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Our most fun recipe video ever

OK, Cara and I went a little overboard this time. Oh the things we do to inspire you to be healthy. Haha, this one is a real blast. Cara whipped up this simple fast snack one day and it was SO good, I had to make a video about it. It's probably one of the easiest travel snacks you could ever make. It's high protein, high energy food great for any airplane trip, travel, or just plain snack attack food. At the end of the video, you'll get a behind the scenes peek at how we made this fun piece.
Click to enjoy the video!



Fun Inspiring Interview

This is a fun VIDEO interview where I got a little goofy, I guess from all the traveling. It should make you smile. While you're at it, there are 20 other Masters of Health in this free online summit. I didn't make this and get nothing out of doing this, I'm just telling you about a great way to hear all kinds of people talk about health for free. And you get to see me on video :-)

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Get the whole WildForce Set and SAVE

The WildForce product line is a huge hit and people are seeing amazing results. From stopping night sweats and hormone issues with the Night Rebuild formula to the amazing Green formula, super raw vegan protein and pre-gym energy formula, these products- all made from wild plants will help boost you to a new level of living. You have to try them to believe it. Watch the video here and get the savings deal here.



re: How and Why to do an ENEMA video
I'm only 19- did my first enema when I was only 18. There is no shame in trying to clean your body out, especially with something simple like water. It makes you feel fresh and revitalized, especially if you ever deal with gas issues. When you're not clogged down there, you are open everywhere else.  : )  Much love!

Thanks for the info Markus. I have "Heal Yourself 101" and we have made quite a few changes. We haven't eaten meat for nearly 2 months, which is actually a huge change for us. We've been eating quite a lot of raw food. We're making the change as a family and already seeing the benefits- clearer skin, generally happier and sleeping better. We've watched nearly all of your Youtube videos and interviews with you and now Cara. Thank you.
Sally White

re: Make your own tea for STRESS and WRINKLES with backyard plants video
Hi Marcus, my husband and I went up to the mountains and got some fresh pine needles we made the tea it tastes fantastic.  Thank you for sharing this with everyone.  I just watched some more of your videos have a great day thanks for everything.                     
Nancy Browning

edible plant guide is fantastic!!! I use it almost every day. Thanks for creating such a great resource. Free food and medicine for everyone!!!
‪Rebecca Soleyn

Tried the single packs of protein and greens -- both in smoothies. Really tasty and mix well.
Michelle Sandoval

I Am a Flight Attendant for a Major Airline and I must Confess, I consume ‪
Markus Rothkranz Products! and they are Awesome for us Sky Goddesses!.I AM NOT a paid Spokesperson and alas, my uniform is not as hot as the one in your video
‪Rasha Ra Eieyana

The Alkaline Myth & Hype- The Acid-Alkaline Truth Exposed video
100% CORRECT! I'm glad to see this video because I don't need to make one now to inform people. Thank you for this video! I trained and worked as a respiratory therapist. We test blood ph in our job as frequent as every 20 times per hour in extreme cases. It's a therapist's way to know if we need to increase or decrease ventilation to regulate blood ph. Head trauma or stroke are reasons to hyperventilate and a doctor will give us a target ph range on a ventilation order.


re:(Why even slightly overweight is dangerous- -eye opening demonstration)
Thank you, Markus!  You are transparent, authentic and compassionate.  Wow, this world needs you right now.  Your message is so 'on time'.  As a nurse for 25 years, have seen the decline of American health/fitness in a very personal way.  You are so right - people have become like an ostrich- burying their head in the sand and turning toward the next 'magic' pill/detox/surgery for a 'cure'.  Love your videos!  Love your passion and reach!  You are touching so many, Markus!  I just love to watch you and Cara live the message of truth!  Many thanks!

