Hi Markus,
My sister just send me photos how your "Green formula" helped her son to heal fast from 2nd degree burns. Here is the proof that it really works!

burnbaby1 burnbaby2

First Photo is from 12/07/14 - Day 5 from burns - healed, that's how it looked when they were send home from the hospital. (Other kids were in this stage after a month or later as my sister find out from people in the hospital with the same injuries).

Second and third photo are from 12/11/14 - Day 9 - she started to put your Green formula also on his skin (burns) + she kept adding it to his smoothies.

burnbaby3 burnbaby4

Fourth photo is from date 12/29/14 - it's hardly to see anything. Only a little bit on his hand and under chin, but huge improvement! He still keeps drinking Green formula :-). From this day they also started to put on Bentonite clay on his burns (This advice is from your "Skin" ebook).

Fifth photo is from 01/05/15 - there is almost nothing to see - we're all very very happy... :)

She says thank you again very much for your help and your Green formula -
we're very grateful!
Lenka Mahovska

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