Don't Fear Radiation

I normally don't send out two newsletters out so close together, but people need to hear this.

The earthquakes, radiation, economy crumbling etc is only the beginning. THIS IS NOT BAD.
Human suffering is not pleasant and I do not like seeing anyone in pain of any kind. Let's get over the pain part quickly so I can get on with the important message. What we are going through is birth pains. It's bloody. It's a mess. And when we make it through the birth canal, we will not longer be in a place of darkness, but in the light.

I was flown to a secret military base as a consultant to the 9th civil support team. Who are they? They are the first responders to a weapons of mass destruction attack (chemical, biological, nuclear etc). These are the first guys who go in with special vehicles wearing hazmat radiation suits. They are the elite. Trained by the government. Our country depends on them and whatever they say over the radio. My hats off to them. What was I flown down there for to teach them? True health and nutrition.

Did you know there are still people alive today from the Hiroshima nuclear blast? And yet kids are dying of cancer in this country because they live a standard modern toxic lifestyle and eat dead foods.

The world is falling apart. There are clumps of plastic waste miles wide floating in the oceans. Almost every inch of the planet is toxic now, and I don't just mean physical, I mean emotional and mental.

This must change.

Life as we know it cannot continue. We know it, the Earth knows it, and the Universe knows it.
Notice what I said. Life as we know it. You see, life never ends. It just changes form. You can't stop change. But you CAN change the direction in which things are going. If you set a good example to others, they will follow. And people the world over are desperately looking for direction. The first lesson is DON'T RUN FROM A PROBLEM. That doesn't fix anything, and if we learn anything from nature- if we run from something, it will run after us and kill us. Step one is NO FEAR.

I am writing a book about this, but put simply, how you feel changes everything.


Everything is energy. Science has proven it. Spirituality and religion teaches it. Radiation is not an enemy. It's just radiation.
People emit a form of radiation. The sun is radiation. Every thing is the universe radiates. It is the essence of life. How do you survive anything? You resonate with your environment. Fish resonate with water. Birds resonate with air. I personally resonate with light. I thrive in light. I live in the desert with 360 days of blazing heat and sunlight. I live in a city not far from where EIGHT HUNDRED NUCLEAR TESTS were done over 40 years ! I am not afraid of it. People say the economy is collapsing and I need to run to Ecuador. I don't run from anything. This world is what me make of it and I choose to make it something really amazing. I can get into quantum physics, but let me just boil it down to this-

1. Stop doing bad things
2. Start doing the right thing.
3. Clean out and seriously simplify your life

Keep doing this over and over and never stop. You will be invincible. It will clear your mucky energy. It will set you free. It will make you an example to others. They will copy you. It will change the world. Look at Gandhi.

What's happening in the world? Exactly what needs to happen. The old way of doing things isn't working anymore. We need to simplify our greedy selfish consumption. The killing of other life forms for our own selfish needs is a joke.

What will people find when their homes, money, job and relationships are taken away?


We have become so reliant on things outside of ourselves. We rely on grocery stores and restaurants for our food. We rely on pills and doctors for our health. We rely on the government, banks and jobs to save us financially. We rely on other people's opinions to tell us we are ok and loved. Any time you depend on ANYTHING outside of yourself for security,peace and happiness, you are setting up yourself and everything around you for disaster. And the world is one big disaster right now. The Earth is doing what it has to, to wake us up. People in Japan- one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet suddenly found themselves without a home. And they are taking it quite well. They are not looting. They are not crying "oh poor me". They are also one of the most sophisticated mature countries in the world. This was not a coincidence. They are setting an example for the rest of the world. They are the first. There are many more wake up calls on the way. Many many more things are happening in a short time. Surf the wave of life my friends because this is an evolutionary storm that will once and for all clear some serious old school crap out of this world. The only way we can survive is to adapt, flow, simplify and


It's what I have been saying all along in my book Heal Yourself 101. Because healing the world starts with YOU.

Stop worrying about nuclear fallout and earthquakes. They are just the background setting of the movie you are in. Of course be smart, like

* eat lots of seaweed to chelate the radiation and supply iodine, potassium and sodium

* take my Charconite - a super powerful mixture of charcoal and bentonite to help absorb radiation and carry it out of your body

*stop eating and doing toxic things that lower your energy- sugar, milk, bread, flour, cooked foods, negative energy, bad relationships, electrical fields, etc

Just do what it says in my book Heal Yourself 101 and you will be 1000% ahead of everyone else.

I just read a beautiful letter from a girl in Japan in the middle to the disaster. The last line in her letter says it all:
"My brother asked me if I felt so small because of all that is happening. I don't. Rather, I feel as part of something happening that much larger than myself. This wave of birthing (worldwide) is hard, and yet magnificent. Thank you again for your care and Love of me."

The light is coming. Call it whatever you want, but the big change for humanity is happening. Live in the power of the light or perish. Even if you did, remember- this is all just a video game. You will not cease to exist- just the video game you were playing.

So lighten up.

The world as you know it depends on it.


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