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Everything you need to know on how to dramatically change your life and never get sick again. Many people who have done this have had dramatic results with everything from impotence to brain cancer. This isn’t a trendy fad diet, it’s an understanding on how to live the way we were designed. Explained in simple-to-understand language, this book gets straight to the point. You can change your life with simple things that cost almost nothing, right in your own home, starting immediately.

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    Inspiring! This book has helped me learn more about the human body and how nature intended us to live. This book definitely opened my eyes to a new perspective, and has helped me become a newer and better person as a result of following the information detailed in this book.


    Best purchase ever, Markus. Awesome read, “Heal yourself 101” and great customer service!

    Lori Darling

    Thank you so much Markus for giving us ur e-book for free. It’s one of the most informative, life-changing books I have ever read, and I’m an advid reader! Thanks Cara and Markus for all you do! We love you guys!

    Gunter Murach

    Dear Markus, now after your cleaning program with water fasting and lots of clysters, herbs, enzymes and probiotics etc, my blood picture this month was so good my doctor asked me what I did? All blood data was excellent and even the testosterone doubled from 3.5 to 8! This is incredible and I feel a lot better. My doctor said what ever you do, keep going. I’m really exited in how far I can become even better in all ways of life. Thanks again Markus for your incredible program back to nature, higher frequencies and to our source! God bless you! Best regards, Gunter

    Kristen Wilson

    This book absolutely changed my life and way of thinking. I could literally see real chemical-free results within 30 days! Even a brown spot on my hand has started to fade! Every little girl should be given this information on her 13th birthday. I wish I had been! Thanks, Markus!


    This is absolutely life transforming. Thousand times thanks! I am absorbing every detail/info like a sponge, and I know already deep inside that it is what I have been knowing and waiting for all my life. Now I feel ready for the transition.

    Knut Brunvoll

    Your book gave me way bigger tools to help myself and others than five years studying medicine! This is the real deal. For five years now I have had seminars after seminar with some of the most “intelligent” professors and every time I have confronted them, they go aggressively into defense mode. I hope I can wake up some cold Scandinavians here. You are making a bigger difference than you can imagine!!

    Tyrone F

    I love the e-book. Had an amazing raw breakfast this morning. I’m literally buzzing already (so much energy) and it’s still only around midday here! Thank you heaps, keep up the good work. -- Tyrone, Australia Gold Coast

    Lucy Vasquez

    This is by far the best raw book I have bought so far (I own about 20-30 of them now). I just cannot thank you enough. I am re-reading your e-book several times.

    Donna Earnest Pravel

    I just finished reading “Heal Yourself 101”. I just can’t imagine the years of self teaching that are contained within its pages. Absolutely phenomenal must read. I’m going to do it. All of it.

    Dorian Beatty

    I read your book. It’s really inspirational, it has changed my view on life. I started reading it and I couldn’t put it down. When I finished reading it, I was like high on life. Well done, Markus.

    Deborah Nelson Betty

    Just read your e-book “Heal Yourself 101”. It’s honest, reliable information that everyone should read and try to incorporate into their lives now!

    Kimberley Thames-Hancock

    My husband lost 2 1/2 inches in four days eating raw. I am so proud of him. Thanks Markus for being an inspiration to us.

    Heidi Ohlander

    The e-book rocks the big one. This book is going to inspire a lot of people.

    Jeff Quicke

    Makrus, I’m stunned! This book is incredibly beautiful! Thanks for sharing your wisdom my friend. You are incredible! It is still blowing my mind.

    Doug Hines

    Thank you for the work you are doing to transform the human race.

    Logan Obermine

    Markus, your e-book inspired me to start being a man and take action for my health instead of thinking it is out of my control. It has not only helped me hang in there but ascend to higher level. Thank you my man. You are my hero.

    Pontus Kristensson

    You bring great inspiration to this world, and set a might example of what quality of life anyone can achieve. Thank you!

    Eduard Valo

    Thank you for doing raw enlightenment. Most people don’t know what life is truly about because of the teachings of society. So someone has told them, and if they wanna change they will start to live. Thank you for saving the planet.

    Toryn Ideberg Everlove

    Wow! Awesome work! So inspiring! Yes! Thank you.

    Betty P

    I’ve got your e-book right after I’ve got the newsletter about it. It’s so great! I love it, it answers all my questions! Thank you for brining it forth to the world.

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