Dreamchaser: The Markus Rothkranz Autobiography

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Your dreams are YOURS- not theirs. Be inspired by this amazing story of a sickly, lonely, little boy who lived in the middle of nowhere and was beat up at school. When he finally started listening to the quiet voice whispering to his heart, he grew up and became unstoppable. Even after losing everything he had, including his health and all his money, he turned it all around, made a two million dollar movie and started changing the world.

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Image of my autobiography Dreamchaser.

There is always hope. Even when you have nothing left and are at the very bottom, you can rise to heights never before imagined. This true story shows how dreams can be achieved, no matter how many obstacles can be thrown your way. Even when it seems things are over, something happens that changes everything. What we call miracles are not just occasional random events. They happen all the time, and you can help them happen. All you need is purity of heart and the passion to be yourself, no matter what anyone else says.


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