Sea Moss Seaweed Collagen

A raw and organic skin, hair and thyroid supplement.

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A Note from Markus
Each bag of sea moss is pulled by hand from the ocean, which means our Sea Moss will vary greatly in color. Rest assured, that each bag contains the same super high nutritional benefits.

Not intended for infants or pets.

Seaweeds are really high in minerals, protein, iodine and this one in particular helps plump up your skin and food. This is the real stuff, and it’s good for you. (Watch the videos!) Don’t use Irish Moss powder or flakes because it’s been cooked dry in an oven and doesn’t have the great qualities anymore that this fresh stuff does. Not only can you make beautiful desserts with this, but your skin, hair, and thyroid will thank you.

Carageenan, a common thickener made from a sister plant, is not the same as our Sea Moss (Irish Moss) in its natural state. Carrageenan is a chemically extracted isolate that can cause intestinal inflammation in some people. But not our raw Sea Moss. Nothing beats things in their natural state! While this product is in the Irish Moss family, it is a different species (Gracilaria) than commercial Irish Moss and contains absolutely no “bad” carrageenan. This is what Markus and Cara use daily, and thousands of customers have reported amazing results. Our Sea Moss is sold in 1 lb (16 oz / 430g) bags, with usage instructions included, and is even Kosher! Expands to four times its size when wet. So it’s advisable to not use it all at once! The gel will keep in the refrigerator for several weeks. Unused, raw sea moss can be stored in a cupboard or fridge for several months. Please see our Sea Moss FAQs for more information.

Markus recommends getting the Hair and Skin e-books (parts of our Health Condition Series) to learn more about getting a natural, healthy glow.

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    Cynthia Rodriguez

    Anastasiia Fedorenko

    Sea moss is a real miracle! I am on my second bag and I already can tell! Period, nails, hair fulness, joints - these are the things that manifest, but how much benefit is happening deeper than that? At first, it tasted pretty bad, but the next day my body was screaming, “give me more of this substance!” And it ended up tasting better to me just because my body liked it so much. Washed and soaked it looks so cute - I call it my alien haha. The only thing I cannot succeed in with it is to make it into a jelly (I probably add too much H2O), but I don’t care, I store it in a whole form in water that I replace every day and rinse the alien daily until it runs out. My favorite recipe is alien, plus juice of 2 limes, plus lime zest, plus frozen raspberries, plus cacao, plus flax seeds. I am not a fan of sweet, cloying recipes with Irish moss, so I don’t add any sweetener to such smoothie. I want to experiment with more savory recipes with it. I know in Carribean it is eaten inside the vegetable salads with vinegar dressing.

    Bumble Bee

    It works so well! I had to quit coffee, triggered anxiety attacks. I feel ten times better. That formula is exactly the way to start your day! Green Formula and the Irish Sea Moss are my two favorite products. A tiny bit of gelled moss gives my smoothies such a creamy texture.

    Cynthia Rodriguez

    I took your sea moss for three days and my bones don’t hurt when I get out of my bed anymore. I just have to consistently take the sea moss every day to keep that up. Thanks!

    Cory Emmons

    Thank you! I use it everyday! I can totally tell a difference in my skin and nails! You guys are awesome! Blessings!

    Tres Spa

    I love this product! I have been buying my Sea Moss from Markus for a couple of years now and I would not want to live without it. I can literally see the difference in my hair when I back slide so I try to get 3 TBLS or more a day. I’m not sure how I am supposed to eat it but I know I need it everyday so I came up with some tricks. I make mine a bit runny so I can use it as my dressing on my salad along with apple cider vinegar and avocado - best salad dressing ever! I’ll also mix it with cilantro and spice and bit of chopped tomato and onion for a salsa (adding avocado or vegan cashew cheese makes a creamy salsa).

    Stephanie Callahan

    I’m obsessed with this stuff! It’s helping heal, and seal, my leaky gut.

    Cherub C

    Thanks Cara and Markus! I am on my second bag of Irish sea moss and cannot get enough of it. I have been making cultured nut yogurts -- adding Mexican spices and sea moss to thicken for dips and the base for my lettuce wraps. Also great in raw chocolate pudding and salad dressings. I am so blessed by the time and energy you both expend in helping us to become independent and healthy. Very generous of you! Love also your Love on a Plate book! Wonderful to help the transition period. Hope you will do another book with recipes that have a lot of the sea moss and ones that do not resemble traditional food. Love this one but a second would make it really complete. You look younger every time I see you. Blessings!

    Sea Michael Franklin

    I love your sea moss and it is sooooo great for my hair and skin!


    I made the almond cheese with this, it was fun!


    The original smell is the briny smell of the ocean. The rinsed sea moss looses that smell, so I hope that viewers who have not tried this amazing food will order some and add it to their smoothies and make the amazing raw cheese, desserts and mousse that use Irish moss as an ingredient. Cara, thank you for revisiting this healing food! Wishing you the best as you transition to your new home. I am eating more raw food daily. My body is now reacting to cooked food. There is an energetic, “Ugh!” that happens when I eat cooked food. Whereas my body says, “Oooh! Hydration!” as I eat salads and drink smoothies Markus and Cara, thank you for your work!

    Ian Holla

    How do more people not know about this healing miracle food? Just made a chocolate protein “pudding” (vegan, no added fat) with 2.5 Tbsp sea moss gel and my nervous system feels soooo chill. The “cheese” tastes like that really good gourmet herb cream cheese you can buy (I put some on raw crackers). Made a face mask and it was so soothing to my face. I can’t wait to use this stuff daily. I made a full mason jar full of gel and two containers of herb cheese, and gave some of both to a friend, and barely put a dent in the package Markus sells. For the price this is completely a no brainer. Get it and use it! Amazing.


    I’ve been using this stuff for years in my smoothies. It’s also great for eliminating menstrual pain.

    Kayla C

    Thanks for bringing us such great, effective health food products Markus!

    Anastasia Sharpe

    Honestly, one of the most amazing products. Truly the best, and you can eat it and wear it too. I swear it’s kind of fun while I had the Sea Moss soaking. My roommate and his friend were circling the bowl, and my roommate shows his friend the bag it came in and showed him how I barely made a dent in the original packaging. Just like two curious boys, they had to touch it, taste it, pull one piece out, and see how it actually resembles a rubbery sea weed. I think my roommate is dipping in the Green Formula and Vitamin C. I’ve told him to feel free to take a couple of heaping tablespoons of the Sea Moss. These are the best products ever. I’m so glad I do not need to look any further for any of my nutritional needs. One stop shopping for me at!

    Stephanie Meyer

    I’ve been eating Sea Moss daily thanks to your book, Heal Yourself 101. I detoxed so much radiation that I actually looked radioactive and had a radiation glow coming off my skin! It was crazy. Now that the detox is behind me, I feel more vibrant and clear headed then I’ve felt in years!

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