Nature’s Wild Berry

A natural, herbal supplement available in capsules or powder.

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A Note from Markus
This product is sold at cost. No profit is made on this item. All weights and quantities are approximate!

Supplied by Cara’s son, Juliano, Nature’s Wild Berry makes anything taste great! This is revolutionary for nasty green drinks and bitter herbs. Simply chew one half of this freeze-dried berry for 30 seconds, and everything you eat or drink for the next half hour tastes heavenly sweet. It makes biting into a lemon taste like the sweetest lemonade and the most bitter herbs or green drink taste like dessert.

This is the missing link for anyone about to embark on a serious cleanse of nothing but green drinks or the 3 month parasite cleanse, where no sugar or sweets should be consumed. Normally, bitter green drinks with sugar added still taste like bitter mixed with sugar, but the ledidi berry totally nukes the taste buds with a wow factor. Go ahead, make the worst tasting stuff you can imagine (which is usually the healthiest). The more bitter, the stronger the cleanse. The sweet taste is only on the taste-buds, the rest of the body gets the benefit of the bitterness. Remember- bitter things are what have the strongest healing effects because they cleanse and stimulate the liver and digestion. So your body is getting its much needed bitter herbs, but you are tasting sweet! There is no sugar being released, so no insulin is affected. Great for diabetics! Requires acid to activate, like lemon juice or apple cider vinegar added to food. Most effective with sour or tart foods.

Markus recommends getting the Detox and Liver e-books (parts of our Health Condition Series) to learn about healthy, natural detoxification, which the Wild Berry can play a part in.

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    How do I use Nature’s Wild Berry?

    Make sure you don’t have food in your mouth, especially covering your tongue. Chew the berry for 30 seconds, moving the pulp around your tongue. Swallow, and enjoy your new taste for 20 to 40 minutes!

    How does it work?

    As you chew, a glycoprotein in the berry’s pulp binds to your taste buds. Now the part of your tongue that interprets anything sour, tart, or acidic switches the flavor to a sweetness 400,000 times sweeter than sugar.

    What does it taste like?

    Nature’s Wild Berry is a little sweet with a hint of sour. Some people say it tastes like a grape, others say a kiwi.

    What can you do with Nature’s Wild Berry?

    We’re excited because there’s so much this berry can do to help people. When your body is tricked into thinking sour things taste sweet, you’re able to enjoy the delicious new flavor, without actually having to digest or process any glucose (sugar). Sweetness without a sweetener: we see it as a great tool for people trying to get healthy or who already are!

    How long does the effect last?

    Everyone’s taste buds are different, but usually it lasts around 15 minutes to an hour.

    How long will Nature’s Wild Berry last in an unopened bag?

    Nature’s Wild Berry is best if used within two years of purchase however, if kept in its sealed container, the potency can last up to 15 years!

    How many calories does each berry have?

    Less than one calorie.

    How much sugar does each berry have?

    Less than one gram.

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    Lisa D

    These berries are truly amazing! I have been mostly raw now for three years, but this last year I have been all raw, actually only eating every other day. I still have two swollen lymph nodes in my neck that are rock hard. I got them down about 70%. You and Cara have really helped me through my crazy journey, and wanted to say thank you. And now you have made my detox incredibly easy with these berries! I have been making incredible dishes! Thanks again for all you do! I know it can’t be easy helping all these broken souls. You two are truly angels. Love and peace!

    Tiffany and Angelo

    These amazing berries are helping to transform my health! With them, I’ve been having a super-charged green smoothie (with several of your powders plus fresh greens, aloe vera, and cactus leaf) every morning. Thank you so much!

    Lindsey Matthews

    This Wild Berry product is great! I bought it to try and make Free-Liver and Free-Colon more tolerable, and it worked! I used Free-Liver, 1-2 teaspoons of lemon juice in water, and voila! It tastes way more tolerable than before! I finally can start using the cleansing products again with confidence, since I will be immune to the usual taste! I need to have these berries at hand at all times!

    Jackie Umphrey

    Okay, I bought it and tried it. Wow! Lemon really does taste like lemonade! I ate an onion, crazy! Apple cider vinegar is more tolerable!

    Veronica Maldonado

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Nature’s Wild Berry! I was really thinking of quitting my juice fast the day these came in the mail. I absolutely love these magical berries! Thank you!

    Vicky Rafael

    How amazing are these berries? So incredible!


    These things are amazing! I can throw my bitter melon, aloe vera, cactus and leafy greens in with some sort of citrus and tolerate my health tonic. I wouldn’t be without this. Thank you!

    Mona-Britt Folds

    These berries helped my husband transition to more bitter greens. He used to take one swallow of the bitter green smoothies I made and then refuse the rest. After taking these berries a few times, his taste buds eventually changed and now he can drink them without doing the berries and without gagging. A little goes a long way. I still have over 1/2 jar left from when I purchased it from you last year.


    I threw together what I had left in the fridge today. Two bundles of cilantro, one bundle of parsley, one small box of baby kale, a small handful of turmeric, one organic Lemon with the rind, a few tablespoons of Irish moss, three tablespoons of garlic powder (I was feeling crazy) two celery sticks. Some Vitamin-C and Green Formula.

    I thought no way is this going to taste good but three tablespoons of garlic powder is one hell of a mine field testing ground for this berry. Obstacle course cleared. I drank the whole damn thing. An entire Vitamix full of the above. I let it sit on my tongue. I swished it around. I gulped it down. I couldn’t believe it. Repeat. I can’t explain what kind of berry it tastes like but it’s a great tasting berry. It’s mind blowing. Revolutionary, from a health perspective. It’s been very difficult to be consistent for myself starting out on greens. The more I eat great foods, the more I crave them but it takes a while to get there. I’ve noticed the healthier I get the more I crave bitter foods but there are some days where it’s a grind. This is amazing though. It really opens doors for me. More people should know about this.

    I highly recommend you give this a try. It’s much more then I expected it to be. I can see myself traveling with these berries and making green smoothies on the run. I had given up on that as an option because of the extra work in making something that actually tastes half decent. This frees up my time on the road and keeps me green.

    Caylie Fuller

    Late comment, but I just received my Miracle Berry from Markus’ website! I made the most repulsive, stinky, bitter green smoothie and I actually enjoyed it! My mother, who hates fruits and vegetables, enjoyed it too and said it taste like sweet green tea.

    Maria Baulos

    Oh my word. I made the the lemonade as you mentioned in your video. I chewed on the 1/2 berry. Poured me a glass of the lemonade and I was stunned. I haven’t had lemonade because of the sugar. This is fabulous! It’s better than lemonade that one puts sugar in. Wow! Thank you!

    Avi Fine

    Oh, man! I just tried the lemon thing! This was unbelievably good. I drank it down right away, and had to laugh at how sweet it was and have so much energy too. I’ll have to try it with dandelions next.

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