Wild Force Markus Sweet

A natural sugar substitute and zero-calorie sweetener available in powder only.

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A Note from Markus
Try not to look for ways to consume only sweet foods all the time- a healthy natural diet is less sweet. Bitter things are important and needed for proper digestion, nutrient assimilation and liver health. Although there are no side effects, this product is intended as a healthy alternative transition food from too many unhealthy sweet foods to a natural less-sweet diet.

Made from Lohan Guo Monkfruit and Erythritol, a natural alcohol sugar found in the human body made from non-gmo plant sources. It was discovered in 1848 and been tested ever since with no side effects whatsoever. It’s an all-natural product that’s even found in the human body. It’s actually classified as an anti-oxidant that fights free radicals! It passes right through the body without being absorbed, and has no effect on the gastrointestinal tract: no gas, no diarrhea, nothing except a sweet taste on your tongue! It tastes like brown sugar with a hint of caramel. Zero calories, zero glycemic! Does not raise blood sugar or insulin! Great for diabetics. Does not feed Candida or yeast! Does not cause digestive distress like xylitol, sorbitol, etc. Won’t create weight gain. Great for low-carb diets, and light years better tasting than Stevia.

“Is this sweetener safe for Children?”
Yes, but do not train your child to only want sweets. He or she needs to learn to appreciate the importance of a balanced, healthy diet including bitter foods for proper digestion, nutrient assimilation, and liver function.

“Is this sweetener safe for Dogs?”
Surprisingly, yes. Here is a published scientific study.

“Can this sweetener be used for baking and cooking?”
Yes it can be used like normal sugar. I do not advocate baking anything though. High heat kills the life force and enzymes in food, which is a major factor in today’s illnesses. Get our “Love on a Plate: The Gourmet UnCookbook” for amazing healthy versions of your favorite meals and desserts that have not been heated over 118F, 45C, using a dehydrator instead of an oven.

  • Ingredients (tap to expand) Ingredients (click to expand)
    Lohan Guo Monkfruit and Erythritol

    A natural alcohol sugar from non-gmo corn. It passes right through the body without being absorbed, and has no effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

    About our Ingredients

    All herbal formulas from Markus Products are non-GMO, organic or sustainable, and wildcrafted. “Sustainably wildcrafted” means harvested by hand, from virgin wilderness far from civilization. For example: pine needles from Shasta, California, Mallow and Lambsquarters from Durango, Colorado, and Gubinge Kakadu Plum harvested by tribal natives in the Australian outback. We go out of our way to get you the most pristine, rare, pure herbs possible, no matter the cost! No herbs are from China, all products are assembled/packaged here in America in an FDA-approved facility.

  • Reviews (tap to expand) Reviews (click to expand)
    David Buskirk

    Happy new year! We just got your Markus sweet and not only is it a great bargain it tastes really good and has a nice texture! Other monk fruit sweeteners have a weird after taste and are a lot more expensive. I tested my blood sugar after using it and as promised it had zero effect on raising it. I can add it to my matcha tea during fasting! This is really going to help us avoid sugar in the new year. I can't thank you enough!

    Jasmine V

    To me this tastes sooooo much better than normal sugar. Thanks for creating this!

    Sherry R

    I purchased my first order of Marukus Sweet a few weeks ago and I was very impressed. I have hot tea in the morning with honey and just to ween myself off of the honey I am putting 1/2 honey and 1/2 Markus Sweet. I am really enjoying it. When I do have a cup of coffee (which is not very often) I use the Markus Sweet 100% instead of coconut sugar. There is no reason to use sugar any longer! I am ready to order my second bag.


    Thank you so much, Markus, for this product! I just received it two days ago in my big order of wonderful Markus products. It seriously does taste better than sugar! It’s really really good! I mainly ordered it for my boyfriend who is type 2 diabetic. I’ve been trying to get him to eat healthier for years as I have been into natural foods for most of my life. Every morning, he drinks coffee and puts Splenda in it. Yuck! That and all artificial sweeteners are so toxic! He didn’t like the taste of Stevia, either. Well, two days ago, he said to me, “I tried some of that Markus Sweet...” and I asked, “Did you like it?” He then got a big smile on his face and said, “It’s so good!” Yesterday, he threw his Splenda in the trash. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Today he said the Markus Sweet in his coffee will take some getting used to since his tastebuds are so corrupted from what he’s used to having, but he said he’s never buying Splenda again and he wants to keep using your product. Hooray! He also started taking your vitamin C. I bought a bunch of your products to share with him, so I expect to see a positive change in his health and mine, too, of course! Oh, yeah, he also told me he doesn’t want to eat meat anymore! I’ve been showing him your videos so thank you for those! We really enjoy watching you and Cara! Keep up the great work! <3 <3 <3

    Tracey V

    Your sweetener is OMG out of this world - you just solved my sweet tooth problem! All I need to do is dampen my finger and take a dip - I don’t need chocolate, thought I did - it’s the sweet - I just had it in herbal tea and it made it so much better!

    Shellia M

    Just received my order of Markus Sweet. Thank You, Markus, for a fabulous product. It tastes so good; I am glad I have it on autoship. I know this will be the only sugar I will be using from now on; it is better than sugar.

    Sandra Williams

    I just received my order of Marku Sweet and Prebiotic Fiber. I couldn’t wait to taste the MarkusSweet, so I just stuck my finger in. Oh my goodness, it is delicious! Tastes like a desert all by itself. I’ve been diagnosed with hypoglycemia, and I think this may be my answer to my prayers. Thank you so very much, Markus. You are changing my world for the better!

    Joseph Guatemala Imports

    Wow! Ordered the sweetener, which was super inexpensive, and it arrived in two days. Absolutely-amazing product. Before I purchased the sweetener, I looked up erythritol which sold me to try it. This stuff is just as sweet as sugar, and better tasting. Same texture as sugar too. Great stuff!

    Karen Sousa

    Markus, your sugar is amazing! I put it in my coffee and could not tell it wasn’t sugar. So happy with it! I had two friends try it and they are buying it now! Best stuff ever! Thank you!

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