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I love you guys. I normally don't send out newsletters so close together, but these are two of the most important videos you should see. They have nothing to do with food, but have everything to do with the proper nutrition in our lives, meaning what feeds our SOUL. This is more important than anything. I want you to watch these two videos.
The first one is really short, sweet and from the heart. Literally. Also be sure to read the touching testimonials below from real people around the world or all ages.

This is the most powerful video I ever made. I spent over a month and a half day and night putting this together for you. It was in my last newsletter, but many people thought it was just a video of a guy talking and didn't watch the whole thing. You MUST watch it to the very end. Every moment builds upon the last. This is a powerful nuclear blast of serious lifeforce energy to power you up and propel you forward full force into your purpose in life. The person in this video has talent, but this has nothing to do with talent. It's about following your dream no matter what. Watch this video to the end and share it with as many people as you can!

Touching Testimonials...

I just wanted to quickly thank you once again. Because of you, we were able to save my dog’s life despite the vet encouraging us to put him to sleep. I learned about chanca piedra in your book and when I found out my dog’s bladder was full of stones and there was nothing the vet could do (Sparky is too old for an operation), we started putting “stonebreaker” in his water. Within 2 days he was passing stones. Within 2 weeks he passed over 100 stones which we saved in a cup to show the dumbfounded vet. I would be here all night if I tried to share all the ways in which you have helped me, personally, become healthier and wiser but you certainly have and I’m very grateful. Please spread the word about chanca piedra because it truly is a miracle herb for people (and animals) suffering from stones.
Sparky says thanks for all that you do! 

You’ve also inspired me to allocate a
percentage of my charity money to buy blendtecs and juicers for those who can’t afford them but are ready to take the plunge. Man, I can go on and on with all the ways you have impacted my life. Thank you so much and god bless. Much love, 
Jay Cataldo

"It took me awhile to finish reading Heal Yourself 101 because I wanted to take in every sentence. I can confidentially say that this book has already changed my life in so many ways. I feel so strongly about this that it feels like a new chapter in my life. It's also the reason that I started cleaning up my diet three months ago, and it was also the final straw that got me to water fast. The book talks about everything that's important for maintaining, healing, and reverting back to a happy healthy life. It discuses food, exercise, sleep, love, stress, freedom, and how to heal and reverse disease and old age. It changed me for the better and I am forever grateful to Markus. I truly feel light, balanced, and like I'm me again. It's been six long years since I've felt this way, like I have my life back completely. Sometimes it's hard and frightening to move forward, but for the best. I'm excited where life will take me and I'm ready. I'm not unsure or afraid any longer. Read this book. Buy it or borrow it from a friend or the library. Just do it! It's amazing and everyone out there can benefit from it in some way."
Claudia Sutton

"THANK YOU! I want to thank you for your products, especially for PARASITE FREE! You can add my short testimonial to your page if you want. I want to tell you that from the first day of using PARASITE FREE, taking only one pill, one big dead intestinal worm came out of me - about 18 cm! I was happy. Then, on the third day, being in the JUICE FAST and taking 5 pills per day (the recommended dose), another big worm, almost the same size (18 cm) came out of me. Again, I was happy (even though, these days I felt very sick - because of my detoxifiation). The big giant came out of me in the fifth day of using your formula. It had at least 36 cm. I couldn't believe it! Then, until about the day 16 I didn't look for another one (looking closely into my toilet), even though I felt that another types of parasites left my body. I hope that this helps for your testimonial's page. Thanks again!" 
With love,

"Dear Mr. Marcus Rothkranz!Your letters radiate good writing. You are very energetic and cheerful person! The first time I saw you
on YouTube in a video at the festival people who eatonly natural foods in a living form (fruits, vegetables, herbs, berries). This is great! I also decided to eat only natural foods, because I want to be healthy and cheerful!Who knows, maybe me, too, will have some good talent (a talent is already there: I love to sing for real.) You are a wonderful artist! And in general are very talented!I do not know English and I wrote this letter through the Google translator so that youunderstand me, when you read the letter.  I wish you only the best and good!  Health to you and your family, loved ones and all our friends!"  Yours sincerely,
Nadezhda Lutsenko, Russia, the city of Kaluga

"Hello, Markus! THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION! Your videos always come to me when I need them most in my life!" Best regards, 
Asle KaldestadComposer, guitarist and multimedia artist Norway YouTube:

From Teenager
"Hello Markus,I am writing to thank you so much for everything you do. I discovered your website randomly a few weeks ago( and I know deep inside that it wasn't just a coincidence), and I have already bought the book and started changing my lifestyle.As I am only 17 years old, I can tell that this is going to be a huge change in my life, and I am looking forward to a wonderful life, thanks to you :)I totally agree with everything you are saying about the laws of nature, health, etc., because that is the TRUTH, and you just know it is! Keep doing what you are doing, and soon we will see a big change in this world.As Gandhi says "Be the change you want to see in the world", you need to change first, that's were it all starts, and then more and more people get inspired and change too, and that's the only way this world will change.Once again, THANK YOU for everything!" Best regards,
Patricia S

Recognizing God
"Hi Markus got your Book "
Heal yourself 101" & "Free food and Medicine" videos...good stuff honey thanks for your contribution to the planet, mankind & your Boldness in publicly acknowledging GOD or that he is,  not always a very popular thing to bring up. I am 52 & been a mostly raw vegan but your book really answered alot of questions & really wrapped things together for me. Since I started totally raw I have overcome soooo much & lost alot of weight, lost some diseases to along with the effects of aging that comes with that stuff....already looked young but all this information just did remarkable things in a short time.  Thanks to our God & to all the people that desire for all people to be well..body, soul & spirit. Thanks for answering my question... love your way Markus."                 
Cindy LouBaker 

Saving the Body
Thank you, Markus! You are amazing! The book you published '
Heal Yourself 101' is helping me to save this body and live a joyous life! I am so grateful for that..... Have the best day ever! Be free!
Heidi R L

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