Joan Hartsough

I have your
Free Food and Medicine set here and watched this video and can't believe that almost every single plant you showed is literally in my back yard . I'll never take for granted my beautiful plants again thank you Markus and cara
Beth Cox

new Markus and Cara website- Epic Love- Live the dream
MARKUS, YOU and your awesome partner inspire me to live instead of just existing. Your videos have helped me not only discover a World of great food, but a deeper relationship with nature and those I love. THANKYOU xx :)

Bruce Finnie

re: Burdock wild plant
I changed my attitude to this plant this year. I ate a whole root and shredded it on my salad. Could feel it's healing powers. Was looking lovely at this big crop and future yummy reserves today I noticed my neighbour just macheted it all down to rot! Man time for education. Thanks for giving me the courage to get out there and eat! This root is amazing!

‪Alice Rasmussen

I absolutely love your stuff, your edible plant guide and Heal Yourself 101 has changed my life! Much love!
Amber Walsh


This is to best wild plant book I've ever seen. It's a must buy. Thx markus for writing it
Becky Thompson

Hi Markus. Just letting you know I appreciate you so much. No, WE appreciate you. I give God the glory.
Thank you for helping save my mother's life. Every thing you said might help did.
I know you are bombarded with emails but this is so valuable that I can pass it on to my HUGE family and friends who loves and respect you. AND I totally agree. Started the cleansing last week and mom is good as new. It was antibiotics that caused her problem she had taken for a bladder infection. What a domino. Mom is always positive and happy. But now she is a million bucks.THANK YOU. Doctors SUCK and some are so one sided that they don't even pretend to want to know. They wanted to pump her with garbage and I and her refused. You can pass this on to others.
Rita M

Hi Markus,
I discovered you when Amazon gave me a recommendation for this book "Heal Your Face", as a woman almost 50 years old, with lots of wrinkles, I was intrigued and bought the e-book (I recently bought it in hard copy as I refer to it so much).  By the time the book was delivered I was passing my first of two very painful kidney stones.  I was mesmorized by your book - it made so much sense and I started following your advice and I started reading everything else by you.  I started to improve my diet, but my years of eating poorly, a high stress job, and a challenging relationship caught up with me.  I had developed nodules on my vocal cords and thyroid, also kidney, liver, and adrenal issues.  I started working with Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, and I also went to Hippocrates for 3-weeks.  Between you, Dr Ritamarie, and the Dr's Clement I've completely changed my eating habits and lifestyle.  Really key were your e-books on the liver and kidneys.  My Autoimmune Doctor took tests and my numbers were way off - she started testing me for all types of autoimmune diseases - Lupus, Hep, etc.  I did everything you suggested in your e-books for a month, then juice fasted for another month - went back to the doctor and all my tests were normal!  Also, after a year of following an almost totally raw diet - both my vocal cord nodules and thyroid nodules are gone!  How cool is that!

Although all of the above is amazing - I was still in a super high stress job that I hated (33 years with at&t).  I read "The Prosperity Secret" and "Instructions for a New Life".  I realized that it was so much more than just what I ate.  I had to stop working at a job I hated that was literally sucking the life out of me.  I quit four years before I could have retired with a full pension - I realized that the money wasn't worth my life and happiness and that I could be dead in those four years.  That was in December 2013.  Then I went to the Raw Food Expo in Los Angeles in Jan. First, let me say how nice it was to see you and what a delight to meet Cara!  Not only is she beautiful on the outside but what a beautiful lady on the inside!  She is so warm, caring, loving, compassionate, and smart!  You two make a terrific couple. Second, I met Katrina Blair when I was at the Expo.  I saw her on stage and thought "I have to learn from this person".  I've been following you and learning about foraging wild edibles, but I decided to go to Colorado to learn by doing with Katrina.  When I left at&t I gave myself a year to do whatever seemed right and then decide what to do for a living - or let the Universe decide for me.  I'm now in my second month in Durango CO and loving it!  I'm learning so much from Katrina - how to forage, herbalism, etc.  I'm volunteering at her Cafe and just having the time of my life.  I've never regretted for a moment leaving the security of my job at at&t.  I know the money will come into my life when and how I need it.  You made it happen for me Markus!  Thank you for helping me understand it wasn't just about the diet, but also about how I live my life everyday!  Thank you for helping me put it all together. Much love to you and Cara!
Laura Hugel

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