The Cashman Center Experience Dec 2015

From November 2015 through January 2016, three shows were presented by Markus Rothkranz at the Cashman Center in las Vegas. It was an experimental test run trying out various creative ideas.

The first show was a rough rehearsal with friends and family. The second one was for Markus followers and fans who had a chance to witness a production being formed. People drove in from Utah, California and even as far as Mexico and Switzerland. Unfortunately, there were many technical issues. The sound didn't work right, the dry ice machines didn't make any fog and when it did, the fire alarms went off making everyone evacuate the building until the fire department and Cashman center turned off the alarm sensors. The second show was quite disastrous. But so much effort and work went into this, it was decided to do a third show and this time take no chances- the audio would be pre-recorded, dry ice machines would have double backups etc. Since the original audience had already left, casting companies brought in 800 extras so the master shots of audience with working dry ice fog etc could finally be acquired. Some of the audience shots in the final video were from the original audience. All in all, the final video was a mish mash of footage and sound from all 3 shows mixed together. This is standard practice for music videos. It was a valiant attempt but not all the shots or audio fit perfectly.

Again, this was just an experimental test on different ideas on mixing live entertainment, inspirational speaking, music, live musicians and stage presentation. Unfortunately, before the show could be prefected and the kinks worked out, one person in the final audience went on the internet saying how the whole thing was lip-synced and fake, not realizing the whole reason the third pass was done that way. It was very disheartening to see people make the worst assumptions, so the whole concept was finally dropped before the show could be completed.

Prototypes don't always work right. But they are someone's dream and if allowed to mature and function properly, they can turn into something memorable that can touch people's lives.

Don't dash people's dreams. Especially when they put everything they have into trying to make it a reality. It's easy to make fun and criticize.
It takes courage and lots of effort, blood, sweat and tears to make something happen.

Follow your dream.

And hopefully it will be allowed to flourish.

Because the world needs more hope and positive energy