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Russian scientists wanted to see just how healthy a person was living on a raw vegan diet. Below are the results. You can see the video at

fractal biorythm gerontological curve spline chart electrical activity spectrum of brain activity psychoemotional adaptation index of health

B) Vegetative regulation.
autocorrelated picture (depiction) ­ index vegetative equilibration = 115, 7. Normal is from 35 to 145. You have stable vegetal balance.

C) neurohumoral regulation. You have optimal neurohumaral balance. (0, 91).Energy pyramid ­ your energy resources are 293. Norm is from 150 to 600.
Energy balance ­ 1,29. Norm is from 1 to 2,5.

Fractal analysis (examination)
Gerontological curve: Chronological age- 48, Biological age ­ 37.
Fractal biorhythm picture:
The degree of biorhythm harmonization ­ 0.8 (Norm is from 0,6 to 1.0) You have absolute harmonization.

D) Psychoemotional stateSpline-chart of electrical activity ­ your psychoemotional state is 0.8 (Norm is from 0,6 to 1.0)
Everything is balanced.

Complex (integrated) index of health is 82% (optimal regulation).
Complex index of vegetal regulation ­ balanced regulation.

(Thank you Anna Shakhova for the Russian translation )

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