"Pirettes" is a concept for a film that's in development at Astro Films. Conceived in 1997, Markus Rothkranz wanted an exciting film that both men and women could equally enjoy, and “Pirettes” was born. Markus has so many ideas, it took five years before a serious presentation was made for this one, but the response has been overwhelming. Eye candy for men and a female-empowering movie for women, Pirettes is truly a fantasy for everyone. This is the "Thelma and Louise" of the 1600's. Time for some serious payback for centuries of treating women unfairly and taking them for granted. This beautifully shot film will show how things would be run if women took charge. The images and video on this site are from the promo made by Markus to help sell the idea. Actors and images are temporary.

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Markus Rothkranz, head of Astro Films, Las Vegas, Los Angeles