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It’s the things we don’t think about that can really cause damage to our health. We think about things like alcohol, cigarettes, donuts and hamburgers, but it's things we use every day so regularly, we don’t even think about how it’s constant use could actually be killing us.The real culprit … is the chair.

We were given legs for a reason. Most third world cultures don’t even have chairs. They walk an average of ten miles a day. We in the modern world on the other hand, spend almost our entire waking day sitting down. People go right from bed to sit on the toilet, after which they sit at the breakfast table. Then they sit in the car as they drive to work, and spend the entire day sitting at a desk, only getting up to go sit on the toilet and in the cafeteria. Then they sit in the car to drive to sit at the local bar for happy hour. When they’ve had enough of that, they drive home and spend the rest of the day sitting in a comfortable chair watching tv before they crawl to bed to recover from all the physical exertion that day. And when people go out, they sit at a restaurant or movie theater.

Sitting All Day is worse For You Than You Might Think

A 2010 American Cancer Society study following 123,216 individuals from 1993 to 2016 found these alarming results: Women who were inactive and sat over 6 hours a day were 94% more likely to die during the time period studied than those who were physically active and sat less than 3 hours a day. Findings were independent of physical activity levels (the negative effects of sitting were just as strong in people who exercised regularly. Over half (60% of employees surveyed were convinced they would be more productive if they had the option to work on their feet. Medical experts have started referring to long periods of physical inactivity and it’s negative consequences as “Sitting Disease”.

Physical Inactivity and Low Fitness Are Serious Threats to Cardiovascular Health. Even With Low BMI, (body fat), Sitting Linked to non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

5 minutes of standing every half hour can improve glucose metabolism and really help postmenopausal women who are pre diabetic. Blood pressure drops when standing compared to sitting

A Cornell University study found that sitting for more than 1 hour induces biochemical changes in lipoprotein lipase activity (an enzyme involved in fat metabolism) and glucose metabolism leading to deposits of fats in adipose tissue rather than being metabolized by muscle… and increases heart attack risk, coronary heart disease and kidney disease. This happens in BOTH fit people who do regular aerobic activity and also unfit overweight people. This means regular exercise does not cancel out these effects of sitting the rest of the day. Sitting a lot is asking for trouble, no matter who you are.

Another study at the University of South Carolina found that men who reported more than 23 hours a week of sedentary activity had a 64 percent greater risk of dying from heart disease than those who reported less than 11 hours a week of sedentary activity. And many of these men routinely exercised. Cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, diabetes, heart disease and a number of health problems all became apparent.

Medical News Today announced that 'Our chairs are slowly but surely killing us'

So what do we do? We have to work, right?

Well the first thing to look at is our desk. It’s actually becoming commonplace in many offices, factories and even schools globally to switch to standing desks. They even have desks that instantly adjust from sitting to standing position and back down again as needed. Just Google standing desks and you’ll get all kinds of companies. I myself use standing desks to do my video editing, and even have a treadmill desk for doing my office work and online stuff. I find this much more effective than the bicycle desk I have for working on the computer. Even though the legs are moving, you’re still sitting, and the leg muscles are not supporting the weight of the body.This is part of why being on our feet is so important and effective. The act of standing requires all kinds of muscles to keep us from falling over. Muscles all over our body are constantly adjusting, tightening and loosening to keep us balanced, from our feet , to our legs, to our torso, arms and neck. That’s thousands of little muscles constantly working to keep us from falling over. All this work requires energy, which of course comes from our food, and fat, which doesn’t get used if we sit around all day.

So do as much of what you normally do standing up if you can.If you can’t stand up every half hour for five minutes, even if you don’t do much, just stand up. if you really want to get things moving, do some squats, and I don’t mean 3 or 5, I mean 20 or 30!Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Throw out the TV and do more yard work. clean up the house more. Do more repairs. Go the park, walk down the street, or just stand around… anything!

You are no designed to sit. You are designed to be upright. Half of your body is legs. They are there for a reason. Use them.

And save your life!



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