To the Ends of Time

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This is the epic movie Markus made in 1994 that played in theaters all over the world. It’s a romantic storybook fantasy with flying ships, castles above the clouds and a love story that transcends time. A film for the whole family starring Christine Taylor, Sarah Douglas, Tom Schultz and Joss Ackland. Newly remastered 92 min DVD.

Made in 1994 for the price of a TV commercial, this movie shows what’s possible when someone puts their heart into something. Markus Rothkranz not only created, wrote and directed this movie, but also hand built over 300 miniature models, designed the costumes, sets and even worked the camera on many of the shots. The undertaking of this film is epic. It had an army of knights on horseback riding through Death Valley, epic battle scenes with major pyrotechnics and stunts, lots of exotic animals, and a soundtrack made by a philharmonic orchestra and a 100 man choir. This is before digital effects and computers. Truly a work of the heart, “To the Ends of Time” speaks deeply to us about how short our lives really are.

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The inspiring, true story of how Markus made his own 2.5 million dollar fantasy motion picture.

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