphone- XLR Steven Muncy July 3 2018

Rode Lavalier Microphones 3.5mm Stewart Thompson July 3 2018 2

Maono Lavalier Microphone Set- double mic and single mic with 25ft cord, with adapter for mobile devices Michelle Buddhadev July 3 2018

JSony XLR-A2M hotshoe mount 2 input audio adapter (worth $400) Dan Gallagher

July 3 2018

Godox TT350s mini speedlight flash for Sony cameras Douglas McGaha July 3 2018

Godox TT350s mini speedlight flash for Sony cameras Samuel Krey July 3 2018

Sony flash trigger system (worth $700) Mike Field July 3 2018

Godox 433Mhz flash trigger system transom, 2 receivers for Godox flashes Karen Bartling July 3 2018

Selfie Stix Barry Eidsmoe July 3 2018

Westcott 50W fluorescent 6 bulbs per person Caroline Thompson, David Kashner, Luke Kwan, Vasiliy Babko, Fran Batzer, Gina Vlahandreas July 18 2018

Rack mount compressors Bianca Ruiz July 19

Rode Reporter mic Mark Fractor July 24 2018

Video light bi-color dimmable Fositan TL-336AS Nov 3 2018

Tokina ATX 28-70 2.8 Mike Branch Jan 4 2019

Esther Edmonds New Zealand Sony A7ii

7 Artisans 35mm f1.2 MFT lens Daisy Mae Feb 27 2019

Meike 50mm lens for Canon EF-M mount Rashiede Jeter March 2 2019

Kamlan 50mm 1.1 MFT Freddy Jaramillo March 2 2019

Samsung NX min Macushla Robinson March 21 2019

HurleyPro water bag portable weight system Mo Hieronimus April 7 2019

Yi M1 4K ThePandaPhotographer

LCD Viewfinder Elvid250 Dean McIntyre April 16 2019

LCD Viewfinder ProAm ProAim Greg Shaw April 16 2019

LCD Viewfinder Kinotehnik Obie Jimenez April 16 2019

LCD Viewfinder Elvid50 A.Cardona April 16 2019

LCD Viewfinder Hoodman Richard Poinvil  April 16 2019

FlashQ flash and trigger set Walter Wallace April 28 2019

JJC large eyecup for Sony A7 series Jason B Aug 1 2019

Opteka 50mm f2 EFM lens Dean Burwell April 5 2020

Canon EFM Kamlan 50 f1.1 David Perez April 18 2020

Sony APSC Kamlan 50 f1.1 Michael Duran April 18 2020

lav mic Jonathan Arias April 18 2020

2 Vivitar camcorders Aroun Kesavaraj May11 2020

FHD camcorder Richard Poinvil May11 2020

2.7K Camcorder Henry Doyle May11 2020

Zoom Q8 camcorder Samuel Wilson  May11 2020

SonyTG5V camcorder Amy Wolters  May11 2020

Samsung Flashcam camcorder Norma Ruiz May11 2020