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Crazy wacky Markus is at it again. No I will not grow up. If you want to get old, fat and ugly go ahead. I'm staying young and that's that. For those of you who think being healthy is boring, or making delicious raw food is lots of work, or costs lots of money or ... or... shut up, I'm tired of your whining. There are no excuses for not being young, sexy, alive and full of life. I am probably busier and have less time than you. I spend almost NOTHING on food and the only medical costs I have are... um... gee... what are those again? I forgot. Hmmm. Anyway- go out there and HAVE FUN ! That's an order.

Remember when you were a kid and loved eating raw cake dough ? Well guess what I had this morning ! And it's RAW and totally healthy. I eat it right out of the blender. Or you can dehydrate it or even heat like normal pancakes if you're into that.

Use coffee grinder to grind cashews, macadamia, almond and peanuts into fine powder ( 1 1/2 cups )

add to Vitamix blender with-2 bananas,1 tbsp vanilla,1 teasp Celtic sea salt, juice of 1 lemon & 1 lime,1 heaping tablespoon shredded Cacao butter

This is right out of my Free Food and Medicine DVD set- people keep asking me how to prepare wild plants. This isn't rocket science. You will laugh when you see how insanely easy this is, and you'll probably be a bit shocked, because we are so trained to not think this way. This shows what I have for breakfast a lot of the time. Notice also how FAST, EASY and CHEAP it is ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9YX4lC9L_k

Here are the results of the testing the Russian scientists did on me. It shows my body and health are at the PEAK of life, despite that I am approaching 50, which by the way means NOTHING. For me that's one third of the way ! When you look at the color charts- notice the colors indicating maximum health possible and then look at what my results were ! As for other tests requiring balance, I was perfectly balanced. Even psychic abilities registered way high. I could be a Russian astronaut ! GO RAW NOW people ! Join me ! Read my book !!!

Fall is almost here, so remember the season change is the time to do a CLEANSE to keep your body in prime health and prepare it for what's coming. Those of you who read my book know that even more important than what goes in your mouth is what you CLEAN OUT of your body, and it needs to be done regularly and twice a year you should do a good thorough cleansing. Come on- you clean your house and your car- what about the most important thing of all you live in ? Your body is your temple and without it, you are nothing. If you want to be truly alive and functioning 100%, thinking clearly, never get depressed no matter what happens, stay thin, ripped and raging with life and hormones, then roll up your sleeves and do a serious cleanse ! My book explains everything. I'm sure you've already read it, right? Well- DO IT !!!!! My liver formula, Colon formula, Parasite formula and Charconite help clean you out and the Anti-Aging formula helps make you young again with it's super powerful anti-oxidants and bioflavonoids. Heck, just go outside and start using those WILD FREE PLANTS !!!

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