Before I reveal some big news, here is a video interview between me and Don Tolman

Don travelled 4 million miles across the earth, studied every sacred site, lived with the Maori, the aborigines etc, was one of the few people allowed to see secret scrolls in the Vatican and is a top expert on sacred geometry and conscious living. He is a walking encyclopedia of history and health.

He was such a threat to the AMA and FDA, he had to hide in New Zealand for several years because of the radical truths he was revealing about medicine and health. I'm not selling anything here- I'm just introducing you to a fascinating individual. He's one of the most humble and down to earth healers I have ever met.

Part One-
Part Two-
Part Three-
Part Four-

Here you can download the whole thing
for free as an audio MP3 file you can listen to on your ipod (total time 33 min)

Here is a video clip from the speech I gave at the Raw Spirit Fest in Washington. Especially watch the second half- that's where I really get going !

I talk about free raw food, reality check, connecting with what's real and what the most important thing of all is in life. You'll laugh and cry.


The only way you will know what it is, is to start listening to your heart and doing what it says, no matter how scary and new it may be. Trust me. Something very big is happening in the world and YOU are critical to it all. I am here to help inspire you to do it. Come on. The healing starts now.
That stuff you've been thinking about? DO IT ! NOW !!!

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