This inexpensive little thingy can make all the difference between having a miserable head-clogging, sinus-pollen allergy season, or singing with a clear head while celebrating spring time in all it's glory. It's amazing how simple the answers to our problems can be. Once again, plain simple beautiful water to the rescue. You can thank me later
:-) Enjoy the video

on "The Prosperity Secret"
"I just stopped a twenty year downward spiral with your book. I am getting so much pleasure and enjoyment from
the Prosperity Secret I am on my fourth reading. I am on fire inside. I keep getting these massive epiphanies over and over while I am reading your book and making more changes. Thank you again for helping me create the New World of my dreams, Words cannot express the gratitude and love I feel for you and what you have done for me and my life."
Peace and blessings,
Vincent Alecci

"I just finished reading the Prosperity Secret and man oh man did your words ever jump off the page at me. In fact, every time a damned "yeah-but", negative thought entered my brain, your next sentence was always, 'Now if you find yourself thinking THIS, then....." HOLY COW!!!! (I LOVE that all your books and literature say the same thing!!! Everything is connected and it is our own responsibility, no one else's, to get it together.)  I know that it is up to me to be able to achieve this!! And I will. What an amazing and positive message!!! And true and consistent and common sense? WOW!!Keep up this amazing message!!!! Please!" 
Tammy Bohner

"I just kicked myself out of a company which did not make me happy (even if I loved to work there on great projects with all my talents) to make the jump off the cliff. I know the Universe will grab me and push me into the right direction where I can do my part for other people."
Love and Light
Birgit Feustel

"I never ever write reviews for books on YouTube, but I will this time :D Thank you Markus for your light, energy and inspiration. This book that you are sharing has been THE BEST book on prosperity I have read. Is not only about money and material wealth, but about sharing your own wealth with the Universe. God bless you, I hope to meet you in person one day."

"There are wide variety of books and publications about self empowering and success.  "The Prosperity Secret" made an impact, it's realistic, easy to perceive and digest.We DO complicate our world and then seek for HARD solution to resolve problems we caused. WE TRAINED AND WIRED TO SLEEP.  We all need a kick in the ass to wake up. Thanks for your book." Sincerely,Anatoli Travinski, USSR

"As usual, brilliant and straight to the point,  a punch in the face to wake up or to remember, since deep inside we all know it’s true." 
Lukas Misiorowski 

"I used to look at my financial situation and felt that there was no hope, but reading your book has made me think differently."
Thanks again
Shirley Werner

Book Review on Heal Yourself 101:
I’ve been a vegan for over 20 years and I’ve always thought I was eating the best I could. But I’ve also been ill for over 5 years. I had to give up my wonderful job in a very busy hospital laboratory (which I loved) because I was too ill to work. It never occurred to me that my own vegan diet was contributing greatly to my situation. In the past I suffered from heartburn and I had difficulty breathing on a cooked vegan diet. This all went away when I ate raw. Wow, I was overjoyed to experience this relief. I was shocked at how quickly food can alter your appearance. We really can look fabulous at any age. You are never to old to change. If you are considering a raw diet I would highly recommend this book. What are you willing to do to get healthy!!Thank you Markus for this phenomenal book!!
Lilac ~ Pawsitive Living
read the full review here-

Heal your life today ! It's spring time- come on !!!!


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