New Products by Markus Rothkranz

Click to learn about my heart formula.
Heart Formula

Heart health is VITAL obviously and with all the stress, improper sleep and animal products being consumed, everyone’s heart needs some loving help. Your heart keeps you alive, so drink lots of water, eat right, exercise, get proper rest and help keep things running with this wonderful formula.

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Click to learn about our reformulated Green Formula.
Green Formula

The most nutrition-packed green formula anywhere, inspired by the power of wild plants which are hundreds of times more powerful. Take this super fuel as many times a day as you want. It’s so powerful, you can use it as a meal replacement. Great for all-day energy and weight loss. Read the list of rare ingredients and what they do.

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Herbal Vitamin-C 300g


Vitamin C is the most important healing vitamin of all. It’s powers are legendary, but most vitamin C sold in stores is synthetic absorbic acid made in a lab. This vitamin C is 100% powdered plants - the highest sources of vitamin C in the world, including extremely rare Gubinge, harvested by tribal people in Australia. Nothing else comes close.

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Markus Sweet

The healthiest, non-fattening sweetener in the world! Zero calories, zero glycemic, zero insulin response, zero side effects! Great for diabetics. Tastes and used just like sugar. Simply Amazing.

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Click to learn about my new Wild Berry alternative sweetener.
Nature’s Wild Berry (Ledidi)

Chewing just half of one of these magical berries for 30 seconds before eating or drinking can make even the worst, nastiest, bitter, sour herbs or green drinks taste amazing. Great for cleanses where sweet stuff is not allowed.

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Click to learn about my new GreenPro-C.

My three main Wild Force products: Greens, Super Plant Protein, and Herbal Vitamin C, and pre-mixed together. Everything you need for the day. A 2 lb bag is a 15 day supply.

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Click to learn about my kidney cleansing formula.
Body Force Kidney Formula

Kidneys filter all the blood in your body every hour. Keeping them clean is critical otherwise it’s like blocking a superhighway. A 6 oz jar of powdered Kidney Formula equals a one month supply.

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Click to learn about my enema water bottle kit.
Enema Water Bottle Kit

Headaches? Tired a lot? Low energy? Constipated? Cranky and depressed? Time to wash all that crap out! Try my new, natural rubber enema kit to get a fresh and clean start. Works great whether or not you’re on a detox!

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