Raw Vegan Muscle 3 DVD Set

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Only working out twice a week! Eating half what other people do. Amazing energy and abs. The benefits of a meat-free bodybuilding diet are not just looking good, big muscles, more energy and possibly never getting sick again, but how about better relationships? This is the way nature intended us to live. Yes, you can be strong and healthy at the same time! Find out how these people look like this, yet they eat less and only work out two or three times a week! Forget all those bodybuilding supplements; eat the way nature intended!

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Image of my Raw, Vegan Muscle DVD.

Why Men Like it:
  • Gorilla strength, naturally cut up and ripped
  • A lot less time in the gym (workout only 2-3X a week)
  • Shorter workouts (less than 1 hour)
  • Eat half as much
  • More energy
  • Sleep less
  • Faster recovery, no achy stiff joints
  • Serious health and anti-aging benefits
Why Women Like it:
  • No more nasty ammonia body odor
  • Not as aggressive, dominating, or controlling
  • Easier to get along with
  • Eats half as much
  • No animals have to die anymore to feed him
  • Sleep less
  • Not as tired
  • More spiritual



Wade was not a muscular guy when he was young and had lots of trouble trying to gain weight and size. Like Nick, he tried the meat and dairy approach, but found that the raw vegan lifestyle was so much better for so many reasons. He became a professional competition bodybuilder and even made it to the Mr. Universe contest. Wade is a ball of energy poster boy for living the ultimate clean healthy life.


The Las Vegas cab driver eating only 6 dollars a day. Danny is the most humble sweet guy you’ll ever meet, strictly adhering to his desire to not kill animals for food. Not being able to afford supplements or any kind of bodybuilding powders, Danny eats only raw fruits, nuts, vegetables and seeds... that’s it! He only works out twice a week, eats very little, yet is able to build a body to be proud of.


Nicknamed “Nature Boy” since childhood, Nick was a vegetarian raw foodist most of his life, except for a few years where he tried meat and dairy to see what the fuss was all about. A small skinny kid in school, Nick became a world class bodybuilder in the 1970s and has been huge ever since. Personal experience proved to Nick that he was right all along- nothing compares to a raw natural non-meat diet.


Working at a natural food co-op in Newark, Delaware, Nature Love (yes that’s his real name) has dedicated his life to living as natural and simple as possible. He has no cell phone, no computer and will not get on an airplane. He works out three days a week and eats only raw fruit, greens, vegetables, and seeds. No meat, dairy, or cooked foods. Despite his great physique, he eats less than half of what normal people eat.


Born with a weak immune system and almost dying at 27, Markus went on a journey of discovery and rebuilt himself with raw food and cleansing. Now Markus is flown all over the world to speak in front of thousands and inspire people to a new healthier, natural way of living, reverse aging and never getting sick again. Strength is not just physical muscles, but comes from within. Each person in this video is a beautiful example of that.

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