Cara Enema Water Bottle Kit

A natural rubber water enema bag kit.

A Note from Markus
Slow and gentle! Use filtered water only, and do not add anything to the water. Slightly warming it to your body temp makes it pleasant. Only insert the tip, not the hose! Adults use only; use a full bag of water.

Product Description

I can’t tell you how excited Cara and I got when we found this inexpensive, natural rubber enema kit from a company called Cara Incorporated! We took it as a sign to start offering it on the website. So here you go, no more excuses! Time to wash all that crap out. Headaches? Tired a lot? Low energy? Constipated? Cranky and depressed? Try this!

Markus recommends getting the Detox and Colon e-books (parts of our Health Condition Series) to learn more about healthy, natural detoxification.

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    Ree McLaughlin

    The enema is a life changer!


    After six months of my Cara enema bag sitting in the cabinet; I broke down this morning (after watching this video for the umpteenth time), and decided to give this a go. All I can say is I too am hooked. Why, why, why, did I wait so long? I felt so much better. In more ways than I can begin to describe. I just want to say thank you, Cara and Markus for your encouragement and healthful tips. I’m truly grateful!

    James Carmichael

    The first time I ever did an enema was when I had food poinsoning. I had bought a kit months before, and hadn’t had the courage to use it. Being in bed, very ill, for five days straight I thought now is a better time than any. I only got half the bag in the first time around, but felt instantly ten times better. My stomach pains almost went away, and my headache reduced to the point that I could get up walk around and do things. I haven’t looked back.


    I started enemas 1.5 years ago after watching Markus’ video on it. The positive results were immediate! (Feeling emotionally uplifted was one of them.) Enemas are permenantly in my health regimen now. It just makes sense.

    This kind of water bag is definitely hard to find. I first went to CVS, and the pharmacist snickered in disbelieve when I asked if they carried them. Never forgot that! I finally found an old-time medical supply store in the area that carried them.


    I started doing enemas four years ago, almost to the day, when I discovered Markus and got his book “Heal Yourself 101”. I can’t recommend both his books and enema bags highly enough!

    I began with a colon cleanse, followed by a parasite cleanse, and all the while using enemas to soak and flush out my system. I can’t even describe the changes in me. Going raw vegan and cleansing caused me to lose about 25 lbs (all fat) and clear my head as well. My energy and mood have been so vastly improved! I literally felt like a kid again. I know that sounds so cliché, and like an exaggeration, but it’s not. Aside from injuries, from a car accident, I was in the best shape of my life. I don’t know why anyone is embarrassed, or afraid, to do this. I was just ignorant to what an enema could, or would, do for me. I have no problem telling anyone that I do this. It’s just silly not to!

    Magdalena Rodriguez

    I finally did it! OMG, this is a real game-changer. I have seen the light! I eliminated so much junk from my body. I am so thankful for your video Cara. I don’t think I could have done this without your demonstration, you demystified the process. I am blessed to have your videos in my life!

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