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Do it Yourself Powders

Everyone has healing plants growing outside their home somewhere. A convenient way to use them medicinally is to powder them for smoothies, add to food or make into capsules. Here's a new video I just did on how easy and fun it is to do this.
Watch the video.



Make your Own Pills

This video (done a year ago) shows how easy it is to make your own pills from powdered wild plants. This video also educates you on two plants I have locally here- Manzanita (in the Madrone family), which is good for kidney, bladder and UTI infections, and Silk Tassle, and plant that's great for menstrual cramps because it's a smooth muscle relaxer. It's super bitter, so that's why it's best encapsulated. Watch, learn and be entertained.
Here's Video 2



I was working in this Health Food Store in New Orleans & I almost burst into tears when two armed agents from the government - came in to the store and told me to get the Chaparral off the shelves.They were very tough and very mean and armed with Big Guns! I just called my Son and told him to read p. 354 of Your Free Food and Medicine Edible Plant Book!  :) The action of these men shocked me and frightened me at the time (I nearly burst into tears) I really didn't know that much about Chaparral at the time ~ I thought it was sort of a grass that was good for you. Anyhow it was sometime later that I found out in your Book that Chaparral had these very strong Cancer fighting and preventive properties. And the government did not want this to be available. In short - the government along with the medical system & big pharma - etc. has been promoting cancer for years!!! Chaparral went through a period of being totally Illegal and then several years later came back on the Market again. At present ~ I do not have television or a television set in my home. A neighbor asked me why? I replied 'I do not like being told every two seconds around the clock, etc. that I have some horrible illness! As you may know, I blocked a nuclear power plant - quite some time ago - [have lawyers to prove this - the person I fought was J. Paul Getty] The People have just got to Wake Up. Your Books And Your Work Are So Marvelous ~ in the Realm of Miracles!!! ~ and I am studying and learning all that I can and I can't Thank You Enough!!! Infinite Blessings!
Sara Izod


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Meet Cara and me in Toronto, Ontario Canada this weekend at the Total Health Show, a huge health event with 40,000 people! I am one of the main speakers, giving two talks- "Instructions for a New Life", and "Free Food and Medicine- Eat Your Weeds" Cara and I will also have a booth there, signing my new books and giving free hugs. This is one of the very few times I make public appearances. Come on out, it will be worth your trip! Here's the website. I can't wait to meet you! See you there!



New Single Serve Packs!

Travel a lot? Need a boost at work? Throw these in your purse or car. Individually sealed single serve Green Formula and Protein packets are now available- great for taking to work, car, hotel etc. They fit great in purses, bags, wallets, suitcases. This is what I take when traveling. Super convenient and practical. They even fit great in your pants or shirt pocket! Order a box with 30-day supply for $94.97 and save over $24.00! Get them here


I Recommend you buy his
green formula to put in your blender, Also the super plant protein, My wife and I have lost over 100lbs in 6 months eating raw food. Heal yourself 101 has change are life. Markus and Cara rock:)
Chris Elvig

re: Epigenetic birth control
This is exactly how I healed my cancer 8 years ago..... I changed my thoughts and stage 3 cancer disappeared....  thank you for posting this Markus.  Namaste.

re: Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide:
Great book Markus... it's my bible
Darko Felding

Epigenetic Birth Control
YES, my point as well. Control of the mind can lead to benefits in this area for all men that are willing to learn. No waste, only pleasure and bliss.  Thank you . http:/www./
Ombeline Ombria

I am finally getting it, how large this universe is, I thought all people that talks like that were quacks,. now I am starting to feel it, My mother who has passed 5 months ago came to me in a dream and I have been grieving, everything youspeak of is so true, I have your book
Instructions for New Life, and I have been seeing butterflies, when I realized on my kindle your page had a huge butterfly. You and Cara are Angels are earth living. I just love you both, I dont believe in coincidences of why we meet people, or have them in our lives. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Heaven has a special kingdom waiting for you and Cara! As done on earth as in heaven, I know understand those words.
Donna Mae Taylor

I've made fun of/judged people many times, when I saw them prostrating themselves at some guru, kissing their feet and crying and so on. In truth these gurus possess nothing that these worshipers don't already possess. But...t
he reason I'm idolizing Markus at this point in my life is that He basically electrocuted/hypnotized me with two words : LET GO. Obviously I'd heard these words from the mouth of/books of many many gurus, writers, yoga teachers, you name it but the way He said it, it just affected my Spirit directly and caused a major shift in my life. And of course his nutritional advice and inspiration has changed my physical and mental self in the most invigorating ways.
Zolba Singh

