It's been a crazy but amazing month. As I travel the world, it is becoming very aparent the world is waking up fast and hard. People in every country on this beautiful gem we call Earth are feeling the awakening like never before. Many are confused, restless, uneasy... not unlike a skydiver about to jump out of an airplane or a caterpillar about to become a butterfly. But deep inside there is also a nervous excitement because we know the time has come to spread our wings and join the great game of life. It is time to accept the truth no matter what it is. It's time to jump out of the airplane and spread our wings. This is it.

My job is to tell you no matter how things may look or feel, it is a waste of time to live in fear. Life is the most precious gift we could ever be given. Every second is a magical jewel of possibility. Please do not waste it with stress or fear. Trust me on this- even if you have to force it, give out love and the mess you are in will start dissolving because the universe gives back what you put out. The things that are collapsing and dying are things that were not in tune with the natural rythm of life. But also realize there is no death, only upgrades.

Spring is time of new life. It's time to let go and embrace the new.

Consiousness is becoming one. Let go of all you know. And get ready to be welcomed and accepted by the universe.

My book "
Heal Your Face" is selling world wide. This is not just a vanity issue. If we can actually get turned on again by what we see in the mirror, everything about us changes- the way we feel, interact with others, the choices we make in life and the positive energy we give to others, which in turn inspires others to do the same which in turn starts healing the planet. It all starts with us, and how can we be worth anything if we don't like ourselves? My book explains how the face is just a mirror of your inner health- how you feel about your job, relationship,etc and of course also your relationship with your food. Your face reflects the health of your organs and if you heal from a deep inner physical, mental and emotional level, your face with totally reflect that. If you want the true fountain of youth- it's YOU !!!

I just got back from a whirlwind tour of non-stop interviews, lectures, TV and radio shows in Toronto Canada, which is about 40 minutes from where I grew up. What a wonderful clean, mature city. Thanks go to the
Total Health Expo and the Toronto Dowsers for the warm welcome.

Below are video clips of the highlights of the trip. Be sure to share them with your friends because these are FULL of life-changing educational material that will help inspire people to launch into a new way of living.

Other news real quick- The European government has stopped all sales of natural herbal products, without a doctor's prescription. So I can't send any products to Europe. Don't worry, this cannot last long. The truth always wins.

Speaking of products, I have reformulated my
Colon formula... it finally tastes better.

And if you want to help promote my books on your website, I will split the profit with you. Just go to the book websites and scroll to the bottom of the page for the link. Together we will change the world. The message needs to get out ! No more unhappiness and illness.

OK- on with the fun !

If you only watch one video, make it this first one- I edited all the very best pieces down to one fast-paced passion-filled collage of practical no-nonsense advice for everyone seriously looking for answers. There is DEFINITELY something in this for you ! Lots of funny stuff and brutal honesty about everything from Monsanto-mania to goji-berry worship. I'm not afraid to tell it like it is. You'll love the ending where on the Hugh Reilly show I'm asked what "the answer" is. Please pass this on to everyone you know- this is mandatory watching. This is what we need to do to survive as a species.

If you only watch one video, make it this first one-

Markus in action- 16 minute

Markus on Hugh Reilly show

Markus on Breakfast Television Toronto

Most of these are short- about a minute each :

The power right outside your door

This is what dirt is for

The Magic of Wild Foods and Weeds- Free Food and Medicine

why its normal to cheat

How to get what you want

A New Life with less wrinkles (literally)

What is Fear ?

Human brain vs. Natures Consciousness

Follow Your Mission- Every Living Thing has a Purpose

What Are You ?

The real secret of Success

Why economy collapse is good

You are taken care of

Source of Protein and Life

In the Desert with nothing

Markus Rothkranz Toronto Radio Interview

Nuts and Seeds have enzyme inhibitors

How much wild food can you eat ?



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