Instructions for a New Life

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This is the definitive, step-by-step book on starting over from a life of confusion, desperation, pain and emptiness. So many people are unhappy in today’s world because they’re caught in a cycle of just trying to survive, and end up doing things they really don’t want to do to pay for things they really don’t want. They seek comfort in the wrong foods, wrong relationships, wrong jobs and destructive habits, just so they can make it another few hours. People everywhere are feeling a great emptiness, alone in a vast world with little direction or meaning.

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Image of my Instructions for a New Life book.

This book is the trumpet call for a new life, one with meaning and purpose. People want to be wanted. They want to be needed and appreciated. This can be fulfilled by having something to offer the world. Greatness comes from inner strength to make a difference in the world, no matter what it takes. “Instructions for a New Life” starts with letting go of all the old thought patterns, destructive habits, relationships and material things we cling to. It teaches us not to fear loss by finding an inner peace that transcends our paranoid thoughts, and then cleanse our life and body, literally, through mind and body detoxing and proper diet. Markus is known the world over for showing people how to heal themselves of almost anything, at home, for almost no money, simply by eating what nature intended, and letting go of negativity and fear. This book has step-by-step instructions, recipes and explanations.

Now with a new body and mind, we need a purpose. Everyone is here for a reason. Every person that’s ever changed history had the courage to follow their personal inner voice, despite the odds against them. Some started with nothing but a loincloth and ended up changing the world. This is our birthright. It is our destiny. This book will change your life.

It finally answers the ageless question- What are we, and why are we here? If you want the answer, here it is. Your life is about to change forever.


Daniel Simon

Should be part of the fundamental school curriculum a discipline called LIFE, and use as a guidebook Markus' book “Instructions For A New Life”. I recently received my hard copy and after reading this, I thought “Oh my goodness, I wish I had read this book 25-30 years ago.” Even at my age it made a very positive change in my life! If you are young, stick to this wise man and pave your way to your personal fulfillment!

The Other Side

I bought the book, “Instructions For A New Life” and it was, honestly, the best book I have ever read. Thank you Markus for being a man of integrity.

Jackie Hofs

I read this lil jewel twice this summer, laying out on my blanket, taking in precious sunlight. Time to read it again! Can’t expect to perfect anything taught in an instruction manual with a single read, can we now?

Zosia Karolina

It changed my life!

Lorenzo Juarez

Even though I was a bit skeptical and ran into some conflict with you on Instructions For A New Life - after many years of research and seeking the TRUTH, I can honestly say NOW, with 1000 percent confidence, HOLY COW YOU WHERE RIGHT. It’s funny how I went searching everywhere to find out what life was about and I truly believe God had given me the answer through your books but I was just to hard headed to listen. Three years ago I read all of your materials and the last three years I have spent only CONFIRMING what you said to be true, trust me I've gone through so many sources, some of which were traditional and others out of the box, only to find out AGAIN and AGAIN ON ALL FRONTS - WTF Markus Rothkranz was RIGHT!

You are my hero and I love you, please don’t ever change who you are! So many of us appreciate you for everything you do and how you do it - your life is a blessing to us all!

Denise Gelsimino

Four years ago I was a broke single mom facing homelessness. I stumbled upon one video by Markus and it was like a defibrillator for my life. I worked 3 miserable jobs and spent my cable tv money on several of Markus&8217;s books. The tv was turned off and suddenly my life was turned on. I am now remarried,live in a beautiful home, never have to work if I don’t want to and most important, I try to share life and happiness with others. Markus and Cara may look like living Ken and Barbie dolls but if you listen and practice what they share your life will change for the better

Caleb B

Instructions for a new life is literally the best book I’ve ever read. My whole extended family wants to get a copy. I’m on page 84 and I’m already changed! When I started chapter 9, I was like YES hit the nail on the head. Gotta clean out my old MySpace pics too.

Penny Lee

Congrats Markus! Just finished reading my copy today “Instructions for a New Life” interesting and could not put it down...I’m carrying it around in my purse for a REREAD. I highly recommend everyone to get a copy asap...have a great day!

Joe Ross

Great book. I bought two. One for my daughter and one for me. After I read mine. I let a co-worker read it. After she had it for a week I saw it and it was all ruffled up with post-its sticking out everywhere. She told me it was just what she needed to hear after thinking life had no meaning. I told her to keep it as long as she wanted. I may need to buy a third book.

Samer Halabi

What can I say? You changed my life. I wish I read your books long long time ago. Your last book is perfect. Piece of art, just like your painting.

Paul Nix

Just bought your new book and about a third of the way through - as always, AMAZING!!! Just what I need at this point in life “Had a long divorce, hating my job at the moment, money is tight etc” so really needed this. It just feels right, THANK YOU!!


