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Cara and I are not just here to teach you health, romance and success... we are here to entertain you like nobody else. We take life by the horns and ride it like there's no tomorrow. Welcome to
our most exciting recipe video production ever my friends. Anybody who thinks healthy eating is boring needs to see this! This takes things to a whole new level. This is the superbowl of food videos.

Simplicity is powerful.

This recipe idea is so simple, it’s mind boggling, yet it’s so extremely healthy and healing, it needed an equally powerful video to showcase it. Nothing compares to the utter surprise you’ll experience when you actually bite into one of these. It’s like candy that’s actually good for you. And it’s got fiber to help clean you out. And it has protein, enzymes, minerals and mega vitamins. In fact, this is a complete food disguised as a snack. Most people don’t realize the pith and rind of an orange is not only edible, it’s the most power-packed part of the fruit! This simple recipe solves the bitterness issue. Dehydrating thin slices, adding coconut oil and my WildForce protein powder makes it taste beyond words. Put some in your pocket and take them with you wherever you go. This is so amazing, we had to create a powerful video to match. Also enjoy the behind-the-scenes video .

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recipevideo behindscenes

I take Markus'
green formula and night rebuild and I can't even describe what a difference it makes. Allergies even on skin GONE! Anxiety reduced to none and the list goes on. I add the green formula to my dogs food too and the chihuahua w/ digestive problems is doing much better! Only can recommended everyone to buy. The vitamin C from store gave me a full blown kidney infection.. Markus great job w ur products! Thank you!
Claudia James
Thanks Claudia for helping tell people that store-bought ascorbic acid vitamin C causes all kinds of problems from kidney stones as in your case, to hair loss, wrinkles and heart problems as talked about in
last week's video.

Mahalo nui loa Markus for the wonderful products, Wild force greens have healed my twinflame of ovarian cysts and both of our hypoglycemic issues, and we have taken EVERYTHING. You are the only one I trust to buy any kind of supplements from with the integrity and values I appreciate. we are so grateful to you :D
Aqua Aura

I love you and Car a! Thank You for doing what you do and helping me save my own life. I am down 70 pounds since I became a raw vegan February 11th of this year. You are truly amazing! And that smoothie looks awesome!

Amy Stevenson

re: Aloe Cactus Smoothie video
Thank you dear man ! after watching this vid i started eating aloe and cactus and the results are amazing !

Shlomo Ohana

Dear Markus
Since 3 Month I am taking your Super Heath Products. The Green Formula, Plant Protein, Energy, Night Rebuild. Those are the best most effective Products I ever tried. I am really amazed. Well done.
Peter Aebersold, Greetings from Switzerland

Hi Markus
I accidentally stumbled on your Edible Wild Plant Book. I do a lot of backyard gardening with lots of vegetables and fruits, but was not quite  aware of the value of raw foods even though it advised in the early parts of he Bible. I live in Africa Zambia and had a three year stint in the USA in the early 80s. In Zambia with the growing middle class, we are equally losing many productive young people to the scourge of wrong eating just as i witnessed in the US. I can see a lot of change on me since I started following some of your advise.
Sebastian, Zambia Africa

I have just had that "THAI CABBAGE" recipe of yours and when I tasted it, it made my eyes roll to the back of my head . . . It is so GOOD! Had no idea red cabbage tasted this good. Beside the fact that cashew butter makes me fall in love, just thinking about it.
Sharon Matrisciano

re: video:
"How and why to do an Enema"
I am shocked. Shocked. Ok so lots came out; it was watery though - does that tell of anything? I'm amazed. I've been vegetarian for 20 odd years, vegan for several years and adapting to raw since Jan (not fully raw).. So, to be repeated. Question: will there be a slate clean at some point? Thank you!!


Mango Blueberry Mint Garlic Raw Food Delight
Just made this with my wife, it is stupid good. Holy crap I love seriously. Thanks Markus

Rayla Sungazer reviews my products

Dude! I need to get your new vitamin C. I was 24 when bad C gave me kidney stones and heart issues, Thanks for video!
Vic Orlando, Mobile Masters Car Audio, Las Vegas


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