I have read
Heal Your Face and my face is clearing up really well. I had dark lines under my eyes that are slowly fading. I really want to do what sort of stuff that you put on your body. I know your philosophy is don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat that is why I wonder so much.
Scott Jasper

Avery N Annette wrote: "A bit pricey, but worth every penny, it is the absolute BEST protein powder out there! We get no compensation from endorsing it, but love the product and our friend Markus who created it!"
Eagleheartsong Avery N Annette

Hey Thanks Markus , I especially like the Cactus that you put in the Juicer that Veronica has. Shes a Very Successful Realtor in Toronto ( one of the Top 25 and she accredits you as a major part of her success ,!!!
Hugh McCormack

Free Food and Medicine DVD and book
This is life changing! I am also reading Mark's book, Heal Yourself 101 and I'm learning a lot of great new things about the food I eat!

I have just placed my third oder with you and i must admit the
Night Rebuild formula is the only product to date that has let me sleep, so way to go.
Marc Poisson

I drink a banana smoothie with the green formula and Super plant protein EVERY morning. And I love it.
David Nehlig Jr

Wow thanks Markus for the highly useful information! I have noticed a big improvement in energy and health applying your information and tips, they are fantastic, simple and backed by so much common sense. I love the Heal Yourself 101 book! ( PS please use this as testimonial if you want ) Ive had symptoms of very stubborn athletes foot ever since I was quite young, and for several years had symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and feeling crawling feelings in my ears and sinuses at night....any thoughts on cleansing this? Im on day 3 of a green juice fast with cacao and moringa powder with little bit of watermelon blended. Anything good for parasites/fungus when you cant order off net? Thanks again for the info Markus you are super-awesome!
Peter Ati Man
Hi Peter- keep going- you have Candida. If you follow "Heal Yourself 101" without cheating, you will be a new person. There is also a Candida ebook at Also take LOTS of liquid probiotics. Markus

Thanks Markus, I am following the advice in your book to the best of my ability.  I did the one month of enema's and only 3 days total fast, but its my first cleanse.  I was surprised because I felt more energy and "life" immediately without any of the negative side effects that I thought accompanied a cleanse. 
Rachel Hammond

I had the same experience. One video just leads to another, and before I knew it, my life started changing. So grateful for what you and Cara share, Markus.
Sonja Kaye

(Quote from "The Prosperity Secret") "Prosperity is not about owning things. It's about nothing and no one owning you" Epic! I will quote that many times through the rest of my life!
Joseph Ford

HI Markus! Love
The Prosperity Secret, read it 3 times already!
Check out this video of the van I am working on, I painted one of your quotes on my studio door!
Scott Campbell

re: EDC video:The Power of Dance, health is more than food
They have never erected a statue for or given a nobel prize to someone who thought the same as others and did the same as others. It's outside of the box thinking drives new ideas and innovation. It's that creative divergent thinking that we all can tap into. All great inventions, innovations come from divergent thinking. Out of the box kinda stuff! If you want more of the same mediocre, dig your brain ruts even deeper by reinforcing your current habits. If you want to feel excited about life, and shock your brain into plasticity so you discover those beautiful things hidden right in plain sight, then switch it up. It can be as simple as re-arranging all of your furniture for a while. Taking a different route home from work. Learning to paint or draw. Go to a concert you would normally not go to. Go with the intention to learn something. Do something different for a change. Habit is truly your friend because it gives you stability but it is also your enemy because it locks us in the same old groove. Create something new in your world and you will create something new inside of your heart. Markus, maybe I'll see you at the next EDC. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect
Rob Lovegreen

re:How and Why to do and Enema video
I just did it Markus!!! Hahahaha! It was soooooo but soooooo funny!!!! hahahaha!!!! I thought it was more difficult and longer (time) to do it, but no! IT IS SO EASY, 20 min at all, and also funny with music maxim volumen playing there hahaha.... I will keep doing it 2-3 times per week. THANK YOU for remeber me this healthly and important remedy!!! :D
Petra Novakova

I really like the greens of the best ones - and I have tried a few....good job!
Denisa Duplinska Jindra


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