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What wild and house plants are edible? What health conditions have they been historically used for? Which ones make a great shampoo and soap? Which ones are used for hair loss, eyesight, wrinkles, sexual desire? What common weed tastes better than spinach and makes a great food source? Which plant is great for arguing couples? You’ll be amazed at the endless uses for those wild plants outside!

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Image of my Edible Plant Guide.


Alex Grayson

I just received my Edible Plant Guide and I am utterly amazed at the scope and breadth of this book. I cannot imagine what it took to create this but I am in awe of its thoroughness. The photos and images for identification are of excellent quality, and while it is a hefty 479 pages and weighs 2 pounds, it's surprisingly compact. This makes it a perfect constant companion while learning the ins and outs of free food and medicine. I am deeply grateful for the hard work and love which went into making this and I am so glad I finally treated myself to a hard copy. This will serve me and my family for the rest of our lives, which I suspect will be longer thanks to this!


This book is well worth the money. I bought a copy for myself, my parents, my two sisters and some friends. Markus has put a lot of studying and hard work into it and it shows. Thanks Markus for making this book!

Kate Phillips

I just received your new edible plant guide today and wanted to tell you that i have a pile full of field guides and herbal plant books and this is the most well put together and beautiful book i’ve seen. your photos and inserts are hands down the best i have. i live in new mexico and am hard pressed to find anything great on desert plants. the desert section alone is a great help. the macro inserts and the flowers placed along side the leaf structures are really helpful with more thorough identification. i love the brief synopsis on the plant properties as it gives me a jumping off point for anything i want to go more in depth with. plus the book is small enough i can carry it in a backpack. great job, well worth the money and thanks for your efforts!

Arianne Bakker

I just want to tell you I feel so blessed having found your book Free food and Medicine. Thank you so much!!!


This book is the best edible plant book I have ever seen.


I give my son (with autism) Dandelion and Burdock root (juicing) almost everyday, he’s getting better and better.

Rhonda D

I just got my book.....love it!!!It is very detailed and explains the benefits of plants. Thanks Markus for all the hard work!!!


Spiritual Warrior training learning about the earth therefore myself. Special thanks to my friend Markus Rothkranz this book is an amazing compendium of the beauty of natures gifts. Best visual picture and field guide I’ve seen in 20 years!


This book might just save me money. Less trips to the grocery store. Thanks Markus!

Juanita Howell

I got my Free Food & Medicine book today!!!! It is so beautiful and chock-full of information. I’ve been reading it for a couple of hours. Wow. So much interesting things in it. I don’t know how you did it! Thank you so much. And, I read that you are going to have another book. Thank you again. The Free Food & Medicine book is worth so much to me.

Nancy Owens

Soooo very true!!!! We (talking about myself also) are out of touch with the EARTH!! All this Gentlemen has said is true! I have been consuming Dandelions for 4 months and WOW is all I can say! I am 50 and wish I had known this yrs. ago. I feel GREAT!! No more HIP PAIN, Skin is so soft, my feet look 20 again..REALLY!! There’s so much more they have done for me. Has changed my diet big time, makes fake food taste fake. I crave the good stuff now. If only more PEOPLE would listen. I got proof.


Just got my (Edible Plants Guide) book today I love It never really been so excited to use a book in my life, well since I was a kid . The picture are so beautiful and nice it like I’m back in elementary when they use to have those school book fairs and I use to go crazy and what all the pop up book and the ones that move...sorry got a little to happy there...but this book is a must buy just for all the reason Markus has explained. Get it.

Beth Cox

I have been to more doctors than I can count and tried more solutions than I can find. I just found out about you not to long ago and I was amazed that u were able to heal yourself with what I was trying to kill outside in my yard.

Ed Lover

Sonsa bitch, I have all those plants right outside in the back yard!

Jan Podolske

Love it Markus- I have un-aged lately. I love my wild weed (FOOD) foraging i do! Thanks! Yep!

Izzie Thizzlyn

Excellent You just wrote the most important and valuable book of all time!!! Thanks Markus!!!


I wish there were more field guides like this. Mushroom guides, bird guides, and insect guides could use much inspiration from this book as an example of how to create a good decent field guide. Unlike most edible wild plant field guides, the pictures of this book are absolutely outstanding. The very colorful and detailed pictures allow you to see clearly almost every distinct feature of a plant, and the major features of a plant are often magnified to allow you to see them closer. Not only that, but most of the pictures and the features of the plants in this book are against a white background. Most wild plant guides only feature photographs that are way too small for you to see the major features of a plant, or they contain only black and white pictures or line drawings, and most guides contain not any more than 400 plants. However, this book covers 1000+ of the most COMMON plants found around the world - both edible plants and toxic plants. A lot of the plants in this book are found in America, but SOME of them are from other countries and other regions of the earth, such as the tropics, rainforests, deserts and the sea. Each plant in this book is thoroughly described, and the edible parts of each plant is mentioned in this book. A few of the plants mentioned in this book also have a few other uses besides edibility, that are described. This book is also greatly organized. Some of the major sections of this book include plant basics, terminology, cultivated plants, preparing wild food, herbs, edible flowers, daisy like plants, plants from the desert, dandelion like plants, berries, trees, grasses, seaweeds, unbrella like plants, poisonous plants, diseases & conditions and what plants have historically healed them.

All the plants listed in the index are edible. You will not find any poisonous plants here. If you want to learn to identify the poisonous plants, Markus has a whole entire section on that written separately from the edible plants, featuring the most common poisonous plants. Because of the very colorful and magnified pictures, this book makes it very easy to identify wild plants, and I recommend this guide to any one interested in foraging, whether beginner or advanced.


I have researched and practiced gastrobotany for nearly 20 years. All of my books have black and white photos or sketches which forced me to rely heavily on text to identify species. Therefore, many times I was unable to absolutely and positively identify a plant. This book has removed much of that problem with it's great photos. For me, the photos are the greatest aspect of this book. I still rely on other books for a more complete description and prescription of plant use and methods of use. However, with that said, I now strongly rely on this book for the initial identification of a plant that I am not already familiar with.

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