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It doesn't matter who we are with
there is always a part of us that feels alone

Although we dream about it
Although we crave it
Although we might outwardly try to convince ourselves we have it
There is a space in us that no human being can ever complete

Yet we spend our lifetimes dreaming of that person
Secretly yearning
For the magic completeness.

Some say it is within ourselves
to which we answer- who are we trying to kid?

We WANT it to be from someone else
something outside of ourselves
We WANT to be rescued
We WANT that special person that the universe has created just for us

…to appear when all hope is lost
and embrace us in their loving arms
look us in the eyes and say I'm here
I've waited a lifetime for you

We wander the world like a stray animal
looking at everyone everywhere,
…is this the one?

Sometimes they say yes.
And we want to believe it so badly
That we see only what we want to see

Until one day the illusion wears off
And we end up feeling even more alone than before.

How could we possibly have SO MUCH Love to give
And no one to give it to?
No one at least, that appreciates it like they should.
We KNOW we are divine
We have divine gifts to give
We've been waiting a lifetime to give them to the right person.

What we don't realize,
… is these gifts only last a few seconds, before they lose their power and magic
Like a flower that only lives but a moment
If we don't give them, they become stale and worthless
We are not supposed to hold on to anything
or it actually becomes toxic to us, just like our breath.
We need to let everything pass through us
Just like any and all true food
We need to appreciate it, and let it pass through us
or else it turns against us, just like our breath.

The same with our gifts of love
We hang on to them because we think we only have so much to give
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Love is to be given and shared
in a never ending cycle, just like our breath
With everything, everywhere, always
The more you let it flow,
the more you realize…
- it never runs out. It is limitless.
And the more you use it,
The stronger it gets.

We waste so many years searching for love
When all along, we needed to be givers of love

You see, love is an echo. It bounces back.
The more you give, the more you get back. Not necessarily from he same person,
but from the Universe.
After a while, you realize
- everything and everyone, everywhere, for all time is part of that universe
- wanting the same thing as you
- just as afraid of opening up as you
- the same fears
- the same wants, needs and desires

It is then you realize
All these other people
- every one of them- everywhere,
. . . are a reflection of a part of you.
And you realize how complex you really are
because you ARE the universe
experiencing life through everyone,
for all time
in all variations possible.

You can never be complete as a human being

But you CAN be complete
…as a Universe :-)


My friends

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