Your intro to the book...very well put. Amazing words. Hit a chord. Brought tears to my eyes. Almost afraid to read the book. But I have the book now... so I look forward to the read. Thank you sincerely!

Wildwood Kenya

I’m about 1/2 way through this book and WOW. It has been a major eye opener. I am so thankful for you Markus! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

Myriam Azgour

Love the size of the book. It fits in my pocket book bag perfectly. Thank you. Hugs!

Irma Romano

I just read it and will read it again. Thank you for creating such a wonderful book of wisdom and love. It’s priceless. Freedom for yourself and others is the key to happiness.

Penny Chapson

Just finished reading my copy today- so interesting I could not put it down. . . I’m carrying it around in my purse for a REREAD. I highly recommend everyone get a copy ASAP!


Markus, you sexy beast. I’m sitting here reading this book, “Instructions for a New Life”- and it’s blowing me away. Thank you for writing this thing. I never knew how I could live in true happiness until recently. Giving love and living light like a butterfly have got to be the simplest truth ever, but I can feel that it’s, well, TRUE! I’m going to share the word! Not having to worry any more is pretty damn awesome. The time is now! Much love, much peace!

Swaha Salam

It is not a Book. It is a total Hook! Can’t get my eyes away, even for a short break. Three words to sum it up: Wow! Sh*t! God! Brain Freeze ---> Heart Smile :-)

Monika Kasprzak

Hi Markus I just got your newest book and I LOVE IT completely, the portable size to have with me all the time to bring a good perspective on life. It is well organized into bite size chapters with specific points making it ideal to read in any order and just focus on one thing per day. THANK YOU!!!

Ringo Rodriguez

“Instructions for a New Life” is a must have.

Ali Sharifzadeh

Hi Markus, I am reading your new e-book, instructions for a new life and really thankful to you for writing this book it fills the necessary parts for the complete transformation of mind body/spirit in many levels. I have read all other books that you have written and benefited very much and this books covers other necessary uncovered horizons. Thank you.

The RP Experience

Hey Marcus I’ve read a few of your books and they’re all great, but this one is by far the best. Thank you for this priceless knowledge.

Robert Dorna

Instructions for a New Life is the greatest book ever written.Seven days ago I started your vegetable juice fast with some granny smith apples along with taking your Parasite Free. Thank You For Saving My Life. Markus Go Bless You!

Stan Efraimov

I've just finished reading "Instructions for a New Life", and it’s as if you were actually looking into my soul. It was a bizarre yet amazing read. Thanks for this! I’ve always been curious to know why certain people in my life wouldn't support me or even talk to me as much as I would to them but now I know.

Cecile -Denmark

You have helped me change my life in ways I never thought possible. I am now more free than so far in my life. And words just cannot thank you enough, my heart is filled with gratitude! You are a shinning star that makes others shine and thank you so much for the work you do for this planet.

Brigette Gray

My favorite book of all time!

Leslie Garland

This book is up there with all the other metaphysical, motivational and inspirational works of arts by Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Harv Eker, The Hiphop Preacher, Les Brown, Anthony De Mello, Oprah Winfrey, Jewel Diamond Taylor, and many more. I like it because Markus is frank and to the point. He has taken out the fluff, fillers, and binders and has gotten to the core nitty-gritty to the secret of a successful living in the here and candid a lot of people aren't going to want to hear it...It is such a great humorous read that I have my fourteen year old son read it before he let's his hormones take control :) Well, either do the work now or later but effectually you will have to do the can get over on man but you can not get over on the Universe! I Highly recommended this book and other works by Markus for people who want to have it all!!!: the best of health, wealth, relationship and spirit....You will learn to laugh, live and love...


This book will snap you out of the Matrix and all the ideas you have been programmed with. You will hear your Inner Child wake up and begin to hope for the life they dreamed about. You will feel the truth in your body. You will be given the simple tools to begin your new path listening to your higher self. You will feel a knowing, and a peace that you can create the life experience of your dreams.


Right now at this specific moment, I am just thinking how I can offer this treasure to everybody. I feel so good and better after reading this book. And eager to follow my dreams. In three words: I feel good. Thanks to Markus to help us open our eyes and go deep inside us and understand that we are free free to do what we want they way we want it, and not follow what society conditioned us to do for so long. God bless.

K. bui

I actually own every single book of Markus Rothkranz. I read Heal Your Face first and then checked out all this other books and kept on buying. Markus is very unique and his information is fascinating and presented in his humorous “stop your bullsh**, its time to get real” kind of style. I really like the way he speaks and writes and every book is an entertaining read and enlightening. I highly recommend, he is one of my top favorite authors. I will definitely read any book this human dynamo puts out. Very inspiring and spiritual.

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