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Markus Rothkarnz video of life achievements
motion pictures, films, television and video work by Markus Rothkranz, special effects expert and fine arts master

miniature City - Memphis

miniature subdivision

miniature Washington

glamour glamor photography by photographer filmmaker artist Mark us Roth Krans

miniature ship

miniature ship 2

miniature building

Markus started building miniature models while he was still tiny himself. When he was 13, he made the New York times by singlehandedly building a 180 sq ft fully operational and computerized miniature model of the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom with working rides, food on the tables, night lighting and even a night time fireworks display. The Disney art department gave him an honorable desk right underneath Main Street USA in the secret underground Disney art department. This led later to building miniatures for architectural design firms and ultimately Hollywood motion picture special effects. When Markus finally started making his own movies, this invaluable skill came in quite handy and helped save quite a few dollars. One of the things that made Markus famous was the speed at which he could build these models. For example- he built the entire city of Memphis in miniature for a local News station in 9 days ! Here are some examples of scale models made for the entertainment industry and how quickly they were made...



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