Free Living 101 6 DVD Set

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Everything you need to live is within one mile of where you live. Garry Tibbo is living proof of this. He lives in a normal suburban home but doesn’t need a grocery store or even a job. He eats wild plants and makes money recycling. This is NOT a poverty lifestyle. Garry saved enough money to buy over seven hundred acres of forest and farm land in the country, where nature supplies enough abundance to feed, supply and heal the health conditions of anyone.

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Michael Angelica

The “Free Food and Medicine” and “Free Living 101” DVD sets are amazing films that have helped me reduce my own cost of living and can help anyone else as well. I will say that they are well worth so much more than the price that Markus sells them at. So, if you have been curious, then you really gotta check them out. They will open up your world dramatically.


Hung out with Garry for 4 days, started 2 weeks before on my own from the videos and my bleeding stopped. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Phil Falcone

My life long seasonal allergy problems started as a small child. Needles, testing, pills, inhalers, nose sprays, powders have never really worked. My use of an inhaler to breath was about 10 times a day. My seasonal allergy attacks would come about once every 10 days and literally knock me out of commission for most of the day. If I took the pills I would then be sleepy all day. Tissue boxes would be in high demand wherever I go along with my medicine bag.

At my mothers home where I try to visit every few weeks, her animals, carpets and who knows what, caused me to have a 100% chance of attack within a few hours of arrival. Every holiday I suffer just to visit my family. Then I read your amazing book. I tried my first enema just before leaving for a trip in early February to Florida. I noticed while I was there my breathing was terrific and naturally, I assumed it was the Florida weather. When I returned home I continued the enemas and the breathing continued to be just about perfect. Ten times a day on the inhaler dropped to one time a week. Sneezing 500 times a week dropped to 3.

By the end of February I started searching the Internet for a connection between enemas and allergies. I was shocked to learn there was a strong connection. Why did no doctor tell me this in 35 years of suffering? As I write this email on May 20, I can announce I am cured. This morning there was so much pollen on my car I had too use the windshield wipers just to see. No allergy attacks of any kind since Florida. No need to use an inhaler or any breathing issues to speak of. No problems at my mothers home at all. My doctor thinks I am crazy but I am learning how little they really know. I have purchased all your products, read all your books and follow your every video. I also tell everyone who listens to follow you as I do. I want to thank you for changing my life and teaching me that being healthy is in my hands.

Pavel Vahara

Absolutely amazing workshop!!! Worth every second of your life to watch!!

Mary N

I just wanted to thank you for your information. I have suffered with a red face for 5 years. I was eating horrible things, and no medication helped or anything. I got the “Free Living 101 DVD”. It changed me. I started eating dandelions, and my face started to clear up. I just want to thank you so much! I never thought I’d be pretty again. The fat is just falling off my body and I wake up happy everyday! I love eating dandelions! I have never felt more alive in my life. In my 20s I felt like a 90 year old woman. Now in my 30s I feel 19 again! I never thought I’d get my health back! Thank you again! Now I feel like I can go on stage and sing before I had no energy.

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